What is the ultimate form of humanity? Are we going to have abundance in supply in the future?

Hi everyone welcome back to life up education tv this is natsune i'm your host i'm also the author of the book called the game of game of the game of self domination i'm just currently waiting for my guest to join in right now okay so he's set now okay let's see so we tried to do this earlier but um something came up so he had to go so we're trying this again so welcome welcome to life education tv um thank you you're my very close friend here in tokyo so i just kind of wanted to just casually have this conversation i remember we spoke about future right future is a topic that i'm really personally very excited about and i feel very strongly about um and i got a lot to say um and also actually i'm gonna give you one back story of this okay okay so the other day you know me i i was eating with my mom and we were talking about you actually and she asked me what kind of person you are and the way i described you was i think you have a capacity to look at see the world from uh future in history like you have the capability to learn um how it is like how the world works from from the history and also you have the capability to capability to interpret um interpret that data and then basically that makes you more like a macro thinker so i think you have a very unique understanding and opinion around you know around how the humanity is formed today from the past like from the history and i think you have interest in that um and then i think you have a unique way of viewing the future as well because you learn from uh you learn from the history i i i noticed that you're interested in history a lot and i i feel like that's probably one of the reasons why you can think of future um in a very creative way because as much as future exists like we um we develop our creativity and future based on the history like what what we've already created right so i think that that's your one of the superpower is that because you're you have a very unique relationship and i guess deeper knowledge i i would say compared to the average like deeper knowledge about the history i think that's why it makes you more creative person it makes you more future forward like future um thinking person um if that makes sense so but so that's well thank you very much that's uh yeah thank you that's

in general as well like for me because future it's very uh you know future i was i was thinking about this too uh you know the future is basically the possibility right like it sounds so cliche but if you think about it really like future is association of possibility and so to speak in the opposite side of it is history like our past is the association of impossibility right but without one another they can't exist um but because i'm very passionate about possibility very passionate about like you know challenging the limit uh redefining who we are like not letting anything to give us the permission um to allow us to be who we are so basically that's to say that i'm not gonna let people to tell me who how much i can be or who i should be but that i'm i'm gonna define for myself right like that's that's something excites me and i think future um very much aligned with that thinking so yeah now without further ado i guess we'll jump jump right on um today's topic and one other thing we spoke about the other day which i found very interesting was when you spoke about um you know how the business today is predicated on the arbitrage the difference between supply and demand right that's just how capitalism and business works in today's world uh given the limited resource that we have but you are talking about like how that's gonna change right like how there's not gonna be even a point of trade like i was so fascinated by how you thought about it can you ever elaborate on that yeah so um this all started when i was really young you know like and i think i was really you know in need and i was desperate and my mind started going about you know what would a world be like and i think as a swedish person you know um swedish people are not really we're not capitalist and we're not communists we're somewhere in the middle right like we're we're socialists right so

socialism meaning just like you have a little bit more of a human right for example education is a human right um you know being okay not dying from hunger is a human right you know like these kind of things are human rights so um and in a society where those things kind of are the base foundation of a of a society um it's a lot easier as a person to just go okay well um i i have some basic needs uh and they're getting supplied by um you know by by funding or money or whatever i have right so um and and then as a kid at one time i was really really really in a bad situation i i was totally broke i was homeless i you know i was 15 years old i didn't know what to do and um there was this popular show going on tv it was called star trek and star trek is this uh tv show that that goes on it it's made by or it's written by um a couple of guys at uh nasa it's also you know together with people from hollywood and they wrote this story together which was kind of interesting and some of the things that they bring up there are some of the technologies that we have today for example uh they were talking about this was like in the in the in the 80s the 70s and and you know um in the 90s you know where computer was just like what's a computer kind of thing um and and back then uh they were talking about things like you know the universal um translator and that was one of the technologies that was in the show and that technology for example you know it was an ai it would learn any kind of language in a couple of sentences so this was a cool thing and we kind of have that today like with google translate sure it's not an ai that learns a couple of language you know a language from a couple of sentences but still you know it it's in it it's an ai and it will learn from you and not only that it can translate what you say to any language and this was just like 20 years ago this was just like unfathomable you you couldn't even think about these things it was just like it was space you know and um can i still be there yeah that time ago like there wasn't any translation right translation technology none no no like translation was like you would go and get like a book yeah and then you would take each word and then you would like go through the sentence like by each word trying to understand what it meant in another language and it took forever you know uh and now you just type in a computer press a button and you can you you understand what it says or even it automatically translates it for you so this is a completely different word you know uh and these kind of technologies i think they were or presumably they were probably inspired by these you know uh not only star trek but you know many many kind of things from uh the you know science fiction etc and one of the things that was interesting about star trek was that in the future there is there you know in the star trek universe they don't have like things like poverty uh starvation uh problems like you know like hospital stuff like this stuff that we take uh stuff that we uh can't take for granted yet because it's not our human right yet you know right um but can i stop you there real quick so do you think that i had this like really crazy idea one day um yeah sure tell me at some point i thought we would lose gender i thought gender would be luxury because that wasn't going to be oh that's such a cool thing right like what you would like buy it by your your your gender or you could pick it like any time ultimate like ultimate version of humanity like something that we discussed it before like if the per like if the the ultimate version of us is to be whoever we want to be at any time right yeah if that's the goal that we're all trying to strive maybe gender isn't gonna be such a necessary like a fundamental thing we need to have uh unless because okay oh my god that's just a cool thought i know like physically think about it if we think about the gender from logical perspective it's needed for the production like productivity purpose right now right yeah but then like you know there's gonna be certain i guess certain levels of cost with that

