How did you exponentially grow your business from 1 office to 35 offices in 6 months? Brett Campbell

i will take over the man responsibilities in this family and i'll never ever see my mother and my sister struggle again guys i just finished this amazing interview with brett he's from australia he's straight up just killing it he's a syrian entrepreneur this is someone who grew his business from one location to 35 locations just within the six months and he also interviewed the grand cordon like it was just super super motivational and really insightful as well so i really enjoyed it and i hope you guys all enjoy i wanted to jump right on to our questions and the first question is can you tell me your background like i know you uh have been like seriously killing it as an entrepreneur but can you kind of tell me what businesses have you developed uh your journey yes certainly so i guess from an entrepreneurial journey because the journey dates back all the way back to when i was i was a kid i suppose you know i've always had these entrepreneurial tendencies i've always wanted to to create and build and and you know execute upon things and then this what that sort of led into was the you know when i was a kid i wanted extra money so i could go to the local fish and chip shop so i could buy you know a dollar worth of jet plane lollies and also have enough 20 cent pieces to play my favorite arcade game at the time street fighter and um you know that that's where the the quest for generating income came from you know how do i earn more money um and i realized that the more things that you could do the more problems you could solve with people more money you're able to make um entrepreneurial journey however fast forward many years passed from there um really started in the health and fitness space so in the health and fitness industry i was a personal trainer right i had a passion for health and fitness and then i i literally became a personal trainer myself and um that's sort of where it started from you know i was trading time for money still though i was turning up to the gym i was having to train people to get paid and i thought there had to be a better way that i could earn more money and leverage my time more and actually help more people as well right because as a personal trainer you can help maybe 20 30 40 people sort of max right until you start tapping out and it becomes extremely exhausting so for me it was about leveraging that and and the first step of leverage was instead of training one person one-on-one how can i train you know many people at the same time so i moved into group training um which started to take off really well which ended up leading us into building our very own franchise um so we had 35 locations of our fitness company around this australia um in the first six months of launching the franchise uh but that where that really came from was it was predicated off my ability to be able to generate business online social media how to how to use marketing i guess to be able to attract clients to the business so that that was really my love for online marketing and digital marketing and which led into psychology and persuasion and influence and so forth and you know where we are right now where i'm actually sitting in our you know the good thing about instagram you can move your camera around i'm now purposefully built podcast studio here um and one of my companies called clarkson so we're a digital growth agency and we actually help businesses so we partner with other businesses and brands and we grow and scale their business profit um using bespoke growth strategies so that's sort of in a nutshell started off in the fitness space um and just again became really i guess i'd say you know i can pat myself on my back became pretty good at it right i i held it and it led to people asking me hey can you do it for me can you do it for me and and that's what we do now we help hundreds of businesses um around the world you know grow and scale and meet their commercial outcomes as well i see yeah well you mentioned that you're on a media company right and it also grew very quickly can you tell me like how you grew your agency as well yeah absolutely so we've got two agencies actually that we um we have um interestingly enough we started our second agency um one week into covert which was a pretty crazy time wow

