5 things you can do to snap out of your depression

Updated: Feb 5

Depression is something you can experience and it is ok to feel down sometimes.

The real question is, how long do you let yourself stay there?

Feeling self pettiness and telling yourself how something is fault nor comforting yourself with a bunch of excuses and feeling hopeless do not create any solutions.

Here I will tell you 5 things you can do to snap out of your depression.

1. Smile for 1 min consistently

What you should do to snap out of your depression state.

Tip 1: Look up and force your self to smile. Smile at yourself in the mirror, smile at strangers, smile for 1 min consistently.

Try to be depressed while your physical expression tells you otherwise. Quickly you will find that it is extremely difficult.

2. Compare your stress with the stress of the world's leaders

Compare your struggle with the struggle of Bill Gates. Realize that there is another human being on this planet who deals with the stress that affects 1000s of people's lives and they are handling it. If you let yourself drawn in this problem you are facing, what would happen when you experience a problem that you will experience at a higher level. If you can't solve what is right in front of you now, You are not ready to go to the next level yet. Stand tight. face the challenge now.

3. Realize that your life does not matter in a positive way

Your life doesn't matter. In the scale of the space, your life is probably about 0.00000000000000000000001 second compare to the life of the earth. So whatever you are letting yourself struggle with is also not that serious. It's literally the caught of a moment. Now, don't you feel like you are stressing over something super silly? You don't need to take life so seriously. Everyone comes from the same place and goes back to the same place at the end of the day. Don't worry and enjoy your life.

4. List what you have and establish your greatness

You don't have money? You don't have time? You don't have happiness? You don't have a job? I don't know what you are struggling with right now.

But let me ask you... what DO YOU HAVE instead of what you don't have that make you suffer? You have legs to walk? You can read? You have the sense to taste food? Wow ! Why are you not counting these things then! These are all great assets you have. Count them. Count how many assets you have. I bet you will reach over 100 with no time. Realize you are already built with assets. You need nothing else more to succeed. You already have the entry ticket for success.

5. Try to be pulled out of your negative state consciously by feeding your brain food of positivity.

Nothing can be mastered when it's done once. Don't expect to be a pro soccer player after practicing once. You have to actively build up your craft. It's years of practice that trains the necessary muscles, skills, and experiences for someone to be a pro soccer player. Overcoming depression is the same thing. You can not expect to listen to positive thinking once and call it good. To snap out of a depression, you need to be able to look for an opportunity to do so by constantly looking for positive brain food actively.

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