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Follow Natsune, who also works as a Business Developer at NFT company in Tokyo, and her journey to learn how to launch and run successful NFT projects through a series of interviews with experts and reports through working as a B.D at a Tokyo NFT startup and founding her own projects.  

What is NFT? All you need to know about NFTs. [English]  NFTって何?なつねNFT
Natsune Oki - Speaker mindset 🧠 NFTs 🤖

What is NFT? All you need to know about NFTs. [English] NFTって何?なつねNFT

Hi guys, Today I have described what the deal with NFTs are. Everyone is talking about so, let's get to the bottom of this! 1. What NFT stands for 2. Why is NFT valuable? 3. How do you know if the NFT art is original or copied? 4. Why you want to own NFT arts 5.What is the example of NFT art? 6. How can you get involved with it!? I will be making more and more contents around this so you can always check it out for my update here: Made my IG page for my art as well Watch How I made my first NFT art! 今世界中でHOTなNFT(非代替性トークン)。米アーティストBeepleの作品は75億円で落札。TwitterCEOの初ツイートは3億円超で落札さた。その市場規模は30日間で10億ドル以上を生み出している!!! なつねもNFTデジタルアートを作ってみた。 なつねNFTアートはこちらから: This episode is hosted by Lifeupeducationtv ( You can buy my book "The Game Of Self domination" here: Find me on Social IG: FB: TikTok: YB: Find my book: Book press release: Book outline: Blog Press Release:
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