My Way Of Thinking Podcast Interview With Natsune, Author of The game of self domination

And welcome to my new podcast my way of thinking or more what for sure uh hosted by me uh lee greeno here live from the man cave every week now my way of thinking is all about us amazing human beings that all have a story to tell and those stories can massive very i every time i get this wrong can vary massively i'm gonna keep it in until i've mastered it i swear to god uh can vary massively but with the guests i'll be interviewing you'll always be able to take a little bit of advice or insight into our or it's just all over today isn't it insight in how extraordinary we can all be that means you now remember there's only four rules one no [ __ ] in two no judging three no negativity and four have fun now today i'm talking to natsuni oki natsune has come all the way from japan while she hasn't come all the way from japan of course via technology i will be speaking to natsune now nat sunni is just a great great woman uh listened to a story she's so positive she's just hit the world head on we talk about japan um it's just a fascinating chat with a lovely girl and she's got a new book out as well so she'll be plugging that and i want to read it and it's just great so make sure you keep listening to this brilliant interview here's me talking that sunni so welcome to my way of thinking and today we have a very special cast guest all the way from japan japan the age of technology it's natsune okay how are you natsune i'm doing great how are you thank you very much for having me today no problem at all isn't technology amazing yeah i'm still think what it's great it's great you know you think years ago i would never have been able to have guests from the other side of the world so this is just brilliant isn't it yeah exactly i mean that connects back to like why i'm basically well partial reason why i basically decided to like break by myself to like you know go on my own journey yeah like it's just easiest like the more than ever like it's a perspective you know like yeah we take them granted but we take them as granted but you know it's incredible that we have access the world is far more accessible than it ever was isn't it now so that's good yeah like for for for many things i think it unlocks i mean i guess we're gonna just go into the show yeah yeah yeah just take it away take it away right okay well we're gonna talk all about you today that's what it's all about your book and everything you've been doing which is great but first of all i'd like to start on some light-hearted talk um and today obviously you're in japan so i thought great to talk about some fun facts that obviously people in the uk may not be aware of which is quite fascinating because japan is a fascinating country obviously you live there so you probably don't realize it but to us it's like wow that's amazing okay so here's one um which i spotted japan does not have janitors streets in japan are extremely clean even even in tokyo the capital and massive uh mega police all the streets are clean and have no litter it all comes down to their mentality japanese people rarely leave rubbish on the streets also volunteers both young and old clean the streets simply because they want to leave in a clean city is that true

um yes and no it depends on where you go it's part of obviously it depends on which part of the city you go but yes i have lived abroad i have troubled many countries as well myself yeah and compared to other countries yeah like japan have a tendency to be cleaner i think yeah yeah that's good um i mean you're always gonna get dirtier areas obviously um yeah but it's not used to living a place called shibuya sharia is one of the capital like a place in within tokyo yeah and lots of lots of the young people party there no well as you were stating the claim i was thinking

