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what's up welcome back this is the rediscover the world podcast thanks for joining us for another episode i appreciate you guys and today's episode is brought to you by you because without you the show wouldn't be possible no sponsors over here don't get worried don't get too scared but uh today's episode we have a very uh very cool guest we have a fellow motivator we have miss natsune okay she is a author she's a business owner a tv host she's got a lot going on and we're going to talk about something really cool that she has coming up in just a few days so sit back relax and let's get it started boom this is the real real real discover the world podcast thank you for joining

we have here on the podcast that soon a okay she is the she's the author of the game of self-domination she is the host of life up education tv has a business which is the foreign connect where she helps japanese business owners connect with the american market so welcome to the podcast netsune hi thank you very much for having me john so like i said you got a lot of things going on you've been on a crazy one right now i'm seeing your name everywhere so what what did i leave out did i leave out anything before we get started no those are the two main things i'm doing right now my main focuses yeah cool cool cool if you guys aren't aware netsune is in tokyo japan right now have you ever came here before have you ever been no i hear nothing but good things i would love to visit nice yeah i think you'll like it so right now it is um 11 o'clock in the morning where she is at right now so unfortunately she's got me up late at night interviewing her on this podcast but i'm excited to be here i'm super excited to be here so i let it slide just this time thank you so you got your book coming out on the 27th of august correct yep so let's talk about let's talk about that just a little bit uh before we get into some other topics so if you wouldn't mind letting the uh listeners know a little bit about your book yeah sure so the book is called the game of self-domination and the book talks about how to create mental transformation in three different phases the first phase i talk about how to create momentum and decisiveness also the commitment in life and in order for one to create a commitment you need both inspiration and desperation inspiration in a sense that you believe in whatever you're dreaming of right now is possible to happen and desperation in a sense that you're so sick of like where you are right now you're so disappointed about your life situation right so i'm gonna trigger um i guess i'm gonna give you different talk points to kind of trigger your desperation and also the inspiration to um put you in a state of state of momentumness and then transitioning to the second phase i i now talk about uh how to be resilient in life how to have a perseverance once you decide to be decided to raise momentum right like uh momentum lasts only for a moment but then you need to be persistent about your decision and that's really all the good thing happened right so during this process basically i uh talk about things like the importance of self-awareness because you can't pretend to be wanna be something that you don't necessarily wanna be but just because your society is telling you to be certain way you know like for example entrepreneurship is a great example like there's a lot of romance created around entrepreneurship and i think by all means like people should try it if this is something that people want to try but you know like you can't pretend to want to be someone that you're not and really like without no judgment right like you you should go for what you really really want to be right um so you know given the bad thing and good thing like both included what do you really want so that's like the kind of you know level of deepness we go when we talk about self-awareness so i give you different questions sets of questions that you can go through to really discover who you are to really master yourself and then also i guess within the same phase i also talk about uh why we really hear right like philosophical questions about life to really create a different narration around failure different narration around uh why we are here um so to the third phase i start talking about redefining the definition of success and failure because often time what we do is there's a lot of talk around redefining failure and which is absolutely mandatory like i i'm the biggest advocate on that but at the same time i think we lack in the conversation around redefining success even so i'm gonna create different like a completely different narrative about what are we really here for like a more like authentic way of looking at life why are we here and what is happiness versus what is success now that was that was a lot there was a it was a lot of good things there you also are hitting on a lot of a lot of good strengths right there you talked about success you talked about entrepreneurship and you also talked about getting out of that rat race you know getting up and just being sick and tired of doing the everyday getting up going to work getting some sleep just to do it all over again and i love all those topics those are a lot of great topics i love to touch on them because unfortunately a lot of us are stuck in that rat race and we may not know it and there's also a lot of other um resources out there touching on a lot of the similar the same topics so what and what what would you say makes your book the game of self-domination different than the rest i would say it's different because it's