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Hello and again welcome to bitdepth i'm santiago ramonez across from me through the power of the internet is hi my name is natsune natsuneoki from japan i'm very excited to have you on uh so as usual my first question is who are you and what do you do yeah so i am a host at the life of education tv which is a media outlet that i'm developing where i talk about art and science of success and high performance so i would interview people from like science technology to like artists like uh people from all walks of life to ask them you know some scientific questions and also like artistic questions about like what inspired them to uh perform at the high level uh what gets them up like stuff like that yeah and i also published my book called the game of self domination with the same domain uh the book this book talks about how to create mental transformation in three different phases which we can get get into later and now i also have a business in tokyo where it's called foreign connect dot org and basically what i do is i help japanese companies to enter american market by connecting them with local partners and local services that's awesome which of these things i guess do you consider to be your your biggest passion oh my biggest passion by far is life up education tv i thought this is something i talk about in my book too but i basically say there's this concept it's called ikigai have you heard of it right so it's a like a japanese philosophical concept of life where it describes what's the difference between passion and like speciality uh your mission and you have this like a four circles combining uh into ikigai at the center have you seen the chart like have you seen the i don't know if i've seen the chart okay so basically my my point of that is um this is something i expand a little bit in my book where i talk about so okay ikigai is it's not strategic if you want to use it as a framework to only pursue one thing because when it comes to business or even investing like you always want to diversify your income streams right but that doesn't mean that you can allocate everything and anything you do from what you'd like to do but instead you should also look at it from the perspective of cash flow so you can have something that's gonna finance you and you know make sure that you have some sort of cash cash flow going on which doesn't have to be your passion or mission or something you're passionate about but rather you should like have that as your like a stable something coming in so that can come from your skill that com can come from something you can provide um so that's kind of how i place foreign connect as of now um but um yeah to come back to your question my mission my passion is definitely the life of education tv which is basically a channel that i want to deliver this message about possibility of human being and i this is a big big theme of my life i'm so inspired by the possibility of humanity like i think we're we can be very strong we can be very much capable um we can once we decided to drive our own mind and our own action and everything i think we can be very very strong person but then with all the noises and all the systems we're surrounded by i think we get distracted and then i guess we're programmed to be put a little bit weaker than we are so i kind of want to break that limit and then unlock that and really allow people to see it and then it doesn't have to always come in the form of entrepreneurship not at all like my mission here is to i guess unleash people's potential by their means like not according to my me right like everybody has their own thing and i really want to get the bottom of it which is something i talk about once again in my book i talk about the importance of self-awareness and that comes from this quote from ancient greek philosopher he says happiness is virtues of activities meaning that you are becoming like ultimately the happiness in life is to meet your true potential to meet who you are in a true sense so that means that you will have good things and bad things but as long as it belongs to you as long as it belongs to your journey as long as it belongs to your characteristic building time like at the end of the life when you meet your true self by overcoming all these things you like finally you're finally like happy if that makes sense so along you know along this journey like if you look at it like that you literally really enjoy every single moment of your life because it's just so adorable like every moment you spent every moment you are challenged you face failure like all this time just really builds up your character to become who you really are you know so that's kind of where i come from with life up education tv where i just want to tell people look like don't be scared don't protect yourself too much like just change your perception about like maybe things might look hard for you right now but really change you know understand that these things happen because it's gonna build your character and it's gonna unlock you i guess gives you a permission to be who you are yeah yeah wow that's that's really good so i guess going to the beginning if you will how did you get to the point to where you wanted to start talking about uh success start talking about ikigai and start wanting to share this sort of story how did you get to this point yeah so i think like looking back my life it's been very it's been very unique and i i would say courageous i i've taken many courageous decisions in life i think if anything if i can say something about myself is that i'm very courageous that's one thing i'm very certain about myself um and you know at times when it's it's a con consequence if you are courageous person who decides to pursue courageous life it's a absolute master consequence that photos for your life decision is you will face a lot of [ __ ] like evil face like you're so vulnerable to risks you're so vulnerable to like all the rejections and everything right but at times when i have been courageous i encounter many of these right but then at first i didn't look at it as my gift i didn't look at it as like something to embrace i always let my negative thought or gravity to just hold me down right whenever i face that but then even if i i had that attitude at the end whenever i overcame those moments i always ended up with this like tremendous feeling of like wow like you know i'm alive like like i learned so much like i feel so good right and then i didn't see the pattern until later uh so at one point i kind of thought wow like i'm just so tired like okay so one point i decided to move from i was living in seattle and i just decided to move completely to a different new city with no money no connection no nothing i didn't know nobody i'm japanese too like it's a foreign country right and then i decided to move to florida and like it was so bad for first because i didn't even have like a good uh work permission visa which i did but it was like so limited so no one wanted to hire me i didn't know nobody i didn't even have an apartment like at one point it got so bad that i was living from one place to another in a matter of week like it was just so crazy time right and then at that time i just i was just so tired of it i thought wow like what are those are right and i thought i just needed to like settle even though i was super young like i i thought let's let's just uh you know pursue what is recommended by the society it's just you know get a regular job like let's just you know stop the adventure side of me and so anyway so at that time like i kind of decided to settle a little bit more but then like very soon i was so bored and you know i i just noticed that at that point i noticed that it was against my virtue it wasn't aligned with who i was and i was becoming very bored so to come back to your question um i kind of always had that potential of me where i lived for suffering like i like it sounds so weird if i put it like that but i think i enjoy acquiring my emotional capability and just capability in general to overcome this humiliation this suffering to this like desperation like these things makes me stronger and i actually enjoy it and i thought wow like this is probably unique like not everybody can think like that and i really wanted to uh kind of expand that myself as well but then you know people started like talking to me when whenever they had a problem because i always had this like such a strong attitude whenever i faced diverse adversities so i guess people started like asking me like i even developed this mental framework i which i put it on my book but basically i put it because people told me like why don't you just like write a book because like like everybody comes to you literally like whenever we have a hard hard time like we kind of come to you and then you kick our ass and you know we're good like so i thought wow that's interesting so i decided to write a book at that point and then i thought wait wait a minute like why don't i start like a show like a you know actual like a video like a series where i can um invite people and talk about this stuff because i'm so passionate about it so um yeah that's kind of how the whole thing comes down to it but even without this media like my theme of life is the same thing i'm always very inspired by the possibility of humanity like i'm so excited what excites me is whenever i see the impossible being possible because of like humans you know like a strong will like a strong willingness and i think it's it's really amazing um to witness any of these events and it gives me the inspiration to create something for other people as well so that's kind of where i come from yeah no that's really cool yeah what is i guess your own definition of success what what is or i guess is there a point that you get to to success or uh what does it mean to you whenever you have succeeded i guess right so this is this is super interesting that you brought it up because this is exactly how i end my chapter of my book so basically i define the difference between happiness and success and my whole book is predicated on the idea that you always want to have an inspiration to strive for and that's our basically that's our purpose that's our life purpose to find that inspiration and yeah and then um like for example if we talk about money money has three roles the first one is freedom we don't like money because um because of its like you know the paper the physical paper right like we we like it because it allows us to have this sense of freedom we can do whatever we want to do um it's not that we want to spend all day all night for years and years sleeping that's not why we like money um so like this is one other thing is that like you're not lazy you just don't know what you want that's it like people want to do something so i think there's this little bit misconfusion right there and then the second thing about money is luxury so what i when i say luxury luxury is not the experience or the material itself luxury is the ability to dream money gives you the ability to dream um the ability to be creative in life and then the third one is security so when i talk about these right like the luxury part really ties close to what i'm gonna say which is you always want to have a reason to strive like the idea of owning car is more exciting for you than having the actual car right and that's the ability to dream and when you have that excitement when you have that like a creativity and you know like a childish dream whatever that just purely excites you like that's like the greatest feeling you can have and so when i look at success uh one portion of is that like to have to have this like um a little bit unrealistic but then like i the unique idea specific to you that excites you to get you up from the bed and something you have as an inspiration to strive for and um to come back to your question actually i want to expand on this and that being said success can never be achieved success is always in the future so for example speaking of the inspiration you don't look back whatever you achieved already in the past and you say oh my god i'm so excited by the success i have already achieved right like you don't call that as success it's part of you already like it's not something you're striving for you're not facing forward in that way so what i want to say with this is you want to have that inspiration that always makes you move forward and it's always happening in the future something that excites you something that like having in itself is not even the matter it's the process it's the basically whatever that you want the ability to dream like it's a tool it's a tool to get you excited it's a tool to inspire you right so to once again to come back to your question i think at the end of the day success is not for you to achieve i think success is a concept it's also a global concept that should be celebrated uh whenever we have this feeling of like excitement and other people hating on it like we should celebrate that right it's a global concept but yeah success is always in the future and success is something we strive for yeah what inspires you

