5 things to do when you have self-doubt

Updated: Feb 5

Self-Doubt is a thought commonly experienced by many people. And yet many people let their doubts sitting on the driver's seat of their lives. There is one thing these people should know and that is

" Noone succeeds in one time. People succeed because they try regardless of all the failures they had to make to land to one success."

In this journey, however, it is very likely that you will encounter many doubts. Doubts from your families, colleagues, investors, managers, significant others, mentors.. etc whoever they come from. The biggest doubt you need to overcome however is YOUS because it all comes down to YOUR PERCEPTION of YOURSELF after receiving all these doubts. Are you going to let these doubts define you? or Are you who you are REGARDLESS OF ALL THE DOUBTS you receive?

Here I am breaking down five things you can remind yourself to stay strong and push yourself further nonetheless of the self-doubt you are having.

1. Find out your "Worst Scenario" and know your plan of action for that situation

Self Doubt and Fear is caused by the unknown. People feel afraid and doubtful when they don't feel like they are in control. Know your plans and action steps for the worst scenario. When you know what to do to what you are most afraid of, Your self-doubt even becomes your skill to detect risks and come up with plan of action.

2. Think about 10 reasons for "WHY" you can succeed

If you give up like all the other people who gave it "a try", what about you deserve success? What is so unique and different about you that you should succeed? If you can't answer this question on spot, you better not expect to win. Successful people have something to offer and success comes where there value is.

3. Accept the chance that you will probably fail.

No pain No game. You fail so what? Why would you even assume to succeed without great numbers of failures and trials? Everything is practice until you succeed. You are one step closer each time.

4.Think about who you "become" after you overcome your fear and push yourself through

Life and experiences are not about just achieving or claiming something but it is about who you become. How much more capable are you because you didn't quit something in the past? That is the true pleasure of life.

5. Think about why you deserve it.

You don't deserve your success because you have money, time or resources. If you can not offer these things, it's ok. You still have a chance. Actually you have a greater opportunity. You deserve it because you are the person who has nothing to lose but something to give which is commitment. You are 100 times more determined and willing to do whatever it takes to get to your goal because that is the biggest thing you can offer. And the reality is, that is the biggest mental weapon to have to succeed.

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