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Hello everyone my name is frank anthony and welcome back to let me be frank so this is episode 22 today just a couple more episodes until the end of season two unfortunately and then i'm gonna take a month break to just do my writing and all that other stuff but i have a another special guest here this week she is also an author and she's all the way from japan so i'd like to introduce natsune oki hi how's it going hi thank you very much for having me on your show i'm doing great um thank you very much how are you doing today i'm good um i'm definitely super excited to have you on i do want to say thank you i'll probably say it at the end too thank you for also being on the show and i i've um i've read so much about you like the research i was doing there was a lot of interesting and fascinating things about you so i definitely can't wait for myself and the audience to get to know you more so yeah so yeah um just tell tell the audience a little bit about yourself and yeah yeah yeah go ahead so my name is natsunaoki i am a host of life of education tv i'm also the author of the book called the game of self domination um i also have a company in tokyo it's called foreign connect where i basically i'm a basically b2b international sorry b2b recruiter for international businesses and also international project manager so what i'm doing with that is basically i'm helping japanese companies to expand their sales channels abroad oh wow and i'm helping i'm actually connecting them with local like services from america to basically coordinate everything like coordinate that to happen right between the companies so that's foreign connect and actually i've been spending a lot of time um i i was rebuilding my site so today i just got done with that and it was like oh it's a lot of work but anyways so that's that's the second venture i have uh but my main thing my true passion is life up education tv and just to give you a kind of a quick snapshot of my background i was born and raised in japan i moved i decided to move to united states when i was 18 years old i um i moved there i couldn't even speak english at all like i could say my name for example or like hi how are you kind of you know level so it was kind of like a little bit struggle a struggle but i managed to learn the language and i pursued a university degree first two years i studied business and then i decided to um so just to kind of give you a more picture of who i am i grew up like you know throughout my life i have been very courageous person in general so if everyone goes this direction i go this direction like that's that's just how i roll right so uh given that right like no one i i'm from very country side of um of japan so no one except me decided to go abroad after high school for example right like i was the only one student who decided to do that i was scared as shitless but i still did it and i basically did the same decision when i moved abroad where you know all the international students friends i had at the time you know their usual goal would be just get a degree and get nice job at microsoft or facebook or whatever right but for me it was slightly different at that time i already started ex i guess building up this um very like a strong passion and connection into the concept of entrepreneurship i liked it because you know i was so attracted to the idea that you can be independent you can be strong right like these are the things that always fascinated me so i wanted to learn about that and that's why i kind of decided to take some time off from school so without any like without completing the full degree with broken language and like really no credential i just kind of decided to just go out there and network my way to just get into the american workforce and get the opportunity to work with other americans right and specifically entrepreneurs because i was really interested in working very close to them so that i can learn from them right at that time i was still student but i managed to do that and in that way i kind of got really deeply connected into seattle tech entrepreneurial community at that time yeah and um i got a chance to work with like lots of you know uh greedy and technology entrepreneurs and the way i describe them they're very macro thinkers right like it's still business so you would still have to have this thinking of like money tomorrow is more valuable than money in one year five years whatever right but then like they were thinking so macro about advancing the possibility of humanity using technology like they were interested in um shaping up the world right like it was just another level of thinking in the leadership and in the dream right like it's more than the money so i was super stoked by that and i really truly enjoy um this feeling of everything is possible with the you know power of technology so that really triggered me and impl implanted this idea of i'm really interested in my contribution to the humanity so i really wanted to know what that is what what's that mean for me to be a leader who understands how i can contribute um in humanity like the advancement of humanity so that was basically the beginning of the idea of life up education tv uh so after after school i decided to uh so i was getting a little bit bored right i i needed that struggle once again like i needed to be in a place where i didn't know nobody like you know i didn't even like you like a challenge like super you know super crazy position so i needed to be there so at that time i kind of decided to move it to florida miami because i always loved the weather and loved everything about it so i thought might as well like let's do it and i struggled a lot actually it came down a lot harder than i thought i expected because once again like my resource so to speak was really limited like it was not logically it didn't