um so i would definitely say it's the possibility of humanity um an advancement of humanity like the one of the reason i decided to study economics over business which i ended up studying both pretty much but economics i like because i'm more macro driven person my view of life is very macro i don't necessarily uh think of micro stuff like for example i often say i don't care what people say about me and that's that's kind of a correct way i think um if i will um to say about my life view because otherwise you would be pulled into so many different directions and you can't even move if you have like a purpose to strive for so to some degree you kind of have to have that like a diva attitude but i i often say that i don't care what people say but that's what i uh that's me talking from micro perspective i i really don't care what people say in micro but i ultimately what i'm driving for is the feeling and emotion and um love for people really at the macro sense i i care about people in macro like i want to achieve something for the humanity in my lifetime and i see it from like once again like a macro uh view i don't see i would achieve anything to be honest like with my my time only but then i s i could still be the incremental improvement for the humanity as a whole so that's the way i look at it and it gives me more inspiration and also another thing i would say is that being able to provide loves and i think i'm very lovable person at the like at the core and just by nature and my definition of love is not i guess my definition of love is willingness my definition of love is you can provide love for yourself you can provide love for your dream you can provide love for your people around you because it's a willingness it's it's the courage to say look i'm not gonna give up on me look i'm not gonna give up on this person look i'm not gonna give up on this dream right like you care for it and you wanna provide your care you wanna provide your like willingness to pursue it even if you are challenged even if you are hurt even if you're dejected even if you are challenged against it like you care for it and you would pursue at all cost that's love i think so i think that's something i i can't necessarily say i'm super up there in that but i'm once again like i'm passionate person in life i'm lovable person in life i think that just aligns with my nature that i likes to provide loves because i care about things and i care about me and i care about people around me i care about my dream and i'm never like this cynical person who says see like you know i don't wanna i don't wanna look stupid so i'm not gonna pursue it like that's not me so some that is something i think i'm inspired by and i think this is something that we need in the world a little bit more uh because of the nature of our generation but also like um you know everything is balanced so when you have a good there's always bad and then that's good like that's the balance we need to have a balance in order for us to function in the way we function like you always need competition right but that said my point is when there's a positivity optimistic people when they're there is also negative and cynical people right and that's just that's okay that's how it is but i think the world seems more beautiful when we can increase just a little bit more positivity and you know like uh optimistic view of life than just being all cynical and sad so i want to contribute in that positive side of the voice especially using the internet it's so so skateable yeah no that's really cool and i i love that you uh have sort of your own approach to what love means to you and what success means to you uh i guess more of a simple grounded question what brought you to the united states why uh yeah yeah