i don't know what okay so i just wanted to give you some like crazy no no no no it's so good it's so good like these are the kind of things that people are thinking about like people are thinking about it and and i was talking to you earlier today about abundance and these are the kind of things that are you know like can you imagine the amount of resources it would you know take or cost or do to to change your gender like on a day-by-day basis let's say that you want to be a girl in the afternoon and you know a dude in the morning i mean that would be so much resources and that you know like these things are are are so costly but if if you look at the world if you look at the world hundred years ago and if you look at the world today the amount of resources that we use has been like it has exploded like a gazillion you know a hundred years ago having a ball pen was luxury a ball pen that was like wow you have a ball pen in your house that's 100 years ago you know thinking about that today i mean a ball pen costs you nothing it you know it's just you give away ball pens ball pins have no value right and and people would 100 years ago people would buy ball pens for a lot of money to them right and it was like i'm getting a bolt then you know and that that's big you know what i mean so if if you look at the world and it's the same with radio like uh a hundred years ago getting a radio having a radio in your house that's a big thing you know looking at it today a radio is nothing you could buy your friend a radio in a second you wouldn't even hesitate get one on you know amazon for like five bucks you know give it to your friend no problem right so then i think uh i think to get to the fundamental of the discussion here i want to define a few things so when we talk about abundance and when we talk about um scarcity yeah it seems like how things are cheaper now is predicated on two different uh pillars like the one is technology right like it's just yes became a lot cheaper and just technology in a sense that we have more skills and skills are cheaper and then also material material is another form of resource right so i just wanted to define those two things to move forward with the conversation moving forward because um inevitably well what we're saying here is that in the future those two things will cost like almost zero right exactly and we're and we're getting there like look at the 3d printers like this you know this is one of the things that i was talking about star trek before as well like if you look at star trek like 30 years ago and they were talking about something called the 3d printer you know it wasn't called that it was called the materializer you know which is pretty cool and now and now 30 years later we have 3d printers that can build buildings so i mean the technology is just like super charging you know like and we're getting there and um like you said one is manufacturing is getting so much cheaper uh we can do things and it's getting more efficient it's getting better and we're you know we're just in the beginning of this whole uh digital revolution that's going on it's only those years yeah actually someone said something so you know in the future actually this was gary but he said um you know our fridge would order beer without you having to order it like as soon as the beer lands out it's gonna order by itself like that's just smart threads you know like it's i think yeah okay just crazy like oh cool oh no idea of like where like we have even no idea like that we're not even beginning like at the beginning of what's about to happen anyway so keep keep going yeah exactly yeah and it's so crazy and the idea then when i was a kid was that what you know like we work our whole lives we strive our whole lives to get something called money and this is so crazy like we will basically give away 30 of our lives to make this paper thing but now it's digital it's a number in a bank account that is called money and and it's so crazy you give away 30 of your life for that to sustain your you know basic uh demand of right survival right is it 30 it feels higher than that though right