logically make sense for me to make that move i still did it anyways right but um eventually i managed to had this position as basically like a business consultant or i guess business marketer in this consulting company and then i was working there and actually last year i'm kind of just like making it like super compact but last year i decided to come back to japan was another move once again and that was mainly because olympic was happening and i was just like really excited about how much expansion japan will make given this you know global um economic integration everything now japan finally is kind of participating with with this events coming up olympics right like we're gonna have lots more foreigners and i've actually started looking at some studies around economical impact of olympics and then it seemed like it lasts for more than five years even 10 years some country lasted for more than 10 years like in a real term so it got me really excited about that so i basically i was doing something similar already with my previous company so i thought my mind as well i would make my own thing and i i'll call it 40 connect so that i can connect you know different markets and then basically help that's my strengths so so um yeah that's who i am wow i mean that's oh my god that's so amazing and i definitely i definitely give you a lot of praise too i've had personally i've had anxiety really hold me back in certain situations and for you to just go all the way from japan to the states and then to another state within the states and then back to japan that's just like so impressive i don't think people especially p you know some people that where english is their main language i don't think they really get how difficult it is to learn english and especially if they were to do the same thing to go all the way to japan and try to learn japanese it's like it's not a walk in the park you know so that's like so that's definitely some huge um accomplishments and definitely some milestones and hurdles that you've overcome and you're successful with it which is awesome thank you well actually i feel like i struggled more when i started business like that was harder thing to do but yeah moving abroad was i think i think a more uh international person just by nature like i connect with people very well i understand i have a capability of understanding different cultures develop empathy to things that's different from me right so that's kind of like within my strengths so i didn't have to uh struggle too much but i i think i struggled more when i had to face with myself a lot uh when i was building my business and actually i am still right like today every day is struggle but you know it's good well yeah with the pandemic too that definitely doesn't help with it makes the struggles even more struggling

but um but yes so you did mention life up education tv and foreign connect um how long have you been doing those like how long when did that start all right so actually it's been so i i already had the idea but at that time i was running another online business so i didn't necessarily pay too much attention on it but i already had the platform and it was 2000 um well 2019 may or something like that was when i first like created my website and everything like that but when i like first really started paying more attention to it was when i stopped that online business and then um basically i wanted to create a shift in to the direction of what i wanted to do and you know at that time i was doing a clothing company okay but i thought um i mean i'm still having it but i thought like media right like media was what i really meant to do so i started really paying attention to it from probably like probably like a year ago like a may or something okay yeah yeah i mean personally it's funny that you say that because i think about how i've went to school for certain things and i've had a couple online businesses myself and i still run things on the side but i it's funny that we we start a bunch of different things um because i'm the type of person too i like to stay busy i like to do new things and stuff but i knew in my heart in the back of my head i always wanted to be an author but for some reason i'd always push that to the side i put my energy and all these other things and then yeah eventually you do get to the point where you're like okay this is my calling this is my passion i need to actually run with this even though it could definitely be a scary journey but it's worth it once you do it and actually like now we came back like actually i used to kept this like all the diary and everything or vlogging and stuff like that yeah when i was little like when i was younger like really younger um i liked it like i liked the writing stuff and then um people actually appreciated my blog like i i had quite uh good viewers i mean this was like beginning of the internet era right yeah um but people like visited my blog and everything so i think yeah like you said like it was kind of in me i kind of knew it that i had to do it but like you said like i kind of caught up in my like a daily life and yeah i got a little bit delayed but now you know now is what matters so we're good and speaking of we have your book um yeah the game of self-domination so what which by the way i'm gonna order i'll probably order after this no problem i like to i feel like i mean i put so i don't have a book out yet i am working on one finally finally gonna finish one um and i just know how important it is for writers to get that support we need to sell as many copies as we can and you know so i get it um what is your book about yeah so my book is about how to create mental transformation in three different phases okay like just like for me like it took me a while like when i first really made that shift right like i i think i'm negatively uh well like i said like i'm i'm definitely more