no um i i think um so have you came to japan before have you no i haven't i i wish you should it's fun um but anyway so i was born and raised in japan and to be like completely honest i never really liked it um i mean now i have hold another view of my country um having a chance looking at it from outside the world um outside of japan but yeah to be honest like growing up i really didn't resonate with everything that they did here in japan like i mentioned this in my book bio for example i almost got kicked out from my high school and that's because you know i'm a weirdo here like i'm i'm this different person in japan i know i mean difference is scary to any nations but japan has such a i think strong uh fear when it comes to that being different is so like being different is scary in america but then being scary is scarier in japan that's one thing i can say for sure so you know when you have your own opinion when you have especially when you're a woman and you have this like ambition like like for example uh men wouldn't like you as much uh just to talk about dating life but uh that's not my primary reason but just to give you more context of like where we are uh in terms of even feminism but in terms of just like a people as in general characteristic um like a difference is not so much appreciated here like i was talking about this uh consequence of japanese education system in another podcast of the day for example our education is like when you go to history class uh in high school or whatever like the only thing we're tested on is our function our memory function our uh capability to be a part of machine or system like our education system is still uh following the guideline of like industrial era like for example when you think about japanese economic growth it was significant when we were still in the industrial like time right like we we were able to produce efficiently we were able to function like machine we don't make we make less mistakes and you know stuff like that um but consequence of that is people are not creative here and i mean creativity is not appreciated as much so we end up having an economy where um for example america you guys are great at coming up with like innovative companies like innovative ideas about products like a lot of those like a big corporations right now on the internet comes from america and then japan what we're good at following from the industrial time we're still good at making things efficiently and then like making improving things so we would take ideas from big corporations like apple or whatever the american corporation and we'll just make something better like i will just make so my point is the idea is never here like we're not trained to come up with creative ideas so we're not trying to come up with our own ideas but then rather we're good at making things better making things more efficient making things more organized like these are the things we're good at and