am i under exaggerating or what yeah underestimating i think so i mean i think it could be as high as like 70 or 80 probably yeah yeah yeah no i know how you feel man i know how you feel buddy uh and and that's one of the things like you you feel that your whole life is just going away to get this stuff called money and then with that money you'll eat you'll you'll live you'll be a place etc and when you're a kid when you're 15 years old you think that is such a a worthless meaning of life right

why would you ever want to give away 30 of your life to just be okay and be a human being that's so crazy right so when i was a kid i was thinking okay well when would this ever end when would it end when would we not have to work our entire lives to get money anymore you know and bang my idea popped i was watching star trek and i was just like oh my god it's when supply is one million times demand when supply is one million times demand

why would we ever need money the same with the radio the same with a bullpen the same with whatever you know ball fence the supply is one million times demand you can get a ball plan without any effect of your life you can get it and you can have a ball pen and you can write something on a paper you know and the same is kind of coming along with phones there are so many phones phones is becoming like an abundance you can get a phone for free from your friend it might be old but you'll get it you know what i mean so at one time maybe in the future sometime without like this has nothing to do with marxism or anything to do with communism or anything like that but it will just be gone it will just be you know spending your entire life getting some kind of uh uh you know money to survive or something like that it will just like go away when you have a million times demand but i mean they have to be fun like lifeline products though we were talking about i think i mean like for example i understand that concept like i'm 100 on the same page yeah yeah but it has to be the scarcity is still created because we just can't have basic uh products right like basic products that support our lives that's why we keep working i i i agree but but this is the thing this is the thing let's go back to the materializer the 3d printer you know let's go back to it let's look at it what does it do it basically takes one material and from that material it creates whatever you want the only cost of it is energy that's it and you need the basic material that's it right like do you mean that's okay like okay for sustainability wise yeah for human being as of yeah our current state as of our current form for us to survive it's water basically it's water food exactly like without excreting any luxury and stuff like you mean that with the power of 3d printer like something like that would it just ultimately create 1 000 times more supplied and demand of those products exactly like there's a couple of barriers one of the biggest barrier is absolutely we're on one planet where it's not we're not living in abundance on this planet you know if you look at you know uh elon musk for example that's what he's dreaming about man he's dreaming about those things he's dreaming about you know like we're fighting over resources on one planet when the universe is so huge like what are we doing are you crazy like we're killing each other over what like that's what he's thinking about that's what he's talking about that's what sci-fi is talking about that's interesting yeah but okay so that's one of the biggest barriers you know like how do we get resources and how do we move them fast enough and those are two things like right logistics how do we move things fast enough how do we get get it fast enough imagine and imagine in a world where where you know you could move any material you know in any speed you wanted to let's say you ate us the sandwich you went to the bathroom that whole ecosystem system of it becoming a plant you know growing some wheat you know making it if that's made in a second and a half i mean that's it that's the point right abundance it's just we're too slow our technology is too slow at the moment that's the point when technology goes faster those are the things that you know were you know i'll give you an example

about 25 years ago i got my first cell phone and you know calling on a phone it was so luxury it was so luxurious talking to somebody on a phone was so luxury and i had a cell phone it was huge it was like the iphone's kind of getting big too but yeah it was huge you know we're going back to history yeah and and my phone would last for two hours it was like a really old phone it was an old phillips you know like and and it was amazing i i had this phone it was mega huge and and and and communicating over the net with somebody we didn't have that that was luxury i would have to pay so much money to communicate over the internet with someone else or over a network with someone else that was the phone network i would pay you know almost like 50 cents of a dollar for a minute of talking on the phone today you and me are talking on the phone for free it's abundance we have communication online in abundance this is one of the points so how how does that make the humanity better like in terms of you know mind in terms of like everything just how does that make us better the fact that we have this phone technology for free no cost well is that affecting us today i would say better is happier that's better you know you know if you if you look at 100 years ago the the amount of worries you had then like what could happen etc you know i mean it was dangerous to live a hundred years ago right you know i mean you could die over the winter you know what i mean like i mean winter's coming that's so yeah yeah yeah and you just die you just like oh i didn't survive this winter [ __ ] i die you know game over but ultimately i guess 100 years ago the goal of the humanity at that point was party to make survive like safer yeah survive and create the safe environment yeah exactly from now i guess so it's all exist in the same same road i guess like extension of safety where does it going i mean so that yeah well well basically basically if we look at these fundamental human needs it's a whole list it's a million of them you know and some of them are not only materialistic they're like for example a human need is communication talking to someone you know what i mean what we're doing right now we have that in abundance today but i'm not going to say that we didn't have an in abundance before too like talking to somebody that you liked you know as soon as urbanization happened that was kind of cleared out you know before that maybe you were in a village with people you didn't like and you had to talk to people you hated you know what i mean so like these are the these are the things that has been taken care of and more and more of them are being taken care of and more and more of them are being taken taken for granted then the question that you asked last time was so what do we do when we have everything exactly hold on so i want to i want to make one point before we move on to the next topic exactly that but basically from what we've been talking it all makes sense that right like right now so i guess ultimately us as a humanity where we are going to is yeah to make us feel better basically right like to and then i guess right now make us feel better is luxury like it's not something that everybody has right now at the moment in a macro like you know like make us feel better in a sense that like um even from like a basic stuff like even from

