Part 2: Commenting on #stressed tweets with Alex

Here is part 2!

Hey welcome back so we're gonna we chose the second one so we're gonna do this down for this one okay let's let's look better let's um let's make sure we look good yes you ready yes all right alcohol will be a thing this weekend that is all hashtag stressed what do you think about that uh you know actually it's funny that we brought this up now because uh before we met up today i actually um posted something on Instagram where it says i cannot say that things will get easier or i cannot tell you that everything else is okay because we don't know if it's gonna be okay but what i can tell you is you're gonna get thicker skin you're gonna get sickening work ethic your life will be richer you will get the ultimate gratitude for your life or actually you will learn how to do that and you will get ultimate satisfaction and fulfillment in life um and if you want to do that you gotta get to work and that's that's kind of what kind of summary of what i said in the post and um that's how i feel about it i think um to me is the process right like it's like um like for me i guess it relates to like i rather die on my sword than dying on other people's sword kind of like that's the concept for me like escape how do you say escapism escapism wait all right repeat after me yeah escapism escapism there you go right happen because you feel like you're not being control of your life you're you're letting others to decide what you need to do right um so that's like my thing i i like i would still rather to fail on my own sword than double failing or following other people and then being wrong and uh being depressed because you're not following your own path so that's kind of how i think of it what do you think of that should we wait for the chime to stop that's that's a long time all right

okay we're good yeah all right so uh as you said escapism another word we could use is avoidance yeah and uh for myself personally i don't like avoidance if i am stressed or bothered by something instead of forgetting about it or ignoring it i prefer to just deal with it whether that means getting up and doing something about it or it's just something i gotta figure out in my head and it's just sitting and thinking or walking and thinking walking i like sometimes to walk and talk to myself because i find that when you you might sound crazy talking to yourself but when you verbalize things it helps your brain to kind of organize your thoughts because you you think a lot faster than you can speak like your brain can process thousands of words a minute but you can't you definitely can't speak thousands of words in a minute in any coherent fashion so you got it it slows you down and you can talk yourself through the dynamics and aspects of a situation um that's just my method but the the key point is i don't think turning to alcohol or other substances or you know binging on a tv show or whatever just avoiding the issues in your life is going to get you any closer to having them not be stressful issues in your life the only way to to alleviate your stress is to deal with whatever the cause of the stress is so i i personally am not a proponent of escapism or avoidance because that's just you know it's just pushing it into a corner and hoping it goes away which seldom works right it's like so you're depending on the substances to feel better that's the ultimate solution it's temporary temporary but i was thinking about that actually when i on the way to the shibuya station like substances like is it bad i mean i don't think it's bad it's like practical but what's the boundary like i think there's a talk around like how we like to rely on tools right it comes with civilization it comes with the progress of humanity like these tools we invented it because we know that it's going to make our life better some substances that makes us weaker i guess less uh some less survivable

lower our you mean like our chance of survival just like a knife skill like it lowers our nice skill so when you say substance do you mean just everything like including tools and objects and also you know the things we put into our bodies is that when you say substance or do you mean like just the things that we put into our bodies the things that we consume

everything everything even so like the chair we're sitting on is the substance of our i mean probably the ultimate term yes okay but what i was questioning earlier was for example like you know when we're depressed exactly the topic we're talking about the fastest solution the easiest that we tend to rely on is instead of like facing to the problem looking internally searching of our self right like really getting to the core of the problem we must rather take the pill for it we much rather right escape with them escapism next couple grab that little bottle exactly and try to we drown your worries is a term and then so that that could be a diffraction of weakness right of human being at the same time like what's the boundary because i understand that those are the tools that specifically was born out of humans laziness but at the same time there is a practicality in that like alibaba the ceo of baba says uh giacomo says he wants to hire lazy people because lazy people figures out how to do things better like really like it's like the topic of like working smart versus like working hard right like what do you think about that uh yeah you talked about a few different topics there but um i guess talking about the substance one first you said what is the boundary um so i will use the word substance to mean things we put into our body like substances like like you know alcohol or drugs or whatever right um

the boundary i think it depends on what's your purpose are you drinking to just have fun like you're having you're with your friends and you're just having a good time or are you drinking because you're stressed or or because you're depressed what is your reason because intent is very important you could have uh let's say you have three shots having fun with your friends nothing wrong with that but if you have three shots because you're not feeling good then you know it's the same amount of alcohol but the motivation is very different one you're just having fun and the other one is you're trying to you're trying to just ignore your problems for however long you know you feel the effects of the alcohol so i think the first thing is is acknowledging what is the purpose of what you are doing all right it's like uh something we talked about before when we got together actually was yesterday uh where we said about um like everything is bonus kind of like you shouldn't take stuff for granted in order for you to be happy sustain happiness but instead your your default is already happy you're already full the cup is already full but sometimes it's okay to take some like fun stuff on top of it you gotta right like you can't you can't be a complete person because you have alcohol or because you have that here yeah and then i think it's the same thing for everything really it applies for everything like even human relationship everything like you your cup always has to be empty you're not i'm saying sorry four right your cup always has to be full but everything is kind of bonus so whatever happened you appreciate them that's true that's true and and and kind of an analogy that i like to use i just uh came up with this one day what i was thinking is if your life your fulfillment your container for fulfillment if it is a well let's just say a bathtub okay if your bathtub is filled with water for example and you pull the plug the water is going to drain pretty quickly right and the plug could just be something stressful or something that that makes you sad or upset right now if your bathtub is filled with something denser like honey you pull the plug it's going to drain a lot slower yeah so so what are you filling yourself with is it is it something that will just disappear as soon as things get rough or do you have enough quality substance filling up your fulfillment in life that even when things get hard everything isn't just going to disappear you might lose a little bit because we can't be a hundred percent all the time but how big is the reaction going to be so that's kind of the the image that i like to use in my head am i filled with honey or am i just filled with water that's really thoughtful i like that thank you thank you um and i said about working hard versus working smart right yes yes that's another yeah i think that's a great point um because drawing upon my career in sports right my life experience when i was playing sports the mentality of the coaches and the teams was just work hard work hard work hard work hard and nowadays i see that there's a shift in the thinking of the coaching really yeah in sports yes sports yes wow like american football track and field so it's it's training you you have to train of course hard to be an elite level athlete it's not an easy thing to do but you have to train smart because sometimes training yourself to exhaustion isn't the most effective way because when when you get exhausted for example your chances of being injured increase because you're just exhausted and so

