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I am a host of life of education TV and life of education TV is a show where I interview high achievers and people with inspirational stories right so and I know that your story and actually as I was writing your story as a guest it was a lot of fun to write and I didn't struggle at all because you're a super interesting person probably like the most interesting person that I know what let me fix my hair what you say that okay so can I can I kind of share what I wrote for you okay yeah so I said welcome everybody today's guest is a Swedish serial entrepreneur who made it sorry what was i oh okay it goes today's guest is a Swedish serial entrepreneur who moves to Shanghai and came to Japan studied acting while modeling started his own company as a foreigner living in Tokyo worked with numbers of highly respected a big brands including multinational corporations Toyota and Tokyo Japanese exchange in so many more friends yeah I think I think you're writing a little bit too much about me I mean that's very sweet of you this is so little of you like there's just so much goes into who you are I just kind of had to like rush in until I could write everything but if I actually spend like a lot of you know solid time trying to write about you I I can promise I can make like a movie out of it but yeah what that being said you're a very interesting person yeah I think I wanted to interview you on the show because one of the big may I guess one of the major message I sent out with the knife up education TV is being courageous in life right and you are very courageous in life so I wanted to kind of pick up your brain and you know teach that to everybody else make it available to everybody else yeah yeah thanks I got shy now so it's gonna be very cultural because me and you are like best friends so I didn't particularly prepare any any kinds of questions and any questions but security because I wanted to kind of you know make make it more conversational alright yeah so let's let's talk about you okay let's talk about you know what can I introduce you as well yeah okay let me introduce you so this is my best friend Nana she is by far one of the most energetic people I know she has you know every time I've ever been in trouble she's always come to my aid she has created you know several businesses already you know with an online shop with billion-dollar baby store life up exactly and also not only that I mean you just wrote a book and you just finish that so this is I mean who does that I mean who does that who writes a book and who writes 450 pages you see people do that that's what amazing people do so I learned a lot yeah so I was really impressed by everything you've done okay so I want to talk about you today okay okay okay so well give us a little bit of background I mean I know you very much because you know your best friend but I never really heard the entire story of of you really like you you talk to me like your narrator you pick up story from me okay yeah so can you tell me the entire story of your nice story okay well I started at the end of the world basically Sweden Gothenburg so this is like place that is super remote like I mean far away from everything that anybody on this side of the planet would ever imagine you know like it's very far away and it's a small place and it's a place where everybody knows everybody it's a place where you grow up you know who lives in this building who lives in that building you know it was the richest guy in the city you know who's the poorest guys in in the city and I started maybe working a bit like a little bit young cuz I was always curious about money I was always curious about doing things etc and that kind of led me to kind of like okay well I like working I like doing things I like exploring and I think this is the basic like human thing which is curiosity and exploring your curiosity and I think everybody has that everybody wakes up one day and they're like curious about something new they get bored of something old very fast and then they want to do new things you know there and the same was I but since Gothenburg then I moved to China and I studied there I studied acting in theatre etc at the same time I studied like the like University economics and stuff like that on the online Swedish university system so that was kind of interesting and then after China and I think this is where like I'm gonna tell you one thing where where I did not you know where I I was not brave and it was actually there's this character this famous person called James Bond right and Craig Daniel the actor Craig Daniel had had just become James Bond and he came out in an interview and he said it took me 15 years to make it in the acting industry and at that point I was like whoa I have to be broke and starving for 15 years until I make it into acting you know but before I could me and that's what he explained that it was and at that point I was like ah man I gotta innovate I got to do something different I like acting I like storytelling I like doing all that stuff so I moved to Japan and I started studying uh