like i

yeah yeah yeah yeah you're good keep going keep going yeah yeah so right um i just wanted to make this point because it's it's kind of interesting to for me to think that because you know as much as we um i guess demonize the fact that you hate your life or that you you feel miserable like you know those are the things that i don't know like to some degree it might be instilled actually like i guess this is just the process of humanity where yeah we have a balance of between having a lot in some things and have not having enough for some things and then that really still puts us in a state of like misery still right yeah yeah i feel good is still kind of luxury like i said yeah i don't know if i explored in a in the best way i could have but anyways you're good i understand you i understand you yeah i don't know like there's something interesting in that that i wanted to explore a little bit more but i can't come up with the right path to it uh interesting angle to talk about it but anyway so to back to your point uh yeah now then what is our uh what is our motive at that point if we do happen to have everything that we we want we need like what is our driver from that point what happened us as a humanity yeah what happens this is the point and really uh this is one of the places why i think that silicon valley uh you know silicon valley and you know new york and uh you know places like sweden like iceland like norway like like places that somehow they've taken care of the basic needs of humanity you know they take care of the basic needs of humanity and uh holland as well really really holland i would say holland is a very very powerful player in this too they have taken care of the basic needs of humanity and from there a lot of ideas come right so these people they don't have to worry about eating today they don't have to worry about you know like doing something or fixing or this and that so what they do instead of of their time is they invent new things they come up with new ideas they uh create tech startups they create unicorn startups they create you know this is why we don't have silicon valley in you know a place that's extremely poor and the reason for that is that the basic needs are not taken care of and when the basic needs are not taken care of people are focused on that so what i mean by that is when you have these abundances you know then all of a sudden you get really curious and you start working your curiosity and you start wondering about things and then you start thinking about solutions and then you start thinking about like okay well what more can i do you know and so that doesn't mean that you know you can't be poor hungry and broke and not be creative of course you will be very creative if you're like in in in a in a how do you say one of those uh places where uh makiashi is like how do you say one of those places when you're in a a room like a panic room you know or something like that you know what i mean yeah and when you're when you're doing one of these uh scare games or something like that like when you're in when you're pressured to a certain point where okay well uh i need to eat so right then you get creative and you find a way for it but that's not curiosity that's instinct right so i so one word that came up in my mind what you were describing is like sustainability right like sustainability in um production like when you're abandoned to the place where and we're talking about just general like uh probably the large group of people but it definitely depends on each individual like how you use those facts as your utility you can still be um very hungry and very creative even if you're broke whatever like you just have to find what works for you i guess good narration for yourself so this is not to say that this is the definitive fact that applies for everybody absolutely but absolutely large group of people it's most likely that we see what we would see is gonna probably look something like when you are coming from a place of abundance you don't necessarily have to focus too much on the survival tomorrow versus create like spending the same exact same energy onto creating something for the humanity right yeah you're right you know like this is the point like when when when you're whether you're broke or rich or whatever it is uh when you have you know you can be creative to solve any kind of problem that happens in your life and you will be very creative but creation you know it's not really about your thought it's about trying right so you when when when you're in a place of abundance you can try so many things you can try over and over and over and over again go any direction you want and you don't have a factor saying no to you you don't have a factor holding you in in a certain situation saying hey you know what um you have to do this within this frame because this frame allows you to eat you go outside of this frame that doesn't give you any food so don't go outside of there so i think you're right i think because it's cheaper and i think because it's less risk it like the function the very function wouldn't wouldn't change in terms of like our capability and creativity but it just gives us better access to creativity it just gives us more tool gives us more access to achieving faster and having more resources to achieve so yeah i get it i see yeah and it allows you to try yeah i would say 90 of creativity is trying something you know you try you fail you try you fail you try you fail and then one day you'll make it and and and that's you know 10 is the thought that you had in the beginning and that thought is gonna change so much it's gonna change it's gonna change you it's gonna change everything and that's the process of creating so let's let's talk about something else actually it's still related to what we've been talking about okay okay what do we pay for how how do you think money is going to work in that environment well it's like supply and demand but yeah now you get like rewarded from the trade or the in between enjoying the process is vital i agree great man uh yeah it's vital yeah you're 100 right um well now we're you know we make money from trade the in between you know like the effort that we made you know that and and um uh i would say that in the future i don't know i'm not sure how it's going to work but if you look at star trek for example right the reward system in star trek comes from the things that you've actually done you know you get rewarded from doing things meaning that if you do things well you're put in a position in a situation where you get to do more right okay and that is kind of similar to today but the money factor isn't there the the the human needs factor isn't there you get to choose either you can do a lot in your life or you can do nothing with your life and that is one of the biggest point one of the things that you talk about as well you know like life is what you make it right like if you if you do something with it then then then you get somewhere and if you don't you can waste your life sitting in a couch looking at the ceiling you know if you wanted to so and i don't think there's a demon in neither side you just have to like if you want to do it do it but just don't [ __ ] complain that that's just yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and i think that kind of thinking it's still socially not so accepted and i think it has to do with where we are in the process of humanity too because you know it's still certainly encouraged to have a purpose in life and produce something in life and stuff like that right which i'm super big on like i'm i'm i'm believing on that because i have my own reason which is kind of long so i'm not gonna go over it now but um yeah i think practically like that's just emotional part that makes us do that but practically like it's just how it is and you don't necessarily have to attach meaning to them because meanings are um things that come from our emotions like our cognitive thinking wanting to understand what's going on right so yeah i get that and i think i guess to your point when we are in a place of such an abundance where we don't have to produce by technical term yeah like that's the moment when we actually become able to pursue whatever the life we want to pursue without the guilt without yeah i mean oh my god can you imagine how much you do out of necessity in your life right now yeah oh my god you make i think it must be 80 of the world's population are going to a job and at some point during their work day they feel like they're doing something out of necessity rather than doing something out of cre curiosity and joy and and and um because they like it you know and and and that's one of the things i think that