truly the game of self-domination i don't tell you what's good for you i tell you i guess i will cultivate your own growth i'm not here to tell you what to do i'm not here to tell you what works i'm not here to tell you like what is the truth the truth is up to you i'm not going to try to define that for you it's your job to do that and that this is why uh my book's name is the game of self-domination because you know even if i give you something even if i present something of the truth it wouldn't be true if you don't look at it as truth right so any talk like any mental transformation for that matter like happens within you like that cannot be created from outside like the motivation always has to come from within you right so i think a lot of i guess in terms of the point of differentiation um when we talk about that i think a lot of materials out there would kind of you know go for the quick and you know you know some secret or whatever right like a quick something that um change your life forever approach right i mean this is exactly what i'm talking about when i talk about the defining success failure um but you know my my method or my book wouldn't give you like a quick result my book wouldn't be you know once and for all solution for you right like it's like i don't believe in at least well i don't believe in like a tools i don't believe in like secret algorithm like i don't believe in that i believe in hard work i believe in creating work ethic i believe in self-awareness i believe in things that solves problem at the core level not like a quick you know what i mean like a quick yeah so that's that's the major difference i would say yeah i mean nothing easy i mean nothing that is worthwhile comes easy and you talk uh you talked about the being successful and the goal to be successful that also is a very subjective term so what is that what does that mean to you being successful it's a subjective um and i think being successful to me is that one of the thing i think common for everyone um about success right like there's a difference in art and science and our part of success is very subjective but the science part of subjective i think that applies to everyone is that we need to know ourselves we need to know what we want right like we need to know uh what we desire like and then these things are very different but one thing that's common is we really need to identify who we are and what we want in life so that's one one part of success well that builds up success and for me the definition of successes success can never be achieved success is always in the future so like for me the definition of success is something that gets you up in the back uh gets you up from the bad like something that exists in the future something that inspires you to wake you up something that like makes you want to work for it right like it's the inspiration you're living for like for example you wouldn't say i achieved this in the past and i'm so motivated by it you don't say that i mean you already achieved that so success can never be achieved does that make sense oh yeah absolutely uh i definitely uh believe wholeheartedly and what you just said um a firm believer in you know what like what you said would get you out of bed and the way that i word that is what keeps you up at night we all have that thing that we love to do whether it's you know of course we have the nine of nine to five jobs but if you are a big fan of drawing comics or you know making fashion or designing clothes that keeps you up at night that's something that you love to do once you get home after you're 9-5 and living and breathing and doing that would only deem you to be successful so yeah i absolutely definitely agree so that was that was that was about your book so uh which which seems awesome by the way and i'm definitely looking forward to checking that out on the 27th when that does come out and yeah i checked it out it's definitely available for pre-order i saw it on amazon i saw it on your website and looks amazing i'm excited about that thank you do you like the design it looks very nice thank you thank you i'm really happy to hear that so yeah definitely shout out to your designer i don't did you do that yourself or no no i i hired a designer um she i think she's a brazilian designer i think she's from brazil or something but i um i put her name actually on the inside of the book yeah she did a great job looks yeah all right so let's move on a little bit let's talk a little bit more about natsune herself so you actually spent some time in the usa uh you got your degree here uh is that right yep i did um yeah i um i was born and raised in japan and i the first time i moved to the united states was when i finished my high school so which was 18 years old something like that and i was there for a while actually