yes party yeah forget the party but normally yeah very clean okay but me yeah misery yeah okay now another fact 98.5 of japanese population is japanese today's world is becoming more and more international due to cultures but this is not the case in japan due to extremely hard visas and cultural mentality it is a challenge for migrants to stay in japan on one hand it protects they're unique in ancient culture uh but on the other hand it is so closed off it's bad for connections with the outside world of migrants how's that is that correct 50 yeah 50 correct 60 even but the government is making a lot of changes which is also part of the reason why i started my own business here in tokyo called foreign connect where basically basically i'm the translator and i'm the change maker for corporations here who want to do business with abroad like abroad businesses yeah do you think that's because japan because they're like ancient and cultural they want to try and keep hold of their secrets or is it nothing to do with that or is it to do with that secret um yeah i mean we we grow up with very like a bearish culture right like everybody kind of takes care of each other but on the flip side i guess we have a very strong mentality around the group psychology and group right like a group association with the people with a similar value like you know and i think it kind of gives a space for a foreigner to be excluded in that sense yeah definitely right okay okay fair enough next one now 24 of the japanese population is older than 65. um japan is facing terrible demographic problems because it's so hard to pay for children's needs like school medicine um and many japanese people simply don't have children it's been this way for years the solution for the problem is immigrants who don't mind integrating and want to have children the japanese government is now trying to open the country for expanding via immigration is that is that would you say that's correct yep that's exactly why i started foreign yeah yeah yeah this is one of the main yeah economic uh problem we're facing as well as uh asian economy yeah because here um a big part of growing up and as you get older is well some people don't have children don't get me wrong but a lot of people want a family uh and want children is it is it is it the same there do you feel that way or is it very much more very independent oh no no i mean people do want to kids but i think i mean this phenomenon did happen to everywhere else in the world if you experienced like economic expansion right it's just a different season and for us it's hitting now but then japan for some reason is hitting at the late which is remarkable yeah that people didn't experience in other side of the country yeah is it that expensive to live over there um yes in tokyo yeah but i also used to live in the downtown miami um like i actually moved back a few years back yeah and i i don't know com comparing to downtown miami like florida america right like i don't know if it's a good comparison but i would say tokyo is surprisingly a little bit cheaper than okay yeah yeah yeah that's a real place to compare but yeah no yeah i understand that okay and the last one and this one did make me laugh when or when i read this one many have heard that japanese people have incredibly long work days officially they have eight hour day out eight hour days as mu as the most part of the world but in japan they have the mentality to stay for extra hours to show that you're willing to work and this includes sleeping on the job in japan if you are sleeping during the work day it is a sign that you are extremely hard even though japanese companies do the same amount of work as americans and europeans workers postpone their tasks until evening to stay at work and show they're willing to do so it sounds odd but it is the japanese reality can you sleep at work i mean i i don't know if the necessarily like sleeping at work is a sign to show your boss i mean i never heard of that but it is true that japanese people tend to have very like a stoic work ethic yeah it was proven also in my case like i didn't know i had a like a good work ethic right but i had opportunity to work with uh different nationalities like different people from different like nations right yeah and looking back like for example i was working when i was working in american company like people were impressed how willing i was to work and i didn't even consider it as like a good work ethic i thought i was just being like a normal negative worker like yeah yeah yeah is that so when you're younger and you leave college or university here um some kids just can't be bothered to work you know some kids i'm not you know there's only a small potential uh percentage but can be lazy over there is it once you leave collet that's it you work there's no being lazy you must work

um is that a question yeah is is that the way it is yes yes i think uh it works in that way right like i mean i'm a big believer of like everything is about context you know yeah so i don't believe in something to be right or wrong i'm or like i'm a huge believer of like everything has a it's uh a reason yeah yeah everything has like good or bad like both side yeah they need to exist right like for example like coming back to your point like japan uh in one side is that people are a little bit uh people are not so entrepreneurial people like like to rely on be told what to do yeah and then also uh you know but on a free side also like they're loyal like they don't they're not necessarily creative or courageous but then they have their value which is to be loyal to be hard worker to be like you know so those things yeah yeah it has to do a little bit with the way that education is set up in terms of like you know how they firm creativity when you were growing up yeah and i do definitely see that outcome like in the behavior yeah yeah i totally understand that because to be an entrepreneur you almost need to be a bit rebellious and not stick to the rules don't you you need to be able to just do things differently you know what i mean whereas sorry i didn't mean to cut you off but i think one of the things that's very important that especially japanese people cannot deal with is to be okay with uncertainty it's yeah one other thing japanese people are just not done for it yeah yeah so saying that how has covid uh hit everybody then because obviously that's a massive uncertainty isn't it has it affected you guys i mean certainly like from uh just with everywhere else in the world it has certainly um but i think government definitely handled it uh in a way that there was no like unnecessary panic you know yeah i mean the media and the government i think created a good cooperation between together so that they manage the nation quite quite okay that's totally the opposite to here in the uk everybody panicked everybody emptied the shelves in the shopping shopping centers everybody went crazy running around

it's just you know the government didn't know what they're doing we didn't know what we were doing it was a [ __ ] [ __ ] show to be honest i'm sorry but it was it was yeah i mean i definitely hear you it was kind of like that too like the feeling was kind of like that too yeah i think the media have a lot to blame because they're terrible that obviously they want to sell papers they want to sell their you know so they have to make it nice and juicy they have to make it controversial and people read it and believe it and then it then it all kicks off basically yeah media is big yeah like i noticed the power of it also and that's why i kind of like reshaped my career direction from being economic and business person to like now i'm more in media like i want to create my media empire yeah yeah brilliant okay well that's my facts that were all completely wrong