courageous person um comparing to on average people yeah but you know it's change is scary right like shift is any shift is scary so i really wanted to get the bottom of it like why what's the process of someone who's committing to like you know uh i guess going through with the decision and then i kind of came down to this conclusion it requires three different phases so i'm gonna tell you one by one the first things i i talk about how to create commitment in life like how can one decide from like i'm not sure to like yeah let's [ __ ] do it right like i'm gonna own everything that comes with it like i'm actually really excited about all the challenges and adversities that i'm gonna probably face but i'm gonna grow from it right like and i i'll basically like give you different angles to look at things i would even give you a little bit of exercises that you can do on yourself to really get to the bottom of what you want because i guess that comes to the second phase where i start talking about the importance of self-awareness i talk about perseverance right like the importance of perseverance because um well so to speak committing to a decision is easier like it's all about emotion it's all about momentum like you have to just hit to some sort of emotion that moves you dramatically and just makes you commit uh so that's the first phase but then uh the second phase once again is slightly more important because a lot of people fail um probably okay so let's say uh ninety percent of people um successfully well ninety percent of the people who read my book for example right uh let's just say right this is not actual fact but

the reason i say this is because i'm practical i like to stay practical that's why i say that because it's not because it's my fault that people don't commit it's just people are scared right so even if i tell something i mean reality some people will not change some people will not do that right so anyway uh so let's say 90 percent of people commit so 10 10 10 fail at that point but the second phase is what determines like how many people actually go through right which is perseverance like how how comfortable can you be when you face a lot of challenges when you face uh struggles right so i will start talking about that and along with the importance of self-awareness because um here i guess one part of the thing i talk about is definition of success and happiness and then there's a lot of talk around let's redefine the definition of failure but there's not much talk around happiness and success in that nature so i wanted to really talk about that and it's very subjective to individuals but people kind of outsource that answer to what they usually consume right and then they do that subconsciously they don't even realize it they do that um so we would have really deep conversation about who you're about what you're about when are you happy what do you really want and like [ __ ] everything else like you know like other people's life have nothing to do with yours like you have to know you have to know what you want what you are about and i guess i borrow this is something i say in literally every single podcast i've been on uh but i'm gonna repeat it because i think it's important um i borrowed this quote from ancient greek philosopher aristotle's where he says happiness is a virtue activities of the soul so meaning that we are driven by two different motivations one is threat one is new word right and we often see them in the opposite side of the spectrum right here right knee word and uh threat but in reality uh threat sorry threat and new word only exist in the extension of each other well more correctly new word only exists in the extension of threat because only by overcoming your adversities you are now able to meet your true virtue through capability to like true self and that's the ultimate happiness so by saying happiness is virtual activities of the soul your virtues are tested through the journey you go through and in the end of the journey now you're finally collectively acquiring and becoming who you truly are so these opportunities are the sequence of events that are opportunity for you to become who you really are if you decide on the correct direction to move forward too right and then you can [ __ ] up any time like you you don't have to blame yourself for [ __ ] it up like [ __ ] up on choosing the right path you can like start all over again anytime anytime as many times as it takes the most important thing is you're not going to give up on yourself right so this is why part of the reason i um i named my book the game because you know life is not that serious like it's a game you can if you [ __ ] it up you can start over game if you [ __ ] it up you can start over again like don't bully yourself blame yourself to the point where you say no i'm so worthless i i'm like you know i can do this right like you know you cannot judge yourself for being that way right you just have to pick your [ __ ] up and then keep moving like so that's the point of perseverance i guess and then moving to the third phase i guess it's kind of connected to um the second phase that we just discussed i start talking about life in a macro sense and life in a more i guess micro and practical sense and there's definitely difference in in these two concepts but when we look at life in the frame of universe like in the frame of not in an individual like a daily life scale but in the scale of you know universal time in the state of like us just being in this tiny portion of the entire humanity like existence of humanity like we our life in a this this sounds kind of wrong when i say it but it makes sense like our life don't mean but that's that's not to say that like so so you don't have to do anything but this is to say that remember that whatever you do gotta make you happy at the end of the day right um and this is why i also still