nice so you spent some time in silicon valley seattle did you uh were you able to visit anywhere else or was that just the main main spot yeah no i i also lived in miami yeah nice very nice change uh i actually spent some time in seattle what did you think about that oh seattle uh it's an incredible place i love the i love the atmosphere um you know people are very smart lots of tech entrepreneurship going on and at the time i was there you know it was like becoming the second silicon valley like actually it was like becoming more like a silicon valley because you know it's much cheaper there's a very good infrastructure for tech businesses you know facebook was there microsoft's like amazon like all the headquarters were there i think facebook moved headquartered to uh seattle around the time i was there i think yeah but anyway so yeah it was very i mean because i'm very like i'm very inspired by the possibility of humanity uh which is the biggest theme i talk about with my my show the life of education tv you know and you know part of that i have a very huge interest in technology like how that advance the possibility of humanity so basically how that interacts with humanity and i also have economics and business background so that's why like technology has been always like one of the wow thing that i've been always paying attention for so that's why you know like when you ask me about seattle like that was the first thing that comes up in my mind because you spent some time in the the tech industry you know yeah i did i'm a little jealous what industry are you in uh well i'm not in the tech industry uh but i am a i love tech i'm a tech nerd you know nice not too hardcore but i definitely enjoy it you know wouldn't mind going back to seattle especially right now during the summer it is perfect oh yeah for sure winter it's kind of cold yeah it's a little rainy oh for sure yeah so you also talked about um your your tv show the life up education tv and you're the host of that and on on that show you interview successful people you talk about their story yeah you know how they got there it's a mix of thing too though i talk about you know like i mean once again my biggest theme is that advancement of humanity like the possibility of humanity how can we optimize our capability as a humanity because i'm very macro thinker and i'm also a really big believer of the power of mind when it comes to unlocking human potential so this is why i like to interview about their life stories you know because that's like the best thing that individual person can associate with the guest and then really get inspiration out of it right but um i also talk about i like to talk about processes as well like sometimes i would have a guests that are that is very like a tech driven like serial hardcore entrepreneur then i would talk about things like entrepreneurship but also like technology like the impact of technology in people or impact of technology in the advancement of humanity sometimes i would have a guest that is created and if that's the case i would ask ask them about like what is the role of creativity in terms of advancing humanity um you know how can we apply the creative process in our daily lives to maximize our performance level like you know stuff like that so i do talk about processes sometimes too i'm very fascinated by uh really various things you know like i'm i'm actually actually also planning to have like some neurogenesis or somebody somebody who can talk about brain uh maybe i can interview them them about you know how how can we kind of uh create i guess some optimal stay with our mind and you know physiologically and everything so you know i i guess i i have a lot of guests i guess i have a guest from all walks of life and then once again i talk about their personal life but also i talk about processes in the context of advancing humanity i believe that there's something to be said about someone who talks about and who's a big advocate for self-development and creating the life that is for you which is something that you do i know personally why i'm a big fan and advocate for that so what does that do what does that do for you how does that help fulfill you how does why does that make you happy it makes me happy because ultimately i think it comes back to the way i view life you know and i guess the conclusion toward my third phase the final chapter in my book also i talk about like what is happiness what is success why are we here for right and for me like one of the biggest reason i i'm here for or i guess what i want to create or leave behind in life is i just simply want to make people feel feel inspired feel um you know ambition i want to make them ambitious like me um and i mean i know that i'm not solution for everyone right like i i don't expect to be solution for everyone but as long as i'm here i want to create the message that's positive to people positive to myself but positive to people i want to make people laugh i want to make people feel significant i want to make people feel like yeah important loved you know these are the messages that i think gets not loud enough compared to the negativity because negativity has such a powerful impact you know one negative comment like think about it if you'd if you see like a 10 positive comments versus one negative comments like which one do you think it's stuck with you the negative one you know so i feel like there's not much like enough voices in the internet that's gonna push for you know optimistic positivity love like caring and you know no judgmental voices that's gonna you know encourage people to live courageously like you know all the positive messages and to me it really fulfills me because once again one of my main reason or the purpose i'm creating is i want to make people laugh i want to make people feel significant i want to make i want to inspire people i want to encourage people to live the best life possible on their own term for their own term i talked with the uh i had a guest on here a few episodes ago he was a motivational speaker and he worded it that we get up every day we brush our teeth every day we have our routine and we also need some motivation every day so yeah i 100 agree with everything you just said that we need that those words of affirmation that encouragement and you know that that person's that's just cheering us on you know what i mean we even if we need to find that within ourselves so we can be our home motivation i think