yeah pretty crazy time to start a new business as well you can maintain and grow another one but um yeah but clarkson we we started uh three years ago actually july was our third birthday so you know a couple of weeks ago was our third birthday um but how that grew so quickly was again you know it it's it's people can look at it as though wow how did you do it so fast what did you do and i can tell you that the what i did was ten years worth of understanding the industry understanding the market using what we do right now in my own businesses to grow and scale those which gave me credibility within an industry right so what i mean by that is when we open the doors and even to this day three years and we really haven't even done our own marketing for our own company because we haven't needed to because you know one is when you have a skill right when you know how to do something well people want to know how to do that or they rather you do it for them right and that's just from the day one as soon as we sort of open the doors here i let it let a handful of people know that this is what we're doing and then um it just hasn't sort of stopped since because when you start achieving results and you get results someone else wants to know how you got them results and it just sort of becomes a perpetual thing but how we're able to grow so quick i think the the biggest fundamental for me is um and it's always been uh there has to be a faster way of doing something right and i'm that's sort of an ethos that i've lived by ever since i was a kid you know i was always looking for that i was always looking for the faster way how to do it and not at the detriment of you know of building something sustainable either right so i'm not talking about how can we get there and not worry about the mess we left behind ourselves you know for me it was i'm always looking for what's that shortcut or what's that thing that we're not seeing that could help us get there faster which for us again and that gets to trickle on down through you know one team and then now our own clients so it's like we're always challenging our own clients on how can we get better results faster right but that's how i'm able to build things fast because i'm wide like that i like to do things um in the quickest possible way um that year the ultimate best outcomes i see well that's very interesting because i think that concept of you know lots of trials and errors but definitely um like definitely is a common practice i think especially in the digital age right like when do you know if you're um if your trial is failing like if you needed to move it fast enough but then you still kind of need to like experiment um different things when do you know yeah great question um and the answer to that is i actually don't know right and let me frame that um i'm i'm led by intuition like i'm very led by my fear my intuition and

heard that from succe robbins he said that and i was like that's much sense right and success doesn't mean always just success in my eyes is not just winning it's like success can simply be you've just seen another version of something or you've seen a different way of looking at something that you've never looked at it that way before right so for me um you know you need to pay attention to two things one is the logical sense right is the data what's the data telling you right numbers don't lie facts don't lie right and facts don't care about your feelings right i steal that from benjamin that was um so you have to look at it from an actual perspective and you also need to look at it from an emotional perspective as well i think there's an element of that you know um banging your head against the wall how many times and and what's the impact of that on you right so it you hear this all the time it's like um you know it took took someone um is it edison who created the light bulb i think i'm against i'm not sure thomas edison i think created the light bulb right maybe maybe not someone created a bloody light bulb anyway and apparently the story is that it took them 10 000 times to get it to work right if you have the sustainability to be able to last ten thousand times then i encourage you i'll keep going keep going keep going right but if if it's killing you inside and you've only done it two or three times maybe that's enough for you to go hey maybe it's time to try something else right i think the biggest problem out there in entrepreneurship right now with with entrepreneurs is that there's so many people running or starting a business and it shouldn't be because they're not built for it they're not made for it you could be a all-star player on a team in another business right you can maybe go into that business and let some of your entrepreneurial tendencies maybe flare you know like i am perfectly non-hirable you're not i'm not going to be i'm no one's going to employ me because i wouldn't ask i've been quite looking for a small period of time until i got so sick of it that i had to you know have to go and do something else but that you know it's super important to understand where you sit and where you lie um when it comes to success and failure some people can take a lot more failure than others um i see well that actually relates to my other questions that's going to come up later on um but my third question will be so i guess it leads to my this question i guess like how do you define like what makes you successful in a sustainable period of time like not just like a one-time hit but then like for a long time i think that that the best place to start with with that question would be defining what success means but to success to you might mean something then it's different that means to me and it might be something different than it means to cassie andrew durdeen who's just joined us on here you know it success means something different to each person um so can we focus on capitalism success for now just for now sure yeah yeah so commercial success yep so reframe the question then for me so yeah so in capitalism and like definition yeah sucks definition of success in capitalism what do you think makes someone stay successful in a game yeah well the ability to continue serving the marketplace first foremost right there's a lot of one-hit wonders out there you know you you look at people who can consistently and predictably win and when i say when simply serve a market because that's that capitalism really is right it's you know i i feel this from mondays if you want to be a billionaire help a billion people if you want to stay a billionaire keep serving a billion people so they keep buying from you right there's no better measure than the ability to have clients or have customers on a continual basis right there's a lot of this and this is the traps with a lot of people out there who understand marketing they're really good at getting people into the ecosystem but they're terrible at keeping them right success is predicated on the results that you're able to provide consider continuously do you do you have to be best or does it doesn't it have to like does it have to be best uh service whatever you provide competition you don't have to be the best no just i mean look do we all strive to want to be the best or hopefully right hope most businesses do you know we certainly we want to be the number one digital growth agency globally right and that means there's a number of things that we need to be doing consistently continually but do you have to be the best no not at all you know i mean it all comes down to what do you actually want right what's your actual outcomes how much money do you want to be earning what what revenue do you want your business to be turning over how many people do you actually want to serve like if you want to be the best computer company in the world you're going to take on apple or microsoft but if you could be the 20th computer company in the world you're still probably doing a couple hundred million dollars a year do you know what i mean this whole narrative that you know everyone who jumps into something has to be number one there can only be one right there's only one fastest man on the planet but number two three all the way through to a hundred are absolutely fast as well right but it depends on if your goal if you wake up every morning and go i have to be the fastest man on the plane or the fastest woman on the planet yes you have to be the best so you need to live up to that i see so you basically need to kind uh define your own definition of what's being best means to you yeah absolutely okay so my next question is