talk about the balance between practicality which is like your daily right like your daily ambition that actually makes you keep going versus the macro sense of life and then for me for example like honestly i kind of know suspect that there's no purpose in my life right in a like a very big picture i that's what i think but the purpose of life i think is to live it totally to live in the ultimate sense for me that's specific to me for me to do that i want to create the world i want to i want to i guess i want to spread the message of positivity i want to spread the message of empathy i want to spread the message of love why because through doing that by doing that i can create opportunity for creating effects on others like these are the emotions and feelings that all beings all living beings including animals including human like all beings need in order for them to strive right like love and inspiration these are the feeling that we all need to strive in our life so for me what i can do is what i think i can do for my best and that's it i don't have the ego of i have to be the best at it like i have to be always correct i have to be like the smartest one like i don't have that ego what i have is i just want to do i i just want to play my part of contributing as far as i can um to in the way i can to the humanity through spreading the message of love through the spreading the message of inspiration possibility and in the macro that's what drives us as a humanity to progress make a progress to the next generation yeah that is oh my god i can't wait to read this i i definitely love that process there's a lot of things you said too that i definitely agree with too and i think we we as human beings we are capable of so much and more than we even imagined sometimes at least for some people i think some i know i've been in these phases too when i've been going through depression and stuff where and i just think about other people where they are in their daily lives and they feel like they need to just keep doing the daily grind they don't love it though they they like completely hate their lives but they feel like they need to stay in this cycle and it's like you're not living anymore you're just existing mm-hmm and i i understand that too like it's also practicality and our thinker right so to speak our thinker try to attach meaning to everything right and then that's basically the function um that we have for survival but for me i guess i i used to be the same way like especially when i first started building my business and everything like i i never went out like i always felt guilty if i went out or like if i if i was spending any time not working i felt extremely guilty and i didn't do that but one day i noticed like why am i waiting to be happy like what am i waiting for right and from that point i kind of decided that because i come from like such a grateful place where i'm already happy just by being able to exist in this world like that's a like probably the craziest chance i've ever had in my life like i don't necessarily feel like wanna waste time feeling bad about uh well blaming my myself and like all that i think uh because i learned how to kind of come from this like very positive place and very aware place um i think i kind of learned not to have any my any of my happiness of hostage and this was actually big moments because when you're ambitious like me or like you like it's kind of hard it could be kind of hard for people to um not grind right like they they blame on themselves yeah so it was actually yeah one of the big i guess aha moment for me so that's why i wanted to share yeah no it's awesome we do have to take a quick commercial break so we we will be right back and we are back so before we get into more of today's topics that we wanted to get into i just wanted to ask you quick um you mentioned about a giveaway for your book that people could earn a copy for free so how do we do that yeah so you can uh what you can do is actually there's a page in a website it i think it's called actually i'm going to give it to you the links and then people can go to it and in order for someone to get the book you um you um you i want you to follow me on all my social and then i want you to just leave me the view and i will give you send you the um code oh awesome okay maybe i was gonna say maybe i'll do that for me but no i'll actually buy it yeah so just just uh just another side information this one is for um ebook you can definitely from epub pdf or uh mobi file okay cool yeah i'm a i'm a book holder anyway so do you do you like hard copy or do you like ebook personally and this could just be for me i i weirdly like the book version like the hard copy i think because so i've gone all the way up to going for my master's in school and in psychology and with oh there's just so much reading and a lot of it with online reading and reading about certain experiments so looking at a screen i start getting headaches when i look at it for too long and i'm like so i i like going back to a book and feeling like nostalgic yeah no i i totally get it too i i i do both um but yeah i'm also a hardcopy person i get i definitely get the appeal of the e-book but yeah that's just me