me i was not um i didn't fit into this system which i don't say this is good or bad right like it's i think it's a there's a pros and cons to be certain ways in each countries but in terms of my characteristic i just couldn't fit in because i always had my opinion like micro stuff never meant anything to me like i always thought macro i always thought effects of something and i i was very curious kid and once again i was being courageous kid because the fear of

like the fear of not being myself scared me more than the fear of not following the rule of the society so that's why i decided to be me and then that got me into so many troubles and then basically led me to i remember like this one morning the entire students from the entire school literary entire school i'm talking about were called in to this uh conference room whatever and i mean 300 400 kids and then they were making about uh they're talking about this student the student might get kicked out of height of school or whatever and i was like holy [ __ ] that's me like it was so crazy but um you know i it got me a lot of trouble for me being the curious kid and then so to come back to your question it was just necessary like i i think i thought wow like i cannot succeed if i stay in this country i know that i mean to do something but if i have to be successful in this society i have to be like them and i cannot be like them so i gotta do something about it and it just came natural to me like i i always thought i should go out of the country and if i missed that chance i probably wouldn't have any chance to go so i thought well why don't i just like go to america and see what happens and yeah that was like one of the best decisions i've ever made i i truly felt like i was home yeah what what was it i guess specifically in america that kind of i guess confirmed your views about or being your own individual and how did that contribute to how your life improved with that i think um i mean it kind of goes with the same concept of like being a startup versus a corporation i think there's a lot of like similarity in this concept but basically japan failure is a shameful thing to do but in america i i just felt like wow people really don't care here like i mean you always get a second chance you're always like you're if anything i felt like compared to japan i'm talking about you were encouraged to fail meaning fail as in like be different um then even fail right like fail faster and just pick yourself up and go like you always get a second chance but like in japan like oh my god it's impossible like you can not you should feel a shame on you like if you even slightly like even slightly fail or even make attempt to be different you should feel shame on you like that's the kind of pressure you have here so you know just i don't know like i like for example i guess this is kind of like a i don't know it's like um maybe could come out weird example sounds like but for example like um you know the way americans dress versus the way japanese dresses like america has more casual attitude a lot more um like there's no like you can't do this you can't do that you look stupid you look like you know you should feel a shame on how you look right now like you know there's not that uh peer pressure on that like you guys are more free like you guys are more true to yourself authentic but in japan

like i don't know like it's people feel shame like if you people would point finger at you and like when you were a stranger when you were i guess different like by any means if you look different or think differently like people just want to point finger at you and say wow like you're you loser like you you think of the friendly like you should feel shame on you like it's kind of it's very hard to explain this but when i went to america like that was the true feeling i had where i thought wow these people really don't care right like but in a good good sense really like i think that's what makes them hard like japanese people are so soft and that's because they don't get ejection they don't like they like to agree to things they don't like conflict they don't like so they're so soft you know and but once again like there's also good and bad side of it right like it's all about context but in terms of just nation as itself once again there's also pros and cons and also self-awareness of the culture so i'm not necessarily saying one way or another is bad but in terms of me being in the picture i just didn't feel good being in that environment and to come back to your question i think one thing i realized was yeah how casual american people are and also how that allowed them to feel a little bit less serious about life a little bit less worked up so works up on like making mistakes like failing like you know like for example okay sorry i'm just going to give you one example um like for for example in school system in japan like you get this nasty nasty look if you make mistakes like if you raise a hand i mean which is a sign of leadership you should be like appreciated for that act right when you're a kid but when you raise a hand and then when you get the answer wrong you would get such a nasty look from teacher from kids around you like everyone thinks wow you're so stupid like you shouldn't even try right and then we even have this phrase where it we say