now people are analyzing like all of the conditioning that we do like for example when i was playing football we had to run a lot of sprints just back and forth back and forth back and forth and the coaches would use that also as a punishment if we messed up in practice or we messed up in a game they would make us run sprints and call conditioning and that was thought that it's going to make us mentally tougher which it does yeah but also it's going to improve our physical capabilities in the games which that's the old thinking but now they're saying conditioning should have it shouldn't be a punishment it should be used to accomplish something so instead of running these sprints as a punishment let's reduce that and let's focus on on game situations so because in a game we don't just run sprints back and forth yeah we we in football we do a play the play stops we reset we run another play and that's how it goes so we have rest time we're not just like it's not like soccer we're just like like that so when we say training smarter it's

don't just punish by exhausting somebody because that's not going to have any effect on the game and the whole goal of practice is to improve your game time performance so there's more focus on training skills and situations and and things like that because when you're exhausted you physically don't operate as well so like your brain gets slower and for example if you have to catch a ball your coordination isn't going to be as good just because you're exhausted so you get exhausted halfway through practice the rest of your practice is going to suffer when you're training your skills so now you have to be in a certain condition level yes but let's not use conditioning as a punishment because that's not going to accomplish anything let's train what's going to actually have an impact in the games so now it's training smarter which i'm not i know this is getting long but um one more thing i want to say yeah is my father's generation was even worse than mine because my father he played football too and in in his day when he was playing the coaches said that if you had to take a water break in practice that was a sign of weakness now we know that if you don't drink water you might die you could have heat stroke and you could die really from the actual yes yes especially if you're training if you're playing in a area that's really hot you sweat a lot and and as we know today when you sweat you need to replace your water and your electrolytes but back in my father's day they said no you want to be tough you got to be strong you don't need water okay well biology says if we don't have water we'll die and you know that's happened in american football um you know university players have died from heat exhaustion or dehydration so in his day was even worse they were training really hard and not smart my generation had a little bit of progress we got water and stuff like that and now the current generation now is transitioning towards not using exhaustion as punishment but you know focusing on other skills and traits that will improve the player in game time so it's making progress about you know training or working smarter versus harder

that was long but i i hope i hope it was uh easy to understand yeah no i thought it was really amazing example like i i never knew that about sports right so that's very interesting but i like the whole time i was also kind of like trying to generate my other question nominating to that because it was very interesting point so i remember like we spoke about so ultimately i i believe so much in the power of mind right like and in that uh that requires mental strengths definitely right yes yes and nazi aliens uh and i remember we even spoke about it actually um the other day when we said when i talked about um you know emotion is the last resort and then you still kind of have to sustain the practicality along the way that was response to one of the quote you shared with me do you remember which one it was do you remember which one it was it was about um

um but i guess my point of that um but i want to remember what which one it was it was about vision oh no when you when you when you were held the fire of the hell right oh my original quote

yes yes okay so the quote the quote is when the fires of hell rage around you walk with a purpose you gotta do something you gotta act quick because just sitting around you're going to get burned you're going to get torched right so you you got to be proactive and i guess to the response to that is i guess when i heard that i have i could see myself in the situations where i had to push through myself through the adversities for example and then that was the point where we kind of touched slightly on the topic of working smart versus working hard right like i guess uh in a sense and then i think it kind of circle backs to it because like i'm a very contradictory person like i believe in um the balance or i believe in the two very different belief and i still like believe in both right like there's no definitive uh black and white answer for me it's always about a little bit of white little bit of black and then you can always like use different uh approach depending on your context and as long as it benefits you basically right and then um so that's why like sometimes i get a little bit confused about like i i wouldn't say confused but um i guess that's why i um as much as i pull from the direction of mindset is everything the power of mind is so super strong and in the same time i also pull from the direction of like you know practice matter or practicality matters right uh do you have any opinion around that

but sorry i want to share one more thing i think overall i think i'm like in life right like in life scale i'm a lot more toward this uh this side i guess emotional side toward like a mindset side where in the end of the day i think this was something i shared also another day in the end of the day my view of the world i i'm a very like artsy person i think um left it was logical right and right is artsy i think maybe i think so so i'm very um right brain person i guess i i i resonate with my right side of the brain more and basically i believe that um the art is ultimately the world the foundation of the world the humanity lives on and then um so i i would kind of like associate the word humanity with art and then science is a language of art so science is the techniques tools practicality that we gain that allow us to be more creative and then create the world that we want to artistically and that's the way i see it that's why speaking of art i think the power of mind challenging our limit like challenging how far we human species think we are capable is a lot more exciting story for me and then makes me makes draw a story where it definitely encourages me more to you know really live the life like try out the life the hardest i can

it's solid.. good :)

do you have any addition to this whoo i think we covered everything yeah i think we don't want it to be too long and we'll just start start repeating ourselves yeah yeah so i think that was that was enough time and it was interesting yeah well thank you very much for coming to the show today thank you very much for having me we're very happy that you came thank you yeah thank you okay well that's it guys thank you so much for watching and i'll see you guys next time

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