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Metaverse & NFT media & Influencers to follow in 2022

Hi everyone! If you are like me, you may have a habit of avoiding news! I purposely try not to look at news because this way I can save some mental energy on information that is irrelevant to me. I read this in the 4 hour work week and started trying it. With the arrival of my Metaverse, NFTs, and Web3 interests, this habit may need to end. I need to know what's happening in space! So in this blog post, I will list media & influencers that talk about Metaverse, NFTs, and Web 3 that you can also follow!


💻 7 Metaverse influencers on Twitter: 💻

✅ Changpeng Zhao CZ 🔶 Binance

✅ Anthony Pompliano Pomp 🌪

✅ JRNY Crypto JRNY Crypto

✅ Tim Sweeney TimSweeneyEpic

✅ Matthew Ball ballmatthew

✅ CathyHackl.eth @CathyHackl

✅ EllioTrades elliotrades

NFTs ☀️
  • Ethereum ( Education site

  • NFT Now (

  • NFT news pro (

  • Crypto News (

  • NFT News Today (

  • NFT Gators (

  • NFT Evening (

  • NFT and GameFi (

  • The News Crypto (

10 NFT influencers on Twitter:

✅ Gary Vaynerchuck garyvee

✅ Pranksy pranksy

✅ 6529 punk6529

✅ Gmoney.eth gmoneyNFT

✅ Cozomo de’ Medici CozomoMedici

✅ DCinvestor.eth iamDCinvestor

✅ Brett Malinowski thebrettway

✅ Beanie beaniemaxi

✅ Seedphrase.eth seedphrase

✅ Richerd.eth richerd

✅ 4156 punk4156

I will keep updating the list as I find more! Feel free to suggest your favorite news media or influencers you want to add to this list in Web 3 space!


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