well more theater here as well as I started modeling and then at that point I was like okay well you know maybe I don't have to be broken act maybe I can do it differently maybe I can you know find a way maybe you know I can do it just differently maybe it won't be as fast as quick Daniel did sure it took him 15 years still but you know like still he's one of the most famous actors in the world right so I said to myself okay well why don't I open something that has to do with what I love where I first started I started making a photo studio and I started doing a photo studio I got more and more interested and I was like okay well this is very interesting and then I started doing I started making videos I started working in an advertisement agency and then when I learned everything when I when I realized everything I met one of the best guys I've ever met my entire life which was my business partner who's his name's I'm Conor Solomon which he met and Conor then said you know let's do this together let's do it let's start an advertisement agency and then we did and now four years down the road I can start acting again yeah it's pretty cool yeah because I remember you also told me about um having the events company you know that was the one with the very early Fincher of yours right can you also oh so when I was in Sweden I showed my first company when I was 17 it was basically with my brothers and I said you know we needed ways to make money and and and I I was bored of this you know working at some cafe McDonald's whatever it was making like 10 bucks an hour and I think these ideas basically come from my older brother I was lucky I had an older brother who my brother Carl who was extremely let's do it let's do it us and let's do it together you know so what we did we went to all the concerts and all the arenas in all of Scandinavia I went to Oslo we went to Gothenburg went to Stockholm and we kind of contracted with them outside and then we started selling Coca Cola earplugs hot dogs anything anything like you know even football t-shirts on football tournaments whatever and people who came to these concert it's like just like yo guys you want to buy something got some hey you know that kind of casualty and they and they just loved it and they just bought from us so after six years I was basically like number one in all of Scandinavia I had 90% of the market yeah which is pretty cool I took six years but you know and there was a lot of people to compete out so so I know - because I wanted to make a follow up questions right so okay you mentioned a few things that triggered my interest one of one of them is when you talk about curiosity so you said that everybody has curiosity and I agree but how why do you think so many people are scared right like their their fear always wins over curiosity so many people this is a way usually but what what do you think about you um makes your curiosity wins over the fear why are you so adventurous how can everybody become like you so in in my case it was a you know I think it was desperation that pushed my curiosity I was always in a situation which was like okay well [ __ ] the world just fell apart and I gotta do something you know yeah and then I was like okay well let's look at a million options and then yeah let's just do it half a million options and let's see what works and then I kept all of these works go for it and I and I think that this this kind of comes but but it's not necessarily it that's not necessary though I think it's a lot of mindset and I think it's a lot of blocking so when we're kids when we're when we're growing up you grow up and you're told no your whole life basically this is from your parents trying to protect you when you say when you try to you know grab a cookie or try to drink chocolate or whatever it is or you know like walking on a table or you know climbing around the house or whatever it is your parents gonna come up to you and say no and this basically blocks your mind it blocks your mind a lot so a lot of people they have a lot of blockage blocks mind blocks re in their mind and I was lucky because I studied theater and theater what you do the first thing you do is to unblock this like so for example in theater you can't say no you can only say yes but also when somebody in theater when they give you something or or hand you something and tells you this is a fork you can't say no no no this is not a fork it's a spoon you can't say that if it is a spoon you got to make it into a fork so these kind of this kind of thinking unblock your mind a lot and since I practiced it a lot this always took me to places where you know I always had no objections to try something I could always try something there was nothing that ever held me back from trying something whatever it was you know I was just okay well let's try it let's see where it goes let's find out more information about it and if you have these blocks in your mind people don't they don't move on them you know like they oh wow yeah well maybe this will happen or maybe that will happen or maybe to be a negative income so outcomes so yeah and I think that's also I very much agree with you and I think that's wait I forgot what it's move on okay so next one no come on

so another thing I that triggered my interest as you were speaking was the setting skill so you you seem to be like very good salesman and you started sending out the baby 38 you know what do you think what is your definition upstairs like what do you think are the qualities that makes a Salesman a good salesman sales is only one thing and it's making belief that's what it is if you believe it in something people believe you if you don't believe in it people not gonna believe you and says it's all make-believe like 100 percent like if you believe it in something you will buy it and if you don't believe in it you won't so whoever you know if somebody tries to sell to you and he's really good at you know getting you to believe in and what he's selling and then he needs the last thing which is Annie you know he needs to have a need for it you know so you will buy that's it simple I want to dig a little bit deeper into that so you said that you were selling you know good did you make that to your events right yes but then when it comes to some more stuff like this it's kind of hard to make a belief like what do you mean by that and in terms of whatever you were selling okay so listen to this I was selling earplugs at concerts and the first thing people would tell me it's like why would I ever need earplugs hey stupid your idiot you go home you know and it sounds stupid right but then you have to make people believe that this is the is what they need so I go like but yo what if you end up right next to a mega speaker that [ __ ] you up make your head ring for like a week you know or whatever you know like say things you know and what you know what if you want to