5 habits of rich (& productive ) people

Updated: Feb 5

Rich and productive are two different things.

We believe that the goal of life is to produce and be fulfilled (rich) in and after the journey of creation.

Being rich is something that can be experienced without money. Being a rich person simply means you are not in a state of scarcity mentality. This means you know how to be fulfilled at every step of your journey and if not every step, you have more fulfilled states than the negative state at the overall life of your journey.

It is important that you feel productive in order for you to feel fulfilled. Think about times you were fulfilled and was not producing anything. My guess is, it never happens that way. So now I will break down 10 habits of a rich and productive person you can take an account to when building your own habits.

#1. Rich and Productive people don't overthink

If you have time to debate, just do it! See how it goes. What you decide is not so important as much as your actions after you commit to the decision.

You have 1/1000000 chance if you try once.

You have 2/1000000 chances if you try twice.

You have 3/1000000 chances if you try three times.

You have 4/1000000 chances if you try four times.

if you have 1000000/1000000 chances if you try 1000000 times, why not try?

#2. Rich and Productive people don't live the life of others

How you appear to the eyes of others is literally the last thing that matters. Your success or failure is the center topic of today and someone else's will be for tomorrow.

The difference between a pop star and the real star is that real star accepts haters and does her/his thing. The true star talks how she/he wants to talk. she/he will wear whatever they want to wear. All the hate noise doesn't matter to them. And the reality is, People will always hate you before they like you.

You are more driven and committed when you get to choose your own path.

#3. Rich and Productive people know when and how to say "No"

You don't have to do things to not make people uncomfortable. You have a goal that you are striving for. Just be you and do you. Influence them by showing how committed you are to your goal. Say No sincerely and politely with your honest reason coming from your heart, to things that don't bring you closer to your goal

#4. Rich and Productive people understand how to manage expectation

It is simply a numbers game. Rich and productive people know how to diversify your chances of winning by attempting multiple trials and errors. They know how to manage their emotional ups and downs. ( by training)

#5 Rich and Productive people outsource tasks

Do not wait to live the life you like. Choose how you want to live your life on a lifetime scale and also on a yearly, monthly and daily scale.

Know what tasks you want to outsource ( tasks that do not produce for your ultimate goal, tasks that drain you instead of satisfying you and tasks that can be done from someone else) and outsource these tasks out of your life so you can focus on what is important to you also design the life you are doing what you enjoy or care about the most.

Here was our list of five. Let us know your thought in comment.

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