so let's talk about you now so tell us a little bit obviously we're going to talk about how you got into writing your book and you've obviously done lots and lots but tell us a little bit about growing up in japan um you know what school was like did you go college university how that all started yeah oh it's a lot of story um well i was born and raised in japan yeah and i did not go to well i was a little bit international compared to other people because my mom was like a traveler and she traveled quite a lot um so i talked along with her sometimes but it was just like her hobby right like nothing was like a business rated or anything like that so um but like for some reason i knew that i was very international person uh i like i clicked a lot whenever i went to trouble whenever i met foreign people inside of the country like whatever like i just felt clicking right like and then like i guess that exposure really made me very curious person like growing up as a kid i still remember i was very different from others and probably now i think of it it wasn't so much that i was different but it was more like i was willing and i was courageous than others so you know i was curious and i was authentic to my curiosity so i mentioned this very quickly uh in my bio basic uh bio my book which i'm going to show you let's have a look yeah yeah this is just all the copy so i still have the label but it looks like this and individual i actually mentioned um that i almost got kicked out from my high school and that was not because i was a bad student or anything like that but it was just a sign that i was different kid right and i was courageous a little bit more willing than other kids because i'm pretty sure that the curiosity i had as a kid like everybody had it but people just didn't want to be different you know like and then what uh gets you into trouble in the school system the way it's set up in japan is for you to be different basically yeah yeah and yeah you can probably like it's it's pretty much everywhere else in the world as well yeah i mean over here just to just um button for a second over here if you have a bad student um someone who's bad at school they may be thrown out of school um you know move to different schools they might may not get an educate very good education and then when they leave school they might become brilliant entrepreneurs it's just because they they couldn't get on with the school system they didn't like to be you know stuck in a classroom being told what to do but they're still very intelligent yeah i i felt that way like i just couldn't deal with that like i hated to be grouped right like part of the group so anyway so what happened was um i was very curious kid growing up so that was my first sign that by just by the fact that i was willing to the point where i was even willing to be kicked out by school like you know i still wanted to be myself was more different i mean sorry was more important for me than fitting in yeah so that happened and then the next thing uh the next courageous decision i made was obviously when i decided to move abroad like i didn't speak any english at that time and i didn't have any uh people that i knew my family was old in japan um like no one i knew but i decided to just move to america and then there i studied english and then i also ended up studying business and then there it comes my third courageous decision which was most of the international student friends that i had like their goal would be just you know get the degree and you know find a job at microsoft or google or like you know place like places like that and that's their end goal right and once for all like they're set but for me it was slightly different like i actually decided to take some time off after i got my two years degree in business so you know basically here i was i didn't know nobody i didn't like speak the complete language at the time neither still and i very had like a very small degree of business right like i i just decided to like okay well let's let's just try like i'm here and i want to work with americans and you know this is amazing opportunity for me to like gain actual work experience yeah um i basically moved um to uh and then i found the internship at the university of washington and at that time i was already very into entrepreneurship i i knew that there was something there yeah so i started now working with other entrepreneurs and uh eventually that got me in a position at the uh uw right and then i there i was able to uh meet a lot of you know technology entrepreneurs and um even investors and advisors right and then i was so inspired by them because they were very like macro thinker like they weren't thinking about i mean of course they were business operators so they would think about money tomorrow but more than that they were thinking about like how the technology is going to help the humanity yeah yeah and that really elevated the way i was approaching to the humanity yeah yeah that was initially why i developed this ambition of like i want to contribute in that channel like i want to contribute my conversation around that channel yeah they they had they had big ideas um not just thinking about what's happening straight away but what's going to happen in the future um and what so just going back when you left japan and came to america what was that like getting change in that culture was it a massive eye opener was it like wow what was it like um it felt like i was coming home more like it's just like it was so exciting you know like yeah new start and i felt so furious i didn't have anything to lose yeah and i was just excited to meet new people i think at that time if uh evaluated them as people i could relate a little bit more than a lot of people that i knew back in japan because they were very like small-minded and yeah you know but anyway so uh should i keep going with yeah yeah you go for it so okay so we got to the bit where you met these people and they had big ideas and that's when you thought right i'm going to go i'm going to become an entrepreneur yeah yeah actually i didn't necessarily think i wanted to become an entrepreneur at that time what message i got from that was more that um i didn't want to focus on paper what was yeah party like i wanted to be an entrepreneur in another world but i just knew that i needed to be capable like you know i i wanted to see what is needed in the humanity like for us to advance our capacity like capability so that's how i decided to slightly shift my major to economics and then i studied economics after that and then here i it comes my fourth crisis decision as this international uh student uh you know from some foreign country so anyway so what happened was i decided like i'm getting so comfortable here like nothing is challenging me anymore i speak good english now i got my degree on and everything like i even got the work experience like you know it's cool and i decided to pack up everything and i decided to move to florida miami oh no i love florida yeah like i just knew that there was something there you know and it was exactly like now i think i know what it is what it was exactly like i i was looking for that suffering again i was looking for that challenge like a real life challenge like of change right like i wanted to be capable of change management and also i wanted to see like i like i was too comfortable right like i i felt like you know like i i wanted to be really okay in the wild like i mean like you think about it from like washington state to florida it sounds it sounds to me like after uh a while you get bored you like to keep moving keep thinking keep creating you're very aren't you you you don't like to just stick in the same place you like to always be thinking and challenging yourself yeah i when when i get comfortable that's yeah that's how i usually roll but not to say that i don't have perseverance because this is one of the big big topic i talk about uh creating patience and perseverance yeah it's in my book yeah um so what happened was i fortunately well that actually came down like really really tough like it was just i was so struggling like i especially when i first moved like i didn't have a place to live like like nothing you know i i like at one point it got so unstable that i had to move from one place to another in a matter of weeks like that was like that bad right and i i had to experience it because i never experienced anything like that right like it was so wild so i did that and what happened was i very fortunately found position actually i'm just going to skip a little bit of it yeah yeah yeah really long but what happened was i fortunately found finally found a position though that made me happy was like a business consulting role um in this business consulting company and i um i worked there i met my mentor and you know the life was good but the olympic was gonna happen this year and we uh well actually i came back eventually because i knew that there was opportunity here right like with olympic and everything like that so i came back and i was still selling their service in japan right like so i basically shifted to like more like a sales person at that point um but at some point we decided to kind of go in a different direction and at that time i was also developing my own like a clothing business right like i was on like this clothing where did that come from no i mean i just you know like i'm the type of person who try everything at ease yeah i i love myself i i know that i love myself even if i [ __ ] it up like yeah yeah anyway so um that happened and then i was working on that for a while and i basically decided to make that like a service brokerage company as my own thing like foreign connect that's how foreign connect is born so now i help company businesses in three different pillars but basically i'm the connector so i would for japanese companies i would help you to operate a business abroad by connecting you with services abroad like from the local market so that's what i do um and then um so when you when you came back to japan um were you homesick did you did you miss america are you will you go back to america what's what's your thoughts on that yeah well hell yeah i mean i think i'm american