um what do you do when you are scared of taking risks what is yeah so like how do you fight against your own like negative self-talk or like self-doubts yep so again i think that's a that's a really good one again and it depends depends on how committed you are to achieving you know what you want to achieve so the best way for me to go answer that is look at something that might have been potentially scary um i always i look at life through a certain lens right which allows me to be able to take certain actions that the most people they may deem as like terrifying but i look at them as a calculated move okay so i always play up the downside and weigh up the upside and then i have a look at that and i i make decisions based off that i also make decisions how does that align with me as a person as a human being right um and will i will i i fast forward 50 years and i'm on my deathbed will i regret not taking that decision right that that'll quickly outline to me the impact of um a decision but i feel that i would regret it i i want to work on okay what is it that's actually stopping me getting through this why am i actually not doing this and there's always an underlying reason there's always something and if you can't cover it yourself if you can't socratically coach yourself meaning you know you be your own coach and work yourself and step yourself through it you know i always say what advice would i give to a friend or what advice would i give to my wife or my family members if they were in the exact situation with exact same you know terms that i have placed in front of me right now what would i advise them to do remove myself from it and logically look at it once again so again back to that sort of you know the of logic and fact and the um the other component is that emotional component how's it going to make me feel right how will i feel if i do hate this decision how will i feel if i don't what's the worst worst case scenario and then what's the best best case scenario and you can work out something in between there have you always been like that or is that something you have to develop as a thing um i i believe it's ingrained in me i come from a very interesting childhood you know i wasn't given the silver spoon grew up in a very low socio-economic area if if i wanted anything i had to work for it so i've always had that resilience and the attitude of um if i want something i've got to i've got to be the person responsible to go and achieve that um you know but one once again as i look at life through a very certain lens and i learned very early on um that being able to solve problems you know is is going to help a lot in life right so i'm what i'd call an a class problem solver so i i can so i'm the person if there's problems people will come to me and i'll generally be able to have an answer or figure something out um doesn't mean i know it straight away right i'm not a know all but i figure it out all right i'll be something out you send me a problem i've got 10 solutions so i can out solution anyone hmm

if if someone keeps coming up because you know you get stuck in these someone's got a problem you provide a solution they're like oh yeah but what about this and i'm like oh i've got a solution i've got another solution for that if you can look at life through those lenses it's going to quickly um you know instill with you are capable of achieving anything or what not anything you are capable of achieving whatever it is that you can achieve or you would like to achieve right so in order for you to have that belief you kind of need to get that feedback from outside as well right like would it not be confidence for you to believe that you're capable if you have the feedback coming out from outside what would you do if someone is not getting the feedback like you want to believe in yourself that you're capable but then you you're struggling seeing the results and i mean resilience is definitely one of the very important thing to have uh in these times but then you know sometimes people could be in this state of like i just can't it's just you know like i'm not seeing any results i've been working really hard i've been working wrong like what would you say to people who are in that look at some i mean i would be really um