rest yourself you know like it's a hundred and twenty decibels in there which is like an airplane you know the sound loudness of an airplane and you go like well what if you want to rest your ears like five minutes just grab you know like grab some earplugs and that didn't work you know people like yeah but it's still earplugs you know so we had to innovate so we started calling it party plugs you know and when we started calling it party plugs people just like okay well it's party and it's ear plugs fine bad sound and whatever you said sure you know you have a point but let's see what happens I'll grab a few so that's kind of how it works for me and this is about one of the really most simple ideas of making people believe in what you say you know you you know you you have to find you know a reason for people to to buy something from you when you find it you just you just apply that okay next one yeah so you said that you are working on the concert event company oh yeah good sending company for six or seven years right and at the such a young age like I wasn't persistent as you were when I was teenager I was just like [ __ ] around so this makes me very curious at the such a early age because resilience as a concept is something that we have to learn over time right yes as more experience comes up like available but then you were already pretty existence in that sense like what do you think made you to be very persistent Obert I have to tell you when I was young I was really money horny like really like I have so money horny like I saw money and I was like oh my god I got a hard-on [ __ ] I gotta take part of this stuff and yeah that's kinda like you know when when you had more like so let's say I you know I would I was in high school right like workman like this was junior high school and I was in high school and then all of a sudden when you you have enough money to like buy a car when you can't even drive one you know you have enough money to go to every party you have enough money to party every weekend you have enough money to do this and that you know whatever it was for me I like that you know I I had an apartment to live in before anybody in my class you know like anybody my school and I kind of fell in love with that lifestyle I'd say and then I kind of like okay well I wanted to be you know and I I think I also saw this this this was one aspect and then the other one was I was a little bit invincible when I was younger I was really really invincible I had a super invincible mindset where I said to myself you know I'm gonna be the greatest you know I'm gonna be the best I'm gonna be the greatest I'm we gonna do the most that anybody has ever done let's do it I'm gonna beat all my town like whatever it was and when you have that you take massive action and that's what I did I just took massive action to the belief that that would just take me somewhere where I wanted to go and it did you know it totally did and now I feel great right but how like a lot of people in creating myself like a lot of times I hear this voice in my head to ask me like is this really gonna work like what if I [ __ ] up and I do is everything like how do you fight against that boys like what would you do if you were right but then you are you were very early you don't you don't know like any better and then this fear looks just so exaggerated it's always gonna work it's never not gonna work no cuz it's a fact it is a fact it always works it never doesn't work not one time in my life has I haven't ever done something and I didn't get something out of it not once I've always got something out of it maybe it wasn't what I wanted maybe it wasn't what I expected but it did take me somewhere else where I wanted to go so I mean if you a lot of people have this failure you know like oh well i'll fail and this and that but that's a lie you know you don't fail it's it's you never fail you just you just move on you go somewhere else and

and it's a part of it and if you I used to call it high-rolling or or you know bawling or whatever you want to call it you know and that's basically the idea just moving forward and doing what you you know like doing something that you like and if you can't find a value that says like okay well I like doing this and that in itself has value to me then I mean then you're not doing something that you like but even though you're not doing something that you like you still learn something new so you're not failing either way but if you're doing something that you like even though it's not making any money right now I mean how is that a fail like you just spend some time doing something that you like I mean how is that a fail you know how's that how does that how does that end up on - let's say that you even invested money and you did something that you like how many times did you go to the bar and not invested money but you spent money and you did something that you like and you know regretting it never you just went hell yeah it's been a lot of money all right I had a good time why can't you do that for yourself you know like why can't you do that into yourself your own personality or whatever it is you know so yeah I I don't believe that you fail right I see yeah I this actually makes me a member of something that I was thinking about other day like a lot of people are so cynical that they have to like think like when it comes to a dream and when it comes to pursuing yeah the thing that they want yeah their mindset really shifts and they become very cynical and they say this thing that I'm about to work on needs to prove me first before it starts working for me and that life doesn't really work like that you have to [ __ ] work for yourself yeah you have to be the one who puts out the energy first yes and then like you said like the bar thing were when it comes to not not about pursuing a dream like people just consume stuff and you know spend money and you know stupid ways and they never regret so yeah I very listen I do is what you said but you know you won't