um and then yeah speaking of because you said follow you on your social medias what are those there's gonna be links to in the description but yeah if you wanted to say what they were yeah so my social media my my name is always life of education tv you can find me on tik tok instagram youtube uh facebook twitter and linkedin awesome awesome awesome all right so let's look at there was a lot of topics and they are really exciting so we we're gonna get into how everything is your fault when you are a true owner in your life and how that actually creates peace of mind looking at your future and how to own rejections and failure i want to say you were starting to touch a little bit on this um earlier in the episode but yeah let's definitely get into it so yeah i'll let you start so let's let's talk about how everything is your fault and you can actually have a piece to it when you are able to accept it right so you know i i heard this very interesting thing from from someone other than actually uh you know people people well i guess it's connected to people hate taking brain right like people hate uh taking accountability on their actions and responsibility on their actions um and actually ultimately that makes them miserable because you feel like you have no control on things right so that's one part of it and then another part of it is like if you really want to win like for me like for example humanity is a big theme that i i feel very passionate about um and just really like livings right like i mean lately i watch some videos on like you know shelter dogs and everything and it just like makes me really just like you know this is just one of the thing that you just feel really attached to um just by not naturally but the same thing like you can't you can't love something when it's doing your favor like you have to love it when it's not doing you for favor like entrepreneurship humanity anything people like it when it works in your favor people don't like it when it doesn't work in your favor but like entrepreneurship business like management humanity capitalism anything it doesn't work like that like it's just gonna be how it's gonna be and you're not the center of it so you have to learn how to take a brain how to like it throughout all all the processes it's just part of your journey and i think a lot of people try to find the reason to bring things not to be accountable for what is actually going on right now and then that really just killed himself right in reality they have 100 control like if something happens even if it's unfair even if it's not your fault by the time you finish screaming how unfair your life is you lose so you have to learn how to just be like okay well this is [ __ ] but i'm just gonna you know i'm just gonna stay practical i i cannot run away from it yeah i mean that's definitely true and unfortunately a lot of people have felt like it was too much that that too much was their fault and when you know certain things are out of our control too but you know we i i do think we do tend to put a lot on our shoulders that everything can be our fault and then like you said it ends up leading to um self-harm or suicide and um i think yeah no go ahead no the the part of the reason i said it is because well actually i i didn't really have the intention of like touching on this like really heavy topics i'm sorry but one thing i would say is i like anything productive right like i like to say productivity um and i mean i'm really old about that like if something doesn't produce like it i don't see value in it like that's just how i am and in terms of productivity when we speak about productivity your cynicism your like dramatic emotion negative emotion like those things won't create anything for you you know what i mean like you gotta if you want to produce you have to stop being so [ __ ] about it like you have to like keep going like i come across like really hard you know you know tough person but i'm very i can be very bubbly i just like say stuff in this way because it resonates with me it it ideas to tough love the best so that's why i gotcha yeah certain language right yeah no you're good i don't try to read it i'm not trying to read it oh no no i get that and yeah people people are definitely they respond in different ways like like you said you're a whole tough love approach on other people it doesn't that doesn't work for them as much um i i feel like with tough love it is important like even if you're not someone that is like oh that doesn't work for me there are moments in life where like you just need to and like excuse my language but you just need to wake the [ __ ] up in certain moments where it's like because time time isn't stopping like i know i've been in certain personal issues where for example like a really bad breakup i'll just say for example where after like a year of a breakup i had in my life i still was wallowing in that sorrow and it's like time is not freezing for that no like we're wasting time over doing stuff like that and like there's no value in doing that at least for that long especially like i think it's important to mourn over certain things but yeah like it's so crazy to think about this but you know like it's so crazy like your life everything you've built today right like it can die tomorrow like you can wake up and you can lose everything that you have right now like it's just so crazy and when you have the perspective like you just like you have to stay ready you know like i mean bitching and whining about how unfair it is that you lost everything overnight won't produce anything if you have the time to whine like you gotta keep going to make more that is such a good tough love quote