what would i say to someone

or if you have any sort of different things yeah if you require external gratification that's that's the fastest route for not being able to be successful right because your or your success is only predict someone else's feedback to you and about confidence confidence comes from from being able to have the courage right first and foremost so have the courage to step up and do something to create a capability right so when you create a capability that's that's with sets and reps you have to you have to trial an error you have to trial an error a lot of the time so you go ah actually there is proof that i can do this if you need to gauge your success based off someone else maybe maybe at the starting point you might need to right like if you're in athletics for example and and you can't jump over the the one meter high jump you know it doesn't matter if you think you're successful internally if you can't get over it well you haven't made the marker right so you've got to look at what the benchmarks are and go well how close am i to them right when it comes to cap to the commercial component of business is you do need to find some sort of benchmark so even so you know where you are on a playing field right but but that quickly needs to move into the internal confidence of of you just being confident that you figure it out so for me the biggest the biggest um reward i get is is being able to internally motivate myself but i'm super confident it doesn't mean i'm good at everything though it means that i'll enter into something with confidence because there's so much studies that show the ability just to have that positive optimistic mindset first and foremost can actually help i was actually just did a podcast um with a friend of mine is the director of performance at the ufc and performances shanghai um super talented knowledgeable guy he trained the chinese olympic team um conditioning so he's he knows his stuff and we're talking today and and i was saying to him i said you know like what what's the best cold or hot therapy you know and he goes look there's actually data to show that if you believe that cold therapy is going to be better for you it's going to be better for you than warm therapy if you believe that warm therapy is going to be better for you it's going to actually be better for you because the power of the mind is everything physiologically yes there's some adaptations that happen whether you've got cold or hot therapy anyhow but the reality is the overall success of something is predicated on the mindset that you are entering into something interesting so i'm gonna actually move on to my next question um which is

so sorry i'm just gonna skip one question because you're kind of already answered my next question is so i know that you're very big on like company culture building company culture that's motivating for your teams right like can you kind of tell me uh what's or about that yeah look i mean you're only as good as your team right so in order for us to be like i'm not going to be the number one digital growth agency it's our team collectively and one thing i know you know like i said i'm unemployable right um but i also know that you know no no one in our team thinks like me okay so so i think very differently okay um but i also need to truly understand as electronic businesses understand that the team think different than me people think different than me what makes someone excited um to turn up to work might be completely different than what i'm excited about turning up to work right um because we all play different roles with inside the organization um but team culture is that glue it's the nucleus of the success of your business you know show me a business that's real that's going really really well that has a real terrible culture now i'm sure there's there's the few out there but not from a startup not from a group you know start-up phase growing around a real growth business it just doesn't work like you know the last thing you want to do as a fast growth business is tune and burn through through staff members i mean just there's always a turnover effect in any anyhow regardless of how good your culture is you know you're not going to be able to create something every single shooting stay there forever right but there's um

and that we could be doing sorry i cut out there i've got a timer on my phone i'm only allowed 15 minutes a day on instagram and we've just tapped over it um actually 30 minutes we've tapped over but um this is a special interview so we'll keep going

but um you know that the culture is is everything right you need to provide pathways for your team members you need to be able to provide room for growth you need to understand actually are wanting with inside there are they wanting professionally but even more so they need to understand what you're doing as a company right so the first two hours any time a new employee joins our team i spend the first two hours of the week with them and i simply go through what's it where our company start from why did it start why is it even existing what is that what is our mission how are we going to get them what what's the core values of a business right we've moved into this world and you'll hear it a lot in organizations you know mission vision mission values which is fantastic but you don't want it to just be a piece of paper or a line that's you know said there needs to be a complete buy-in from everyone with inside the organization so looking at keeping a close eye on company culture is is the fastest way to help you grow a successful business so i think that uh leads back to probably like the principles you have as a leader too like how do you um define leaders who have high eq like emotional intelligence how do i define them or how do i uncover them or so so i mean emotional intelligence it's something that i've been obsessed with for the last six years or so um and it we're actually a lot longer than that but probably more intensified that the last you know several years um because when i uncovered marketing i think because i use marketing to generate business but when you really understand marketing and you're prepared to go to the levels beneath marketing and find out what actually is the um the cellular level of marketing and that's psychology and that's human um interaction while we do what we do and and so forth and um you know emotional intelligence is something that that creates i think is predicate from your ability to have self-awareness first and foremost is the ability to be able to actually see and know and and witness what's happening and what's going on and you know you know let your ego go like drop the ego um is a huge one the ego uh holds so many as