meaning like know your words and act to within your words and i mean who the [ __ ] cares about your words like that's not inspirational at all like if you always if you're a scary cat and then always try to stay within the worst you can never have the opportunity to expand your worth and then expanding like knowing expect that i mean exceeding your expectation is what inspires me so there's this definite gap like a conflict in the way they operate in japan versus the way i operate my life so you know i i hope you got the little bit of picture of where i come from definitely um i guess one last question on this front what advice do you have for other people that are wanting to start their own business or start their own media or write a book and publish it what advice would you give to those people right so i actually i was listening to gary right before this interview and he said something very interesting and i very much reason i didn't agree with he says don't listen to your positivity don't listen to your negativity only listen to your market and then meaning that when you keep listening to your positivity you become entitled and soft if you only listen to your negativity you become cynical and scary i mean scared and uh and weak and then if you listen to the market you basically become practitioner like you are able to be realist and then you're able to navigate your own action according to the market which is basically what the emotional intelligence is like i talked about the difference between being independent and being interdependent and that's exactly where it comes from like we tend to once again it's a macro thinking like we tend to because we are stuck in our own body right like the whole life the only perspective we have is within this own body within this own perception but we are literally the part of the bigger system which is to have this thinking of being in interdependent understanding that we are part of the system it's never about you never at all when you have a hardships when you are happy at any stage it's never about you right like you're just like playing within this like a small bubble like it's just only your world which has advantage to it too because when you know that like you really don't give a [ __ ] about your failure at all like you can't just like well i i [ __ ] up but you know it's just me having this perception and i i can always like turn this around and there's no really meaning to things right like you can always like shift your thinking because of it too um but anyway so i very much resonate with this i uh advice because i really believe this is this is truly something um important to always remember up which is when you're happy remember that it's not about you when you're sad especially when you're sad remember that it's never about you it's always about the market so know how to be emotionally intelligent and don't take your personal life or even like a personal success a business in business as a sign of something right like it's always neutral you can always keep it in its role if something happened that me that doesn't mean bad or good it just means it happens and that's it like you can always you have to be always ready to adapt to the market like so i guess once again sorry to come back to your point i guess to make it positive i would just say when you fail like don't make it too personal like it just happened that's it like stand back up and start a new thing that's it yeah great yeah switching gears and there's no real good way to transition into it what is the role of spirituality or religion in your life in my life um so i'm how do you say into how do you say um the person who doesn't have that is just like religion um oh i guess uh atheist or secular or yeah yes i i am that yes um but i do believe that once again like we are part of a bigger system uh i look at once again like my view is so macro i look at humanity as a macro thing and we are part of a bigger system trying to achieve something greater and then something good for the generation to moral like generation future so i don't necessarily have a specific belief in a specific religion but with this framework of thinking it gives me deeper connection with the universe gives me deeper attachment to the humanity um and i kind of see it as like a whole united thing like i i don't necessarily see us being separated too much even me and you like we're entirely different location like it's kind of hard to see that we're one thing but we are really one thing um but we need to like really step back from our body and see that but then now we are still in uh you know trapping this one body like it's very hard to relate but yeah so that's kind of my take like i i look at it from a macro perspective that i i see the whole thing united and then i just want to contribute to

navigate our united s right i guess solar just one unit to move forward in a direction that's gonna make us happy yeah that's great yeah uh regardless of the atheism what is your definition of god whoa um i think well but this is this is very deep now i think i never really had a chance to think about that um like honestly i'm sorry if i can't come up with like a good good answer right now but since i wrote my book it's called the game of self-domination in terms of i would talk about micro a little bit um i think in terms of us trying to navigate through our lives the most important asset you have is your own mind um i mean i would very much like to talk about universal concepts but i kind of uh i'm just going to go back to macro so micro so yeah in order for us to navigate our own life and then of course to be a part of one thing um but to navigate our life the best way possible to be the best version of ourselves as possible i think it all comes down to your mindset it all comes down to how you look at the world how you change your perception around things um you know the one thing that's common for all the high achiever i believe is their mental fitness so they're able to look at stories or narrative they are able to choose the narrative or story that's gonna make them push during the hard times and that's what separates them from the list so um to come back to your question i don't know if god is a good difference word but i would say that mindset is very important um when you look at your life as an individual person i think mindset is something that's gonna drive you to either direction like positive or negative cool i like that a lot and that's um and i like that approach so yeah that's good then

i'm wondering about which one okay um

how do you determine what good or moral behavior is

um good or moral behavior

oh like this is like super deep like i never like have a chance in a daily life to think about these things i mean like for sure immoral is something that

moral good or moral behavior

you know this is a con there is a conflict too to be honest like you know when we look at when we look at society as a whole like leaders are in a tough position like they are forced to make decisions that doesn't necessarily please everyone in the picture but then they sometimes are forced to make a decision between sacrificing a little for greater good and then sacrifice um right like that's that's the one decision that they have to make so topic of moral is very

