Advice for all 33 - 44 years olds!

If you are having a general anxiety

  • Starting something

Unless you do 'it,' you don’t even know what the right decision is anyway. Fixing the wrong decision you made is more important than choosing the right decision because you don't even know what the right decision is anyway.

If you are starting a company. You want to change your career:

  • Don't be smart. Be helpful.

Showing off the fact that you are smart and you are better than someone else doesn't earn you a respect from the followers. Followers follow leaders who lead people with help not 'the boss' who tell them what to do and expect the automatic respect.

  • Lead by example

Successful people are not scared. They are scared just as much as you are but still decide to keep the positive outlook and strive in life.

If you are getting married or starting a family

  • You are finding it hard to pursue a dream

Now it might be harder, yes, to start chasing your dream when you already have some responsibilities. But if someone who looks like you succeeded, you can too definitely and I know plenty of people who became successful chasing their dream while providing for their families. One good example who I also talked about in my book, the game of self domination” is Chris Gardner, who was captured in the real life story movie ‘the pursuit of happiness’ by Will Smith. And guess what he had his kid but he did not have a wife, even a home to live.. And he still managed to become a super successful businessman whose life is drawn by a Hollywood movie. The potential is unlimited.

You can say, because I have kids to feed, I can’t take risks - which is also ok and hopefully that decision gives you a stronger sense of fulfillment and happiness overall in macro. And guess what, you can start at a later time too when the kid grows up a bit, but also remember, you’d ALWAYS have some sort of reason WHY you don’t want to start today anyway - whatever the situation you are in.

You can also say, because I have kids to feed, I MUST BE SUCCESSFUL. You can have them as a reason to commit to your dream and the reason for you to be willing to sacrifice anything to succeed in your dream.

  • Changing a job

Change is scary and facing a change at a later time in life is even scarier. But what’s more scary is never being able to even work on the change and one day, waking up in the death bed, being old and unable to even walk easily and regretting that you wasted the one chance, the one life you were fortunate to have being scared & not taking the risks. Because the secret to happiness is not getting a job, going to a job, while being head down frustrated just so that you can assure safety. The secret to happiness is actually feeling and experiencing as much as you can while you are alive and appreciating that you can even feel all these feelings.

  • You are finding it hard to pursue a dream

Nothing that will happen in life will make you any more happy than you have already been permanently. It might give you a moment of pleasure but the long term fulfillment always come with mental fitness.

  • You have to stay sharp

I know it feels like you've came long way. but the matter of the fact is, you die when you stop growing & nothing in life is guaranteed. It is possible to lose everything you have tomorrow and you still have to go out there tomorrow to rebuild everything but guess what its not tiring it's exciting.

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