that is definitely needed so i know personally i i'm a big fan of a lot of things that you just mentioned and finding that self-love and that encouragement itself and finding yourself and being more whole as you know yourself and personally i know that growing up i didn't i didn't feel a lot of that and i know that i know firsthand how much that is needed in someone's life so as i got older as i you know traveled on my my journey a little bit more i wanted to be that for somebody else that that's what makes me happy you know what i mean yeah talking about that self-love and maybe i can be that motivation for somebody else that's that's very beautiful yeah all right so um we talked about the we talked about the show we talked about the book and you also have a business you have the foreign connect yep and that's when you you help japanese businesses connect with the american market how why is that important to you other than you know the obvious and talk a little bit about that business yeah so foreign connects is um what i do with foreign connect is three pillars uh basically my whole motivation i guess the underlying motivation is i really want to help japanese economy to stay strong given a lot of economic challenges we're gonna face in next five ten years uh one of which become being the shrinking population you know so that means that you know we're not going to have enough labors to produce the amount that we're producing right now that's going to make us go down in the gdp that's going to make us weaker in the ranking of the power um compared to other countries and other countries are booming like india china like all these countries are you know having enough child like you know they're like literally on the rise so i i have a i guess not empathy how do you say like i have a responsibility kind of feeling to ag toward my mother country because this is the country that grew me at the end of the day um so i wanna really help them to uh stay strong in the economy and this is why i wanted to create some sort of uh business that's gonna allow me to help the economy a little bit you know and two things i do i help japanese companies to enter american market by starting a startup from the ground up whether that means like they need a foreign investor to invest or they need like acceptator to enter they need the mentorship they need strategic partnership whatever it is i help them to set it up um the second thing i do is i help them to sell abroad like i helped them to um sell in the foreign country without their business presence in the local country but from here from japan from japan and then the third thing i do is digital transformation because digital transformation will be very key factor in terms of surviving through the next generation uh you know next dynamic uh business um so a climate of business i would say and then i think japan i think it lacks in speed sometimes especially if you're a corporation and i mean this is true for any nation national companies for that matter but japan especially on top of you know larger organization we as a nation has this tendency of like you know lacking speed right like we we're village culture so we're not very fast to adapt to the changes so that's why i wanna help companies in that notion and i also talk about in my book i also talk about ikigai which is a philosophical concept of finding a life purpose and it's called ikigai in japanese so it's a japanese philosophical concept but basically there i talk about different circles that you should look for in term in order to get to the guy place at the center but my intake of that is slightly different like it talks about where is your mission where is your passion like what can what are you good at what can you get paid for like these are the circle that makes up for ikigai in the original concept but my concept like if you look at business or in in investment they like they create diversification right i mean that's just how it works so you can't just be on one dimensional thing like if you want to run business you gotta you gotta know what your passion is like where to create innovation at the same time you need to care about the money tomorrow like in order for you to survive so for me i kind of have that you know more logical um strategy implied in that sense i i keep foreign connect more with um the direction of like let's you know create a more sustainable model like business at the same time i want to do the life up education tv where um because of foreign connect i don't have to necessarily worry 24 7 about my sustainability but rather i i much rather create a meaningful message with life up education tv so it seems like you're looking out for who looked down for you when you were coming up looking out for the home team i like that before we get out of here really quick before i go to this next topic did we miss out on anything as far as the businesses we talked about the book did we leave out anything no i think you asked me pretty good questions um i mean unless you have something else to ask me like oh yes i do okay all right so before i before i let you go in that q a i got a couple questions that i would like to ask nothing too personal nothing too crazy so uh first question what is the first thing that comes to mind that is your guilty pleasure guilty pressure yes

um guilty pressure wow where is the where did that come from like what let's see i don't know just a fun question it's just one question let's see i'll tell you mine why you thinking so my guilty pleasure every night is two bowls of cereal i have to have it every night every night every single night

