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natsune oki on How Non-tech big brands are using metaverse -Coca-cola & Nike examples

So we have been covering basic examples of how some major corporations are working on developing Metaverse. Tech companies are not the only ones tapping in on the Metaverse concept. There are many major non-tech brands that launched their Metaverse projects & products! So let’s take a look at them!

Coca Cola flavor born in the Metaverse

Coca-Cola has launched a new limited-edition flavor called “Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte” in Metaverse. The soda’s flavor is described as “pixel-flavored soda.” This edition is only available for 25,000 units. Each pack comes with two cans in a nice-looking box.

If you are like me, you may be asking "what the heck is pixel-flavored soda?" - the website further describes it as “the flavor of pixels to life.”

But the topic that matters here the most is how these two canned beverage products connect to the Metaverse? A Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte box comes with 1 Coca-Cola® Byte sticker and access to an AR game in addition to the drinks. This sounds a bit similar to how the concept of utility NFT works in the way that utility can mean “access.”

The way one can access this AR game is by scanning the package. This scan will take a player to an 8-bit AR game that shows the story of Byte. Coke has teamed up with Fortnite and created a digital gaming island called “Pixel Point.” The island is designed by Coke and another gaming development studio PWR.

Coca-Cola Metaverse
Photo by Spiel times

By entering this island, the player can find Byte within the Metaverse and play four mini-games that appeal to the scenes. Right now the package is sold exclusively via the brand website in many countries except for China: Byte was launched in retail stores in China on May 23rd 2022.

Nike digital Wearable NFT Shoes

The virtual beverage is not the only thing being launched in the Metaverse. Virtual fashion is even more popular category! Nike had dropped “Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks” - a series of 20,000 digital sneakers NFTs. This virtual sneakers were developed in the collaboration with a virtual sneaker design company acquired by Nike called RTFKT. Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks designer says that the virtual shoes can be evolved to gain more value by their owners completing online quests to “level-up” the shoe design.

What is most surprising about this product is its high price. Different sources name different prices since the prices are tagged on an auction basis. However, many states that the shoes are sold for well over $100,000 for not even physically available products but the digital-only products!

So what can a Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks holder do with the shoes?

The owners of these kicks can see how they’d look on their feet in the real world by using the Snapchat filter.

Another exciting thing the token holder can do is to wear these virtual shoes in the Metaverse such as Nikeland.


What is Nike land?

Nikeland is the virtual land Nike has created as the Metaverse on Roblox platform. Roblox is a free multiplayer allowing social gaming platform that contains 200 million monthly active users. Nike’s developers have built their own world/game on this platform and users can enter Nikeland to interact with other Nike fans, play sports and participate in sporting events in a 3D digital world.

Users can make their aviators in this world and decorate them with Nike shoes such as Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks.

So there you have it! These were two big brands who launched Metaverse products! What do you think of these offerings? Would you buy them? Let me know what you think in the comments!


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