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Hey guys welcome back to life up education tv i'm your host natsune today we're back once again with Alex right here welcome welcome back thank you thank you so today we decided that we'll get together to look at some tweets from twitter talking about ejections and we're gonna make some comments on it so without a further ado can you pick one and tell me yes got one right here it goes the possibility of failure or rejection keeps us frozen in place and then um let's actually go from your opinion on this like what do you think about that i think it's true i think oftentimes we are afraid of rejection or failure and that fear can keep us from making the attempt right because once we make the attempt then we're vulnerable and we're open to being rejected or failing and that can be emotionally painful so the fear of that pain and embarrassment or whatever emotions one might feel can stop us from trying right so actually i wanted to specifically invite um Alex to this show because in his uh role or what he does in daily um daily basis um he can be vulnerable place to get ejected right yes right it's very like entrepreneur so can you kind of give people idea about what you do real quick just just show me real quick yes i am an actor based in Tokyo japan i do on-screen acting i do voice acting and when i can fit the clothing i do modeling hmm but this is japan so i don't usually fit the clothing but it's super buff like okay well you know i i try no i do i do a push-up every day for sure so that being said um so now let's elaborate on what we just said can you tell me a time where you you felt that way like personally from the experience yeah often yeah because i go to auditions and you know when you audition and and submit yourself for a job you are one of many people being considered for that role and you aren't going to get every role that you try for right so um a lot of not just me but you know all actors we don't get a lot of jobs we get told no a lot like they didn't choose you for this role you know yada yada let's let's keep trying you know you get a lot of those messages from your agents and so uh you either can get down and emotional or you can just keep moving forward and i've learned to just keep moving forward and and don't let it bring me down emotionally or mentally so but however it it doesn't mean that you are numb to the rejection right like how do you is there any sort of technique or self-talk that helps you get through these times when when you're rejected

well if i think that i was a very good candidate for the role and i don't get it yeah then i just consider it like their loss because i know i could have done a good job so they didn't choose me that was their choice but you know if they chose me i could have made it better you know um that's one thing if i think that it's something i could have been really good at um other times you know it's just like a raindrop falling down the window i didn't get it all right you know it just flows on away um that's how i am now but it took your for a while to get to where you are today you say yeah yeah yeah yeah because i've been i've been acting in Tokyo for five years so in the beginning uh when you get these rejection messages i would sometimes feel that uh you know i wasn't good enough right or or uh i didn't have the skills or you know the the confidence or the swagger or whatever uh to get these jobs right but you know i had to listen to you know things that other celebrities have said not other stuff i don't know i'm saying i'm not familiar with celebrities but uh things that celebrities um a very high status have said right and a lot of them through similar things yeah yeah and and you know they're kind of like my uh they're like an upperclassman so like i'm here and then you know they're up here so they have a lot more experience and wisdom than i have at my current level so just listening to their interviews and things that they say like you you you just got to keep it moving because what's important is to run the marathon and it's not a sprint right it's a long marathon so so those who are often successful are the ones who stick with it and don't give up and just go do something easier so you know listening to things like that and doing my own soul searching you know i learned not to take it personally because it's not a personal attack against me if they don't choose me they choose whoever they think is best for the job so it doesn't mean that i'm a shitty actor it just means that the role wasn't for me there are many more rules to come and let's just let's just keep keep working all right see i think it like you said it takes practice right like it takes training it takes your mental training um you know like sometimes like it's kind of um i get mixed feeling when people make comments on successful people being like oh they're so cocky or something but in the flip side of it is if you want to win in the market like you kind of have to have a thick skin and then for you to have thick skin you have to use any narrative to benefit you to move through that right like like move forward so i think it's kind of born out of necessity in that sense and then actually that old talk reminded me of one time of my personal experience when i got ejected um it's kind of like a burnable experience so um but anyways i'm gonna share it anyways so i was like trying to scout people to interview at that time as well and i was sending a bunch of dms and one other guy he is like yeah pretty like successful one famous one whatsoever and then um i listened to his talk and i thought he was going to be interesting person to invite so i texted him and among with all the other guys that i texted um and then he was the only one who got back to me and i was like wow and then his response was like super positive well it looks like his this one was super positive first where he was like oh like uh i think he sent me his like a demo reel or something like that kind kind of thing right and then he'd be like um what do you think that that's all like that's the old sentence i got from him and i thought wow like someone is watching me like someone is watching that i'm like i'm suffering well not suffering i'm i'm hustling right like that's how i felt i thought wow like you know finally i'm getting something and i got really emotional and got really really happy because i thought he was gonna come on and um i basically told him like super authentically because that's that's just how i am i like to communicate um authentically so you know i was just like to to stayed to being true to myself and told him like how appreciative i was for the answer and very respectfully asked him like you know would you like to come to my show like and i told him like this is what you get but i guess because i made it so personal he didn't respond afterwards he um he maybe he thought i was desperate or something like that right because my i guess my angle or the narration of that event wasn't more about me than more about him at that time right even though i was offering uh things for free like of course um and then next day i saw a tweet from him where he said um set your expectation like um like don't basically don't beg people right like don't beg people and then you set your expectation of how others should treat you like that that was something that he said and i was like i just couldn't help thinking or wondering if it was about me and i actually it it doesn't matter if it was or if it wasn't it kind of hit me because at that time i was kind of like without intention i was getting a little bit too emotional right and i was making that about me not about the other person or not about right about the message i would so you know sometimes i i do get caught up in this like because i only experience the world from my perspective right and then sometimes i get caught up in a feeling and in the moments that i forget that i'm i'm nothing right like i'm in this whatever i'm doing i don't really mean anything as a person but it's just a message right like it's just the idea and what i'm producing to the world is what matters but sometimes i kind of forgot that that's why i took rejection so personally and i got really emotional um but yeah that was my one experience i candidate too um i guess i i kind of went off struck from the original point but no i mean it's connected it's connected it's so um but in this case for example i wasn't afraid of like rejection i i did it anyways because another thing i often tell myself is that if you don't do it the answer is always no like you got to do it right so

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