um still kind of like

not so set within me like but once again i think when i think about it uh one of the things once again i talk about in my book is in order for you to create a change you first need to abandon your victim um attitude like that's for sure one thing you need to do and you need to be strong like you can only deny on yourself right so when it comes to good and moral i'm a big believer of like everything happens for our reason and we don't necessarily can't face unnatural force like things mean to happen and then that's how we balance the world so that's how i see it so i don't try to protect something from happening or i don't try to protect someone or anything because i think it plays a big i mean important role in making the whole picture working so that being said i think even if like leaders when they have to make a decision that potentially can hurt someone in the name of greater good like i think it might needs to happen still so i think as long as the intent is to still like you know comes with the love comes with like the hope to you know um like help people um i think that's moral even if it's against against the moral like you know once again like a micro picture like even if it's contributing to a bigger greater thing it's a very tough decision but they still would make make it and then as long as the intent comes from wanting to do something good for the humanity i think that's the the moral yeah i like that a lot good what do you think humanity oh go ahead no what do you think about this uh well we can uh i will put a pin in that one and we will talk about it on the conversational one so i'll try and remember that one but uh remind me if i forget

um okay so what do you think humanity is heading towards in the future um like honestly i don't i don't know and i don't make any expectation i think i cannot know what's good for people right like i don't i cannot know what's i know what's good for me i cannot know what's good for the other people and for the future people like i mean i don't even know i mean i was making a joke uh before because i had this craze the idea of like we're gonna lose our gender in the future like you know 100 200 years from now and then we'll just basically become this um like for example i mean like we have a lot of issues um with being human right like environmental issue and like we're not efficient we're still animal we're not efficient so i i thought there was this possibility of us possibly converting into you know some sort of i don't know technological form or some sort of like still uh live form but then with a little bit of i don't know like another creature and yeah have you seen american dad it's a sheriff do you know rosier the character loser it's alien characters i thought we're gonna be someone like roger but that was a that was a joke but anyway so i i i thought that really like i thought maybe we're gonna lose its gender and we're just gonna be something more efficient like i mean we don't know at that point if we're gonna live in the earth right like they say that japan will disappear in 100 years or so so you know we don't know what's going to happen but um yeah like to come back to your question i think we

what made us survive all these years is our creativity and the ability to adapt over time so i think whatever happens to humanity i have a face in us that we're gonna adapt to whatever we need to adapt to yeah i like that yep uh do you believe humans are evil by nature

evil by nature wow you asked me a lot of deep questions the podcast is called bit deaf i like to get a bit deep right um

no i saw that in the description i was looking a little bit scared okay so do we think evil um

i think okay i think the better description of this is we are driven by two factors one is the word another one is three and i think that we are like when i think of evil i think of like threat and then like we the more like we we are scared animal right like we're scared of making stuff happen and doing things that's that's how i kind of see evil because we don't necessarily do things out of our intention i don't think like i think when you look at countries like uh where was it um where was that i forgot norwegian or something um but basically the prostitution date is way lower in one of those countries and then that is because women have equal right like they don't have to do things to survive right but so that comes really that comes from the threat like if they are able to bring themselves up i mean this is not talking about the individual level i'm even talking about the government level like if they can manage the system where um nations are safe i don't think there's much chaos happening right so i don't necessarily see humans as threat uh sorry evil i think it's more of that factor of lures and threat factors that drives us to do things yeah what are you optimistic about for our future

optimistic about for our future i think during this pandemic or even like in general but especially with this pandemic i think we are more like we are stronger like whenever something like this hits once again comes back to my very original point that we covered earlier i see as opportunity for us to be stronger i see it as opportunity for us to grow and these are the times really like when you look back you appreciate it a lot because it builds your character it builds who you are in a stronger sense and i think i'm very optimistic that regardless of everything happening right now i think this is giving us a new perspective and realization of who we are making us stronger and i think this really teaches us and gives us perspective moving forward when we even go back to the normal state i think this is gonna remain us remain with us as something positive that the time that builds our character and once again everything is balanced so when there's a good i mean sorry when there's a bad there is a good so the good thing will photo for sure definitely that's great yeah what makes you content