wow um let's see i would say bread sometimes once in a while yeah i don't i don't eat bread um i try not to eat too much carbs because it makes me slow it feels like to me um but brad yeah i love brad yes it's it sucks that the things that are the tastiest are what's worse for us i hate it yeah yeah all right so let's move on next question that i have other than the book releasing on the 27th what is the next thing that you are looking forward to um i don't necessarily have answer for that right now i'm just like fully dedicated to building the two things that i mentioned like the platforms i mentioned i i feel like i just haven't fully dominated and not domains neither yet so you know i'm in for the long term like i'm not in for the quick game that is a perfect answer yeah you are in full tunnel vision about the game of self-domination perfect answer thank you all right so let's see next question what is the most recent lesson that you learned in life uh i wouldn't say decent but one other thing i guess uh that had an impact in me is that you can't predicate your worth i guess perceived self-worth in people's opinion by all mean like that's not what you want to live your life for like you know for example social media right like amount of followers and likes and like especially this is common to young people um even even older people but young people um you know like they judge people based on the followers or the likes amount of whatever right like it really shouldn't predicate one really shouldn't predicate their perceived self worth or not because there's always gonna be someone new someone more interesting someone more beautiful someone more sexy someone more handsome someone more whatever right and like people have different opinion anyways like people don't give a [ __ ] like you know what i mean and then it makes you like entitled like in reality like you know you already know one but i mean rather you should appreciate like whatever the comment like it's better than nothing you know what i mean like people people give you a compliment people give you like nasty comment whatever it is like it's happening for you like this is this is amazing that you're given this opportunity to be presented in front of other people and i feel like a lot of people take that granted and also i think because we're living for the likes we're living for the compliments on the comments whatever like that gives us dopamine like it it really crushes people's like actual perceived self-worth when they when they get like a slight negative comments and all that you know what i mean but in the edit it has nothing to do with you like you're like a true true value you know oh yeah the yeah social media is one of the best and worst things to ever happen to this generation like honestly i think like tools magnifies who we are i don't think we it and nothing really changes our nature like we just act according to who we are but depending on the tools that we are given we basically create this vehicle of exaggerating who we are if that makes sense so i think people shouldn't rely too much on the tools but another they should always focus on what's really authentically important which is to work on yourself to you know have the confidence like know your self-worth like these are things that regardless of social media regardless of anything that we have today like you gotta you gotta get that right i hope everybody listening is taking and practicing this what natsune just said that is very i don't i'm at a loss of words right now that was perfect i feel that i feel the exact same way about you know self-worth and just the the mirage of social media and just everything out there and people think that's real life yeah you know they get so caught up in it and that one dislike or that one negative comment would just ruin their day completely mm-hmm yeah i understand it's hard but you know at the end of the day i think it's also like decisiveness right like you got to know what's really important which is not to live for someone else's life neither like you gotta live for you absolutely for sure all right now sony i think i'm gonna end the questions there and one more time before we get out of here is there anything else that you would like to say to the people are there any questions that you are expecting for me to ask that i did not ask that you would like to answer anything left on the table no i just want to thank you for the opportunity that you invited me to your show and if i may um you can find me on all the social media um so my main thing is you can find all my social media links there but under you you know under life education tv you can also find me on youtube tik tok instagram twitter uh uh instagram i said uh facebook linkedin so pretty much everywhere yeah pretty much everywhere and in the book also you can purchase it through my website like absolutely yeah definitely go ahead and check that book out that is the game of self-domination by natsune oki i'm looking forward to it hopefully you guys are also looking forward to it and thanks for coming out to the show netsune i really appreciate you coming out to the rediscover the world podcast and i will talk to you next time sounds good thank you have a great day thank you

listen people we are here to inspire and to motivate i hope you guys took some value from today's episode and like we said throughout the episode august 27th this thursday her book the game of self-domination will be available and of course i will have the links for you to check out that sunday check out the book in the show notes and i'll see you next episode peace

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