5 habits to make you stronger

Updated: Feb 10

Us, human beings went through so much evolution. Do you know what has changed the most during this evolution? Human brain.

Our brain constantly think of what could go wrong and try to protect us from the "risks" and "pain"

Our brain interprets unknown as fear, fear as a risk, a risk as a potential to a failure, a failure to pain.

There is a big problem with this course of thinking.

"Big success only exists in the spirit of multiple trials and erros"

There is no one big success without the willingness to fail along the way. You can minimize the risks and costs of the failures but there will be "what's not working" right in front of your face during the process all the time. If this is the case, it comes down to how well can you manage these hard times? Below I listed 5 habits you can consciously implement to make yourself stronger during the hard times.

#1. Look for uncomfortable situations actively.

Forget about avoiding situations that make you feel uncomfortable. Look for one from you in your daily life. Practice making a good decision in the state of being uncomfortable. This is a life skill. High performers usually face really tough situations and problems. You need to put yourself in their shoes and practice abandoning your fear.

#2. Ask your self if you are valuable not on paper but as a person

When a problem is thrown to your face, it is easier to come up with a bunch of excuses and point at them as reasons why you can't do something.

I often ask myself " Do I overcome this problem regardless of the hardships?" After all, I can not be anyone capable if I let my excuses win over me all the time.

Instead of focusing on why you can't do something, focus on owning your problems and transforming into someone better, stronger and more capable of your life. As Tony Robbins says, it is not what you get in life, it is who you become.

#3. Think about your influence on people around you

Much as important it is to be completely free of expectation from the society, in order for you to find true freedom, control, and joy in life, you can use your leadership to the people around you effectively to find your strong will inside of your self.

Think about your friends and family who have dreams and are not pursuing their dreams yet because of their reasons. Realize that you can influence their perceptions and inspire them to push themselves not by words but by your actions. Be the leader and owe them a promise that YOU WILL SHOW THEM THAT IT IS POSSIBLE by keep showing up regardless of failures. Stand up as many times as you need to show them.


Don't start counting from 0 - 10. Instead, start counting when you can not push anymore. This will teach you the fact that, in life, the game starts after you are hit by so many hardships. Growth is not so much about where you get to. It is more about how you handle hard situations.

#5. Look for slap instead of comfort.

When shits get hard, you want to find someone to make you feel comfortable by telling you that you are doing good and your situation is in fact hard.

This only gives you confirmation that you are capable as much as you are right now & possibly there is not much more can be done for the given situation. This encourages victimizing behavior real quickly.

Instead of look for people who make you feel comfortable, look for people who give you a slap to say stop bitching and keep going.

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