i just picture someone like not to like lightheart this or anything but like someone's house catches on fire and it's like no you need to keep going no but i i think um yeah but i i think yeah our in certain situations where we feel like we lose a lot or we lose everything our emotions at least for a lot of people i've seen our emotions do tend to kind of um overwhelm us control us to where yeah it's harder to think logically or practical because right now you're in the moment like oh my god yeah i lost everything when yeah but this is why like i i'm really big on like productivity right like you know i guess going back to what we discussed earlier like i i have a perspective on macro sense and i have a perspective i i use the language that as i said you know daily uh practicality when i describe micro view um and i intend intentionally use that word because i have a perspective on macro view but as much as i have that i also pull from the opposite direction like practicality so i'm not all about i couldn't just be happy like everything is okay like i'm not all about that i like i actually like productivity i actually like to produce something like i actually i actually have this ambition to want to produce something even if i know my life doesn't mean anything i actually have this ambition to want to deliver and maximize any output that i can come out from this life right so i'm really obsessed with the topic of productivity that's why i guess you know when we talk about just perspective of pure productivity um you know i i understand that there's like consequences and situations but uh but after all like when we focus on productivity this emotion won't do good for you you know yeah no and i agree with that i like that you said that too and that because productivity is really important and it's what keeps the world going and i and when you said the um be happy thing that is such a good point you know we see quotes flying around everywhere that's like be happy or this and that but then it's one thing to read those things or to like post about those things but then when you're not actually putting the action behind the words and creating the action to make yourself happier like then it's kind of like you're just yeah and like yeah to your point i think it's it they don't have to exist in the opposite side like once again coming back to you know like everything kind of have a balance in its place and everything like that like it's really depending on how you see it and actually i had a really crazy idea the other day like you know we have words words create definition so meaning words create boundary for our mean intention of what we want to describe right but imagine just for a second like if there's no word to describe anything let's say that we don't have a word to communicate then everything is concept there's no boundary there's no definition for anything and then that gets a little you know one side to the other side actually everything is kind of interconnected you know what i mean yeah and then when we think about that you know it's so crazy because nothing is definitely in life you know like everything is always kind of requires different balance you know some some balance requires like for example you know macro micro like some sometimes it requires this much of macro view this much of micro sometimes it's like vice versa like you know like so everything there's no definite um thing and then our brain we like to automate everything right that's always just like and we love yeah we love to think that way and think like things can't change for the worse but they can and then i think because we're thinking that oh this can't happen to us but then something really bad does happen to us i think that's why sometimes we kind of fall into this highly emotional reaction to it just for the audience yeah how would um how should they own rejections and failure in your mind so for me you know earlier today actually i had a very similar thought about about this topic very specific topic uh so i'm glad that you brought it up but you know i noticed that if i'm liked i'm like if i'm disliked i'm disliked and i can't change it like i have no interest in convincing others to like me you know like i'll just do my thing and i think it's actually energy wasted i mean if you're a nice person if you're a kind person if you're doing things for the good cause good purpose you'll win at the end of the day like you don't have to spend you're wasting wasting energy on convincing others to believing in the same thing you believe like if you are good you're gonna be late if you're not good you're not gonna be liked like i'm not interested in convincing people to think that what i produce or what i create is good like if it's good people should think it's good if it's [ __ ] people should think it's [ __ ] and that way i can grow more i can understand the feedback i can like so to your point like i think it's pointless to spend time trying to convince others but instead you need to focus on your groups yes ego will make you lose like number one factor that makes you lose is your ego especially in the business if you have an ego to a high ego that you can't change that's what how you're gonna lose you have to be always ready to change i feel yeah that is so important to say i really hope like businessmen are listening or like ceos of companies or something eventually because yeah that is so important i feel like an ego alone could really um hurt a business i just i think i i used to be a manager in companies and how that um how certain egos definitely would um affect the productivity and just affect like workers morale and stuff like that right and then i guess come yeah once again back to the previous point the productivity right like i think that's the point of having high in emotional intelligence like when you have too high of an ego like ego comes from emotion right ego comes from you protecting your identity of how important you think you are yeah or how important you think other people are looking at you but that's still your assumption that's still your perception you're scared you're insecure um but so my point here is that ego is still very i guess core will be very human the emotion and then when you want to play in the market like you can't do things out of emotion like that's why it's required from it's required like it's a macro sense like you still have to be you know good good person you still have to be happy like all these things but once again practicality you always have to um keep that practicality in your mind otherwise you you'll lose i think we somewhere we talked we mentioned about some something like we we see happiness and productivity in the separation right but they don't have to be separated