like i look japanese but i'm i'm completely more american than i think most of the japanese people you've got the accent you've got the accent an american accent yeah well i do miss it but at the same time like i'm so thankful like you know like it's just like really amazing like because i know that it's this isn't gonna be also permanent either like i'm i know that i'm gonna move out of japan um sometime yeah so like rather than focusing on scarcity i try to focus on the fact that i have a great time that i get to spend with my family my friends and you know like stuff like that so yeah i mean japan is not bad um it's not gonna be permanent but yeah okay so so yeah so that's that's growing up um that's what you're up to now that's work and then so then the other side of you is all about your book and so how did this all come about where you you're talking about anxiety depression uh meltdown and things like that what is that something that's always interested you yeah well not necessarily those topics because like i have i have suffered from some of them but like not never really to the extreme point yeah like i'm always really happy person i'm very positive person yeah um but this is just part of my characteristic and but what i'm interested in is like practical productivity like practical positivity and productivity like that that's what i'm focusing on and basically i um so i'm gonna slide in this story so how life up started basically is that with the 14 connects like you know when i came back i had to really do digging like really deep digging into myself of what i wanted in my life once again because it's a completely new chapter once again and i noticed that one thing i noticed was you know my ambition toward wanting to contribute to the advancement of humanity didn't change yeah so i wanted to create conversation around that and that's why uh how life education is born and the biggest mental block uh and also the biggest asset i believe is mindset right yeah like you got to be emotional for creating anything really yeah so i wanted to talk about that i wanted to focus on that and talk about that and i mean throughout my courageous journey i mean you know i've started a business a few times and i've also moved around and you know just like doing a bunch of crazy stuff like i i had i had to face times where i had to really make shifting my mindset in terms of you know like being being bored and depressed from like or even like beaten up by the situation yeah yeah yeah from that to like i got this like i i have no other option but i have to be strong yeah and for me to kind of take yeah start taking ownership i really needed to create the mental transformation yeah and i think that comes across when you talk about how you um grew up and traveling i think it you its life experiences are going to hit you um and because you're traveling to a foreign country you know you don't know you know when you move to um you said miami you're gonna get things hit you and it's how you react to that isn't it you can't just um you know sit in a dark corner you have to react to it and you reacted to it very positively with you you know a lot of the time it is using that mindset isn't it yeah and i mean i directly translate your positivity with you being strong you know like if you're not strong you can't you can't stay with the positive outlook i think people kind of miss that like perspective yeah well like happy people are not happy like people people people people happy people are not the happy ones like happy people are the ones that strong that's willing that's willing to create the passion again even if they're beaten up yeah and that's very hard to do yeah yeah and i mean i know you say um being strong but it's not just sort of being uh you know because people are some people are quiet some people are shy what i think it is and i've spoke about this before on the podcast is when you're in situations that are uncomfortable you must push through it's fear isn't it it's getting through that fear because when you feel uncomfortable if you push yourself to do whatever you feel uncomfortable about when you come out the other side you feel so much better and i think strong it's having that that will to just push yourself and get you know if you're uncomfortable go with it if you know it's right go with it it's hard it's hard and you need to be strong um but it's not sort of you know strong i'm strong it's more about the mindset of you know tackling fear fear's a big thing do you think that yeah it's it's more like a mental strengths yeah i think why don't people do that that's because they're insecure and they don't know how to love themselves yeah i mean they're they're so afraid of changing the perception about themselves right i mean according to food though right