we don't want to admit our flaws or our failures but as soon as you can admit that you've got a lot of flaws and you've got a lot of failures and so does everyone else it's it's a level playing field it's fine you know as a leader of a business you don't have to be right on everything that's that's a big problem for a lot of people i had this problem i had this problem i thought that i had to be the guy that knew everything and so yeah and i was the best person for it and da da da

so and that that's all part of emotional intelligence right is your ability to see something for what it is and not more than what it is is super powerful your ability to be able to you know not react and actually act accordingly based off facts and based off you know emotion so facts and emotion are always intertwined when it comes to that unless you're a robot and you can work purely factual but no one is right other than that you're psychopath if you can't you know if you're just working purely off of a data set then you know emotions everywhere so you need to juggle those so i think this is my final question but i think you said something that really was triggering for me you said that um you have to kind of be um acceptance to the fact that you're a leader but you don't know everything right you don't have to do anything but i think that's probably what stops a lot of us by being so like open about like authentic about who we are is the fact that that's gonna make us in the position of like a vulnerable place right like i wonder how your employees or people who follow you react to that character of you yeah look i mean you you could only ask them to to to comment on that but i can only remind that the reality is that the team out there don't want my role they might fantasize about it you know in a sense that i might like some of the things i am able to do in my life and things i do but you know when covert hits three months ago the last position anyone in our company would have wanted to be in is mine you know my you know my business partners like they we we and you know i joke around with my friends um or with a specific friend um but it's really true and and a lot of entrepreneurs the the people out there who are putting their necks on the line like i'm not just responsible now for my own family i'm responsible for 30 people's families you know that's that's over 100 people now that i'm responsible for directly right so it's my job to make sure we have business here and and to make sure everything's growing and evolving and everyone's working harmoniously together you know it's it's that's what you do when you put your hand up and go hey i'm an entrepreneur i want to build something but there's also a level of comfort in that knowing that hey you'd have to be a crazy person to want to take my role and i'm open hey i'm open for anyone to step up and take over my role and so forth right but the reality is is entrepreneurship especially i feel like real true entrepreneurs it's not even a question is um you know should i do something it's like how am i gonna do it right who do i need so it's who do i need to help me because an entrepreneur should create a vision should craft a vision and find smarter people or people who are willing and committed to do what's required to help be a part of this like the entire team want to be a part of we've got people from day one when we started three years ago and you know we every morning um well when a new person comes into the team we all go around in a circle all of us get out on the floor we all go around and share what are we most what do we love um about with a classroom and 99 people all say it's the culture it's the people and also the ability to be a part of something and seeing it grow because there's a lot of people who want to grow a business but they will never do it because they're scared and they don't want to and and nor should they they probably [ __ ] it up because it's not part of who they are right so for for an entrepreneur who's sitting there and they're like oh i'm too scared to open myself up it's like your your flaws are going to be picked up by someone else out there and vice versa there's a technician out there there's someone who's really good at doing something and they want a leader who's got the guts and determination to figure stuff out and create opportunities for them

i see we're very interesting so brett i think i'm gonna let you go because you have another one another meeting uh coming up soon um that being said thank you so much for coming today i had like a lot of fun asking you questions and i learned a lot today so thank you very much thank you

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