once again there's no definite uh meaning to words words are what we created but they if if there's no word in the way we communicate in today's world just think about it it's so crazy like we we make we come up with definition of things and then we basically uh see oh i guess we create definition for concepts but in the id if there's no word which is human technology humanity-made technology without that actually the nature don't necessarily have meaning without word everything is concept so with that being said i don't necessarily think happiness disrupts productivity if anything actually they uh compromise each other and i guess coming back to one of the points of my book i talk about the power of positive psychology and actually this is very true because you know i don't celebrate anything like i have small successes every day and i do recognize them but i don't celebrate any small or big success in that matter because i'm already like really happy and really thankful that i can just exist like this is once again it's so crazy that i exist so for me they don't necessarily interrupt each other but because i have this very strong awareness and consciousness about how crazy it is that i can exist in this world that makes me really happy that i don't employ too much negativity i don't carry not almost non-negativity in daily life i don't see the struggles to that dramatically and then that that helps me being very practical because i don't dwell on the emotions but instead i'm always focusing on let's produce let's produce i'm happy like i i'm good i still have my arm i still have my legs i can still read i can still speak like i have everything i need to succeed let's go right so i think they kind of coexist with each other i i guess they don't exist each other according to each other but definition is what we come up with and there's a way for those two things to compromise each other yeah personally i'm i am more of an emotional person over the practical but i definitely agree with a lot of what you have to say and i definitely can understand um that mindset as well but yeah we're gonna take another quick commercial break so we will be right back and we are back so we had we had at least one more thing to get into and that was how to find your own truth when people are against you which i think another very important topic for people to learn more about yeah let's dig into it like honestly i have many answers that i can give you um at this point but one one thing that comes to my mind for some reason right now very strongly is the moments when i noticed that like you know i was having lots of self-doubts uh you know nothing was happening to me like you know it seemed like i was working really hard but you know nothing was really coming to the conclusion or coming to any shape making any shape and you know people i i also kind of cared about what people thought about me uh you know me over here being broke like super working working crazy hours and then on the other hand like people with like more chill life around the same age you know like the same story but at the time like i did i said well but look like am i just gonna agree with them that i'm a complete loser like i'm just gonna say that yeah like this [ __ ] didn't work and i'm just gonna join them like is that the kind of degree of commitment that i make you know like if you if you're doubting now like why did you even start you know so for me that thinking really uh brings me brings me back to where i need to be real quick when i ask me myself that question um so yeah i mean yeah i i feel like it's just i think that's just an important thing to know um i think about like going through high school and stuff and i i was a very insecure individual and just i mean i graduated high school like about 10 years ago and so just completely different person i feel like if anything i change every year let alone every 10 years like you know we're just completely different people so i i just think about how i didn't even really i feel like i almost didn't even really know my identity because you know i went through bullying and stuff and i think people's opinions on me and their thoughts were starting to become i was starting to let those things become who i really was even though it wasn't um and i really did have to um discover who i really was and that truth and just um and that's why in general with this whole interview i like how you are so like more on the practical side because that's something i needed back then and that tough love because it's just when you're in like a certain mindset um that is a little bit more on the emotional driven side you can i think it's easier to lose yourself i think like i fascinate about like coming from nothing and building everything because it's so strong it's so powerful like yeah when you have all the resources when you're given everything like it's so easier well it's much easier to create everything right like when you come from like [ __ ] place have nothing like you eat [ __ ] like and you have to like become stronger to build something i mean that's exciting to me like that excites me more than the perfect story without any flaw without any ugliness right definitely like you know someone said inspiration is when someone talks about you and someone goes wow i can't do that and somehow like for some reason that stuck with me a lot and i think that's true like inspiration is looking at someone or something and just fascinated about like how strong this person is and that doesn't come from the fact that this person is perfect that doesn't come from the fact that this person doesn't have any flaw it comes from the fact that this person regardless of the flaw regardless of the disadvantage regardless of how damaged this person is he or she is still willing to stand back up right like that's inspirational that's so strong that's so powerful beautiful