really like the thing is like um it takes very good amount well it takes extreme amount of self-esteem and it takes i mean for you to have that self-esteem of like look even if i [ __ ] it up even if like i you know fail i make mistakes yes i'm willing to love myself yeah definitely that takes courage that takes mental strength yeah definitely don't want to do that you know yeah yeah definitely that's bro that's well said that is because this day and age the way the world is uh it's moving so quick um you know you have to find that that willingness and not worry what other people think um because we can all have an easy life can't we we can all just stay at home all day watching telly we can all have an easy life but will you feel fulfilled if you do that and the answer is for a lot of us is no isn't it yeah yeah so i think it takes uh this is actually one of the things i talk about in my book it is also the importance of self-awareness like there's a quote from ancient greek philosopher aristotle where he says happiness is virtual activity of the soul yeah and from there i basically developed this concept around meeting your identity circle so i'm gonna tell you what in my book i tell you like what it what does it really mean to meet your identity circle which i explained as this circle that uh if you master this circle like like you said like you know we're not necessarily we don't want the money right like we want the journey to get the money we want the inspiration to strive us and then essentially in the direction into the direction we want to grow for so by that quote happiness is a virtual activity of the soul is to say you know we we are driven by two different directions so bear with me i'm gonna bear with me so we tend to see our motivation as two two things one is threat one is motivation one is the word yeah we tend to see them as like opposite side of the spectrum right but in reality um new word only exists in the extension of the threat so you're facing your challenge you're facing like you're uncomfortable uncomfortability or whatever that challenges you right and then only by overcoming these challenges this threat you are truly able to meet your keyword which is to be yourself yeah grow into the direction you want to grow into right and that's what unlocks the feeling of fulfillment yes yeah yeah yeah yeah so that that is something that that i talk about and i wanted to really dig deeper into that and that's why i developed this i identity circle which is basically to tell you like who you are really about and i truly believe that people are not lazy like you're just lost right yeah like you were if you feel like you're lazy you're not lazy you're lost like you don't know what you want like that's it so you know the thing is like you you can just find what it is that you want and i mean it's not gonna come in like a year or two year like three years like there's no guarantee when you find it but if you give up now like you you lose right now you know what i mean like you have to be willing to find that yeah yeah i think when you are able to meet that identity circle when you're able to really align your interest into the real person that you want to become like it's a lot easier for you to take ownership of everything you do and really makes you stronger and also makes you willing to love yourself even if you [ __ ] up yeah but into the direction you are trying to grow in yeah yeah yeah no that's that's that's yeah brilliant what you said there that's that's definitely true so so the book so let's let's talk about the book then the game was self-domination so you've got all these ideas and where does the idea come from right i'm going to write a book because you know have you read you haven't written books before have you this is my first book this is your first book so where did that come from what what made you think right i'm gonna write a book