content what do you mean by content it's okay content is a word different from happiness but similar so it's sort of like in a way satisfaction but not it's not quite happiness but it is good in a state of peaceful happiness yes okay uh to know that if i suck i will fail i think that makes me peacefully happy and i i i tell you what i mean like this is probably comes from the spirit of i'm not afraid of failing like that's probably what it comes down to is that i'm i don't try to protect me like if you suck you will fail and that's it like there's no further definition to it like it doesn't mean that you're failure like failure is never about a person failure is always about event and then the one who will fail and stay fail is the one who is going to suffer but then if you're smart like i trust myself i have a face in myself enough that i know that i'm not going to make it as like forever even i i know that i'm going to acquire skills that's necessary for me to become stronger become more wiser more capable and come back and build something new like i'm not afraid of failing and once again like i think i live for that humiliation and even like you know that burning um you know i don't the bench is very strong word but in a sense yes like i don't necessarily i'm not afraid of it and that makes me very peaceful because that makes me focus on what's really important which is gross like i'm not i'm not interested in defending i'm not interested in defense i i never play a game of who's right or wrong like things don't have a meaning like if you fail you fail that's it like if you suck you fail that's it like and then like when you truly embrace that and then when you really have that mindset to uh look at failure from another lens like of positivity like you you really can't be afraid of it like if anything you will welcome it and then you will say wow like this is another opportunity for me to become better like become stronger and um you know focus on what's important which is to be better so yeah i think that gives me peace yeah for happiness yeah when will you be satisfied

uh to be completely honest with you like i mean i have been in many like different states i think of mine and um i mean at one point like you know i did that party life too like i i've been on a yacht like on the weekends and i just like you know going to all these like different garages and like you know parties whatever um and

i mean those were like a picture of happiness for me like i i thought it what was gonna be you know the picture of happiness but it really wasn't and when i was truly satisfied like believe it or not i was suffering like the whole suffering like i was you know i failed one of my business i had before this and you know i was so like thankful as i knew that i was failing at that time like i was just so thankful because i was living i was alive like i i felt like wow like this is so emotional to me like i suck [ __ ] right now but like i know that i'm becoming stronger i know that i'm becoming more capable and i love myself for like being up for my challenge and i'm like you know like i just saw this true value of myself and i loved me because of that even more so i think to come back to your question i don't necessarily expect a point of life in the future where i'm gonna be satisfied but this is a feeling i acquire everyday basis i'm just so thankful i think for where wherever i am i i just feel like i love myself like i love my life because it's very beautiful you know yeah what advice do you have for people in general in general yeah um i think i mean i think my big thing once again is the possibility of humanity and that being said that cannot be met without the spirit of failure failing like spirit of separating failure so that's yeah number one hands down the advice i i want to give to people is you know know whose opinion matters the most when you fail do you care about other people's opinion the most or do you care about your opinion the most it's the game of self-domination so you need to which is the name of my book so you need to um you need to really stop protecting yourself and be willing to enjoy even the failure journey and that's going to make you stronger and you know focus on what's really important which is gross so always make sure your success photos but really focus on what's really important yeah last question

cake or pie

pie uh what is i guess your ideally favorite pie or the best pie best pie wow um let's see um i said um pumpkin pumpkin pie ooh cool yeah um yeah that one's different than the ones that i normally hear oh okay we're looking over um more like fruity pies like uh apple pie or uh okay i mean pumpkin is kind of fruity you know is pumpkin a fruit

thank you so much for doing this with me uh where can we find you and your things yeah so i'm a host at life up education tv which you can find on youtube but also i have a website it's called lifeeducationtv.com my my book the game of self domination is releasing in august 27th so you can purchase it through my website it's also available on amazon i have tiktok instagram linkedin uh my name is nathan aoki uh twitter yeah that's about it oh facebook so but i mean all these social links you can find on my website lifeeducationtv.com great awesome uh i look forward to uh seeing how well that book does i i do want to read it i'm i'm sold good good um again thank you so much for the for doing this with me yeah i'm santiago ramones i'm natsunoki you can find everything that i do on my website santiagoramones.com i make music bloom is available now streaming everywhere put it on in the background or show it to your friends so you can all enjoy it together you can also buy it on bandcamp and get bonus content so you can sit alone in the dark with your headphones on and listen to the album in its entirety while reading and looking at the bonus content i also make music with powercycle an experimental electronic trio our first completely improvised album too many damn cables is streaming everywhere more to come from power cycle in the future to support this podcast leave reviews comments tell your friends about it and buy my music because by supporting me you're supporting the podcast i always end the podcast with my three things they shape my life philosophy those three things are love never fails it's going to be okay i might be wrong

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