in the future we get to do more of what we want rather than more of what we don't want and i think if you look at history this is something that is definitely getting more and more true every single moment you know 100 years ago you couldn't even marry who you wanted that your parents would choose that for you you know what i mean right but still kind of oh i think it's not uh it's not going to be accurate if we make any prediction at this point i get that but i'm just like i can't help wondering what the world would look like in that place like where you absolutely don't have to do anything you don't want to do like that you would have antennas you would have antennas like three eyes one right here

so now i think this was very interesting um now i want to talk about honestly right i i see the three emotions right there but yeah that's how i feel um so finally i guess before closing up because i'm hungry so i'm gonna go but before closing up i wanna ask you something else yeah sure so you know let's talk about this in the context of today's business a little bit um so you know abundance in so basically so from from now uh from until now we've been talking about is how demand and supply works today where there's a imbalance between those two right right as of now and there's our arbitrage that's why uh people pay for what they want want to have yeah and i make sense like in this very era it makes sense but like there's also

like in terms of you know good practice in business right like you kind of have to um create this okay have you read the book thank you economy thinker what thank you economy thank you yeah i think well gary from garyvee okay so there's this book thank you economy where it talks a lot about just give give give give and ultimately that's gonna make your business the strongest because businesses are about human human relationships right probably makes you the happiest too exactly yeah so that's that's that too right like when we talk about future so okay here's one one thing i connect the future with is uh mental health too right yeah like future is happiness history yeah feeling like you have a bright future ahead of you yeah yeah in the history and the past i associate with well and well i don't know if unhappy is a right word to say but i guess like a scarcity to some degree which we talked about earlier so given that um so thank you economy sorry i i kind of lost myself