um well i really wanted to develop my media outlet which was life up education tv yeah and i um once again like i'm a strong believer in mindset like mindset is really a big portion of if one succeed or not right so i just really wanted to create a mental tool that i could use for myself like to keep reminding myself that like mindset is number one fact and something that you can control so you're responsible for it right like and i was basically wanting to use this tool and i was sharing this insight to the other people and people are like you should write a book like you have this like you know really strong powerful like positive insight that's not just like positive but like practical positivity um yeah you should write it and i'm like okay and i i wrote it because of that but also because i really wanted to uh get that like uh um get the message across yeah i'm i'm bringing with the word but i what i meant to say is with the life of education tv right like the the show i just wanted to create that brand around that right okay and how did you find it write in the book was it difficult or did you find that it was just easy the words just flowed out how did you find that um it was actually easy um i think um you know it's it's so strange and funny that you know like when i when i tell my friends or when i tell my parents or forever right like i say i wrote a book and they'd be like oh nice like you wrote it in japanese right and i said no i'm not in english like yeah that's the funniest part and i guess writing wasn't really difficult because i always had to have different opinions or perspectives that i wanted i share with people and people i get positive feedback from but what i was a little bit more nervous on is writing a book in another language like i just didn't know if i could get my message across in the way i wanted to get my message you know they were too so which is probably the bigger concern i had at that time yeah no it was yeah it's it's it's a ma i get a lot of people that say oh i want to write a book and there's a lot of people say oh i've got a great book that i could write but it's doing it isn't it you know we've all got a great book but writing a book is is hard but when you've finished it i suppose it's similar to when i write a script is uh when you've got that that final product it's there's like an energy isn't there there's an energy and you're like wow i've i've completed this this book is mine no matter what happens in the world no one can take this away from me it's a great feeling isn't it yeah yeah if you put it like that that's yeah i never thought about it like that but it's it's really wonderful beautiful thing yeah definitely so so now the book uh so you've talked a lot about about the book it covers anxiety depression and meltdown so is it like a self-help book or is it just your ideas on on what what is it yeah this is self-help book and i talk about how to create mental transformation in life um from three different phases the first phase i talk about how to create momentum and decision decisiveness and commitment in life so basically to tell you like how can you finally start taking ownership of your life and then uh the second thing so in there um i'm gonna create a lot of energy right like because momentum is all about like that decisiveness and driven by huge part of that driven by emotion yeah and the second phase moving to the second phase i started talking about uh how to create perseverance and face in the destination you choose right like and i'm gonna give you a whole dif you know kinds of narrative for you to create shifts in the mindset of like how you're looking at your failure how you're looking at your life situation like from going from like life is so hard i don't want to try this yeah just like like hit me like give me the challenge like so that's the kind of the vibe i'm gonna create um and then the third phase moving into the third phase i guess relating to uh the second phase which actually the third phase was the chapters that i got the most positive feedback from from a lot of like my test leaders which i actually just launched to this book like a few days ago like september 2nd or something like that but anyway so what happened was uh what happened is in the third phase i start talking about literally define um the definition of success and happiness because we've been redefining the definition of failure yeah until this point which is like hands down absolutely master topic that we need to talk about yeah yeah you want to do something on your own or if you want to create a change in life yeah but um there's not enough conversation around what are you really trying to achieve or who are you trying to impress like which you know nobody like it's you it's you versus you like there's no one else yeah yeah you know there's not enough conversation on that and on top of it like there's i guess the dynamic of well the age of the technology right like it just exposes us of our insecurity and it just like makes it even more exaggerated on how it's important that you look successful yeah that creates a lot of anxiety that creates really like you know it doesn't put you in the right direction for you to be happier for you to be actually successful so i talk about that in a third phase i mean some of that comes down to what we said earlier about media um you know because you look on the media and they say to be successful you know you need to do this do that and do you know so that's some of that is to blame isn't it at the end of the day you know media is a pain in the ass i mean it's great you know we need it and we need to know what's going on but it really does it's it's just everything that we're given today is a tool like they don't change us it's it's us who are doing it and we're just using those tools yeah so really like the media yeah the narrative and everything like what media says like is there right but then the default is us like we need to work on us like we always had insecurity we always have all these feelings that we have to deal with and the media is just exposing us to be who we are you know yeah yeah yeah good point okay so that's the book now tell us a little bit about a little a little bit about life up education tv because this is your tv channel isn't it so tell us a little bit about this yeah so and the concept is very similar um i wanted to cultivate the conversation around the possibility of humanity i talk about it from the perspective of arts and science because there's a difference arts is something that's more emotional and which is really the fundamental cause of any action so it's definitely a very important topic um so there we talk about you know hopes and dreams which sounds kind of like lana but it's really important and it's great um and then the science i talk about processes like you know i would have a guest for example you know creators i would have a creator guest i would also have you know um like a technology entrepreneur which actually i i had in my last episode i'm planning to have like scientists come on to but basically i want to talk about their processes and then how we can use their process well the way of thinking in those processes to apply in our daily life to maximize our performance level right yeah yeah i mean that that that that sounds fascinating because you've got uh science on one side now science is science you know if someone says you know the grass is green the sky is blue science is science and science and that's great and it's interesting but then the other side from a creative point is you know and religion's a great one uh you know i believe in god well science is saying well prove it and you know the person saying well i can't prove it but i believe it and it makes me feel better so and it's the same you know creative you know i want to create something and the scientists say well you know you can't and the creative's saying well i'm going to try so it's good to have those two those two sides isn't it because they're very very both very interesting and i think yeah go on i'm sorry i i meant um i meant to say one thing actually i heard what's very interesting yeah i had another i had the one guest i think he's a mechanical engineer and well he has like a very like you know very technical background and you know he's good with numbers and you know he likes engineering and stuff like that but he he described math or the science basically to say like a one method within the language for art which i thought was very interesting and i think it could be very possible i mean like we came this far because of our creativity like that's what separates us as a human from this of the things like yeah that's a whole nother conversation isn't it