find a lot of haters and naysayers in your life you know that that that you know you'll have an idea and then the first thing they try to do is they try to take your idea and say hey you know you're an idiot that will never work a million people that's try that they just you know it never happens or this and that or go for it so I actually made a video about this today earlier okay okay I called it I called it as the fear of being incorrect in the culture of capitalism is what it means is that we are living in the world of capitalism right and there's nothing wrong with that I think it's fantastic that we built this society in that way however the capitalism also comes with a cost and I see this as the costs that we are facing as a DeSoto capitalism and what it means is in capitalism you needed to dominate the market you needed to be the authority of the market you needed to be correct the voice of the market right like you the more attention you grab the more profit you're likely to make and that equals to you being the authority of whatever the industry you're pursuing so people care a lot about being correct you know people because it's you know in a pure perspective of capitalism that's how they gain money but then when it comes to life if not ascent from business perspective when it comes to life as a bigger picture you never really incorrect things don't really have things don't really represent the right or wrong because opinion is just an opinion and everybody has different lifestyle different beliefs different everything so one idea might not be helpful for some group of people but then this idea can be helpful other people other kinds of group of people so I think this fear is especially imposed by the system we live on which is capitalism yeah where everybody wants to look strong everybody wants to look right but then if we talk about you know more human humanistic you know aspect of life and also leadership and you know things like this I don't think being correct is necessarily the right word to use I think you should be you should try to be helpful another thing being look come out as an authoritative or correct figure you know the boys are the correct opinion so that's that's what I talked about in the video I also think it has a little bit to do with the mission that you set up for yourself a lot of people they they they set the mission you know at you know they make like a thing and they say I want to get here this is the place I want to get if I don't get there I'm failing you know but you know that they kind of don't set up you know like okay well if I get here I fail or something like that instead of doing that I think you know you should set up okay by doing this I'm gonna succeed in maybe get if I get there I succeed if I learn something I succeed if I find out what I want in life I succeed if I realize I don't want this I succeed if I come up with an idea that I didn't have before I succeed what whatever it is you know like you can set up a lot more success factors than just you know like okay I'm just going there and that might help to kill the the failure fear that most people have I think all right tell us about that tell us a little bit more about that though like what can I talk about you but yeah

yeah no but my book is about it's a tool to help you create the mental transformation that you need from being scared of you know experiencing and diversity which you need to experience in order for you to really succeed yeah going from that to a person who's the first one to commit and decide to take action in life right so during this process you have to go through you have to go through different phases mental transformation first year starts from building courage and building momentum which takes a little bit of inspiration and desperation as you talked earlier and the second phase goes facing this vidiians which phases like absolutely like mandatory for any success story right but this is the face a lot of people tend to fail but then I put out some mental tools that you can use that's gonna shift your mindset around resilience around failure in the book so if you read this chapters about faith you know necessarily ins keeping up the resilience you will learn how to look at failures and how to really shift your mindset around not like what you're about to say something but by resilience you mean like um like if you do something long enough you'll succeed kind of thing right yeah so having a person variance in your plan right and then the third one comes more of a fraction of your success or the fraction of your journey so if resilience is important but I'm ending my book with a chapter that talks about what is success in life right so even if we want to succeed we have this mission we are going after and everything like that like at the end of the day the most important thing is not necessarily the destination as we spoke about this before - yeah but it's really not the destination as you said like the things you can learn the emotions you can create and how much more um you're I'm seeing something that was hard I double tap the screen and it goes like - sorry so I don't wanna share all about it because I really want people to read it um it's amazing book I got it so far well I got editors the views up on my website so if anybody's interested and actually it's interesting that my third face that I just described has been the favorite chapters for both the editors so your part you'll enjoy this as well but that being said I think I'm gonna this for today I think I got a lot of good contents from you today

yeah more discussions like yeah life how do we become like cool people that's the first first one right first day between us so we probably we're gonna probably be infadoos our according T we should move forward but you're gonna start somewhere you know yeah yeah okay so fun alright perfect so I'll see you on Friday you think yeah absolutely I think buddy take care take care bye

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