and when i follow that well i guess because i have this fascination about that narration more than obsessing over perfection like you know rejections and all the ugliness that comes with the journey i see them as the opportunity for me to be stronger like i'm actu if anything i'm thankful that i'm actually becoming in a true sense more capable like i'm not gonna i don't want to pretend or i guess i don't want to be given i want to earn you know and i think in the end of the day once again happiness is virtual activities of the soul those challenges make you stronger and really allow you to become who you are who you mean to be so when you look at the rejections when you look at these um hardships i kind of think that instead of looking at them as something i have to overcome something negative i see them as opportunity that i'm excited about going through i mean yeah i get excited about that i don't yeah i mean i totally agree too i had i mean i grew up quite poor um growing up and i just i thought of a question too what do you i was gonna say what do you think or why do you think people who do receive um those resources and they're kind of given a lot growing up or they're just more um you know a little bit more privilege like they kind of just had um better cards dealt to them growing up why do you think some of those people um end up you know because some of those people end up failing or they get into certain addictions or they end up falling like why do you think that happens because i think it's when i talk about my fascination i don't think it's only limited to me i think it it's very commonly for others as well like we want something real we want something that that's real and real satisfy us real fulfills us like when i mean especially i wouldn't say especially but you know people are superficial right people are superficial that's because we're insecure right but opposite of superficial superficiality or super being superficial opposite of being superficial is being real and like when when we are when we are real like we really in a true sense we stop caring about like superficial comes from the measure of success according to someone else not according to you but real comes from the really important definition of happiness and success comes from like your your true term right so when you are able to really unlock that like with i guess borrowing from um a word that i use in my book like you're aligned with your goal your mission like who you want to be when you align yourself with your direction that makes you more fulfilled you're you're being real to who you are instead of being superficial so basically going after and achieving the goals that's set by others i mean i have lots of different answers but i think that's for the one of the most easy and you know obvious answer yeah i mean i get that too i think when you're talking about people being superficial too because you mentioned you have um your show as a tick tock account like i think a tick tock there's just so many different users on there and you see kind of like the average user but then you definitely see a lot of users where their lives kind of look like romanticized because maybe they were like more fortunate it looks like oh i want that life um but there's obviously but see like i think another thing i think we are both victim of this uh not big i'm sorry um guilty of this okay yeah we we were born in very fortunate countries right like we in the true sense we never really suffered that is a really good point yeah yeah like you know it's it's ego game right like i mean so what like those people you're mentioning what are their points like what what does it have to do with me like true yeah are they like just trying to tell you that they're better and you're not like like what's their ultimate purpose of making that content so that you can show off how fortunate you are and others are not like what's the point like that's that's not the winning game that's a good game it doesn't matter yeah it really doesn't matter like i mean your life has nothing to do with mine what am i looking at like you know like something real is something beyond that something real is beyond perfection like beyond being perfect beyond being pretty beyond being whatever right because once again like that's an ego game that has nothing to that doesn't have any value in other people like you're smart you're pretty you're whatever so like what does it what value does it bring to others you know and i think in a sense you know when you have when you have these things i guess when you have the prettiness when you have the you know expensive car whatever that you want to show off that's basically how they're familiar with how um you know coming from their parents and everything like how they want to show off their value how important they are once again it comes kind of comes from the security insecurity of not having the opportunity to truly appreciate the realness of life but you know they just have to show what they have and the otherness is absent so what they can show is is that

um but yeah people want something real so and then come back to their new point why they want a real that's because you know your uh superficial perfection doesn't bring anybody to other people don't watch it yeah and you're and i totally agree with that too um yeah did you have any final thoughts before we close up no i think we covered everything yeah all right well then i want to say i definitely want to thank you for being on the show today and i want to thank today's sponsor and i want to thank um sapphire does the intro and outro music for seasons 2 episodes and i want to thank each and every one of you guys out there for watching and for listening and supporting and sharing and all that good stuff so i hope everyone has a super special awesome day and bye

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