a whole new conversation on that so so going forward so you've got your tv channel you've got your book what are you looking to do in the future what are you thinking about i would dread you must have so many things you want to do i can just tell what what's the next step i mean like i get this question a lot but for me like i'm i'm just like i'm in for everything i do for the long game and like for me i'm more comfortable for having like three or four different things going on and then just focus on that you know yeah yeah so i'm in for the long game yeah you take it you take it you take it as it you take it as it comes yeah i bet you you're thinking about another book yeah but not now really like i just launched one and i i want to focus on like you know i want to focus on spreading the message about that um and actually you know it's kind of funny because i'm funny person which this person i didn't come too much this time but i like comedy like i'd like to laugh i like to make people laugh so um i hope to like different channel that i uh creates contents on and i'm trying to infuse a little bit more comedy in life yeah yeah i mean this podcast it can be quite serious but i always like to try and have a little bit of humor in it as well because you know you've got two sides i mean yes we've got to be serious we've got to talk about important things but you've also you've got to be positive and along with positivity is humor and you know just just smiling so so what if you were to talk to someone or your younger self what advice do you think you could give someone who maybe is not feeling very positive at the minute or um you know is uh you know struggling with uh thinking what they're gonna do next or maybe they're uncomfortable about something what advice would you give them because obviously you've done all that you you've come out your comfort zone you've pushed yourself what advice could you give people like advice to someone who's feeling negative or well yeah feeling negative struggling maybe a little bit feeling negative i if i focus on people who are feeling negative i would say stop being victim that's like my number one advice yeah yeah negative yeah negative people yeah and what about if someone's facing uh something uncomfortable so you know you faced you must have fight when you moved to america you must have been worried um when you changed jobs you must have been worried what advice would you give to someone who's maybe feeling uncomfortable about a situation you will fail if you suck

really like that's that's it i mean what are you worrying about i mean you won't fail if you suck that's it like if you if you want to be better like you have to be better like otherwise you will fail so like don't focus on like what if i don't you know like there's no alternative alternative like there's no like what if you know what i mean like what is happening is what is happening and you gotta face that yeah and yeah work from that like it's okay like if you fail like so what like are you gonna stay there like no yeah so don't worry just do just do just do it nike oh my god

now so now if people want to um see your tv channel or purchase your book where can they find all that information yeah so my book is called the game of self domination the game of social media yeah look at that hey you can buy it from my amazon um uh just type in the game of self domination and you can also buy it from my website and actually i'm doing giveaway uh if you're done for it i'm gonna give a free copy for your listeners yeah that'd be great yeah and i can like set you up the instruction for how how that can happen yeah um or i want this honesty to view on amazon and yeah we'll get you happy definitely that'll be great i'll love to read it i'll really look forward to reading it it looks like a long book though it's you've got a lot of pages in there yeah yeah no that the reason is because i wanted to make sure that people are making progress like i mean people are feeling like they're making progress because before like i compacted a lot that like you know each chapters were very like long but i wanted to um that's why like my editor actually said like oh you should break them down a little bit more so what happened is it's actually not that long big like i can if you're a fast leader you can probably need it in like two days or something like that uh like one hour two hours each day one and a half maybe um but i um i broke them down a lot in a smaller section yeah so there's like 17 chapters inside it looks it looks like you've got photos and diagrams and things like that in there as well which is always good because you know you it's not just a big chunk of of text yeah i like that i like that yeah yeah yeah visual yeah yeah so i have the yeah brilliant stuff brilliant and then the tv station how would people watch that oh um it's a web-based so you can search me on youtube but you can also um see me on my website live education tv all right so if we just go on to youtube life up education tv it's on there yep brilliant now i always ask my guests if they've got a favorite i don't know if you've brought a favorite along just something that maybe a film a tv or a food or a song or something like that that's inspired you or maybe you've really enjoyed that other people could maybe um look watch or listen to have you got a favorite i mean people i have so many yeah um probably the the um the biggest person i was listening to when i decided to create shift or whenever i face adversities definitely tony robbins oh wrong okay yeah yeah um i like gary too i like uh i think many people i like tom video too like i do i've heard of him i've heard of him yeah yeah i've heard of him yeah he has a show called the impact theory and that's my goal like my vision was that i thought this somewhat similar between tombili the impact and then the ellen

so anyone really that motivational speaking or you know trying to make an impact that's sort of sort of your favorite thing that that you listen to and and helps you mm-hmm yeah okay cool and you know i mean i don't know like i i spend a lot of time thinking about that like like i think it's gary who started this message like motivational thinking it's garbage or something like that but i think if there's a tremendous value in in that too and i think gary gary who gary oh garyvee like gary vaynerchuk all right like you know and i mean after that point like when he started saying like oh motivational speaker sucks or something like that like people started saying that you know like a lot of motivational speakers uh supposedly like these people like start saying that but like i i mean it's it's i i don't know like i mean like you said there's art right like what's helpful for um you is what's helpful yeah and that's it it's not good there's no right or wrong yeah that's right that's right so yeah i think um and also now and again i'll get things pop up on my facebook and that from tony robbins i don't know why and i have a look to a couple of watched a couple of his videos and he's an interesting guy he's a nice guy um and some of the things he says is very poignant obviously it's all americanized and you know and and all that kind of thing but when you just listen to the little tippets that he says he's a very clever guy and a very genuine guy and it's always interesting always interesting and you can search him on youtube and anywhere yeah yeah he's super huge in america anyways yeah brilliant okay now i always say um the guests can finish on sort of a poignant story or something they just want to say or just something maybe they want to send across to the listeners is there anything you want to sort of any advice or a story or anything you think is poignant um i mean we we covered quite a lot of things right today so i'm very happy and i'm so thankful that you invited me today yeah it's absolute pleasure um i think

maybe one very last message i mean i have many yeah i guess that

but i guess what i just feel right for me at this very moment just just because right now is that like stop judging you know yeah it's good point yeah yeah i put that on the podcast stop judging and i think that's important this day and age because everybody's different and we don't know the stories behind people and it's so easy to judge um so i definitely think that's that's a good one and that links in with positivity as well because you know we can all see the bad in people but we should try and see the good in people um and not judge them because everybody's in a different situation so that's that's a real really good point one point i would say about yourself and that soon is that you're very brave i would say you're a very brave person you're a light uh you know you'll push yourself you'll move to all these different countries um and you probably don't see it yourself but you're very brave and that in and that will shine a light on other people and encourage them and turn you know make them positive so i think it's important you keep doing what you're doing because you know you're going to have a really good impact on the world and that that's what you're trying to do well i'm very grateful for that thank you so much no well it's been an absolute pleasure having you on i'm so glad you're glad you came on all the way from japan um and come back next year let us know how you're getting on next year come back on the podcast um because it i know you're gonna have done you know this time next year you'll have probably done another book another tv show probably back in america god knows where you'll be we'll see brian thanks ever so much for coming on that suny and i'll speak to you again all right sounds good okay bye so that's it massive thanks again to nat suny for joining me today all the way from japan and also you for listening make sure you follow the podcast because coming up over the next month there are some extraordinary interviews trust me japan is that it japan we go a lot further afield than japan trust me it's gonna be awesome uh the podcast will be streaming on the usual platforms including itunes and sports spotify so please please please leave a rating on there five star boom uh and subscribe we need these listeners to come in the more i i promise you the more people that subscribe and listen the more extraordinary the guests will get to keep up to date follow facebook which is my thinking podcast and also on twitter my way of thinking but without a g on the end a three instead every week i was also put the whole conversation on youtube with my pretty little face and if you just put in my way of thinking podcast onto youtube that will come up and finally if you want to get in touch you may think you're a great guest you know get on here email me the emails podcast at ah i'm glad that's all over with right thanks ever so much for listening in and i will speak to you next time god bless

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