but anyway so my uh my question to you about this was i yeah i agree with that the businesses is about humanizations and then you wanna yeah for the business practice purpose even uh to be profitable in the end there's a certain degree of happiness that needs to well i guess a goodness right emotionally like a goodness that needs to be attached to the business i don't know if i'm doing anything too naive for this yeah for saying this but this was kind of the summary of the thinking economy as well

right like gary would say like don't don't look for their wallet see like don't don't treat them as they are your what like you know like don't look at them as a wallet look at them as a human yeah create relationships and then like the currency is smiles yeah cool so and i believe that but how can we do that in a practice level like in a yeah like how can we do that what do you think well it's kind of tough isn't it i mean you know like when you have a startup the first things you think about is like money in money now you know and um

that doesn't really allow

in the beginning i would say in a startup you probably feel like okay uh maybe the in the beginning you go like okay well i will overwork to just give a really good job and then i'll you know i'll receive and then after that later i'll lower the amount of effort and i'll get better not only will i i will get better that's why i will lower the effort or i will like be able to do things faster or etc you know uh to get the same amount of reward right and um garyvee brags about that cause he's a multi-millionaire bang yeah yeah he is totally and and um i would say in reality you know in in sorry not in reality but in practicality if you look at us as human beings and you know you you want to give but a lot of people they have this thing they want to give to get you know even karma the first time i heard karma you know like i'm from sweden uh you gotta give to you know you you give and later you will get like what's the difference right in the end of the day it's just ego you know it's still the the ego's there right but i think what gary's talking about uh as well is like if you if you can give this give and give and give in abundance you know like give as much as you can to as many people as you got you know try to really be a giver uh

it's very very hard and very very unlikely you know that somehow those people that you gave everything to will not take care of you in the end and reward you for what you've done i mean it's very very unlikely and especially if that giving becomes an addiction to them if they not an addiction but but if they become dependent on your giving them then especially then that will be something that they cannot help but reward you for what you do so i love that mindset i love that mindset to give and give and give and give but not only for the fact of ego a lot of people that give and then expect something back in return you know and and that's not what giving us right yeah and then the second thing that garyvee is not talking about you gotta have to give you can't give unless you have so you have to create some kind of resources that you have to give and if that's knowledge then that's knowledge if that's stuff then that stuff if that's uh you know uh something else feeling love joy happiness whatever that is right then that's that you know but you gotta have to give so you gotta focus on yourself a little bit as well you know to make sure that you have enough to supply see i think it comes back to that same and by the way i think gary actually talks about that he i think he's he says that um he diversified businesses to create uh income streams so that he doesn't have to charge his followers for example um and uh i think it comes back to that like the talks of the future we've been talking about today like i guess that would get rid of this scarcity thinking right like we today it we still suffer like it's still not the luxury it's still the luxury that for us to be who we really want to become who so ultimate happiness okay so i i heard this quote which i shared yesterday oh cool i want to hear this so the ultimate happiness is when you know that your life matters because you have many things to give or because you have something to give because you grow so much that giving is no longer painful and i agree with that like that's probably the ultimate version of how someone can be right in this earth but i guess that comes back to the point from earlier like it's still the luxury like for you to ha be in that state which is going to be possible in the future because they're going to be abundance right of how much we want to give to others how much basically what we see as a like the survival knees won't be there anymore yeah but today it's still nurturing today we still suffer from achieving that place which is ultimate happiness yeah so i guess come back to earlier what we've been talking about i guess the ultimate direction or the purpose of where we are heading as a humanity is to make us the happiest person we can be the happiest people right happiness yeah that's it and then i agree the form of being the ultimate happiness is to be able to give right at any time we want at any time we feel like we want to give yeah i mean really like really deep meaning of life or deep meaning of happiness i think it comes back to that like yeah it's back to how much you can give to others but that's not something that everybody can achieve because enough to so you mean that you mean that you can give anything that you have in abundance and that can be anything it can be feelings it can be you know like yeah you're right like i totally think so as well like if you have if you're just happy you can give happiness because you have it in abundance right like or anything like that yeah i could totally see that yeah yeah that's awesome but probably that will be another currency we're gonna give out i don't know like that would be great right like we don't have the basic needs that we need to buy anymore like in the future maybe the way i pay you is by giving you a little bit of happiness or giving you a little bit of that would be so funny can you imagine the beggars they would be like on the streets and they would sit there with a cup give me a smile god damn it give me a spot smile at me you know

sure away what i mean so what did he say uh he said the bird is giving his gift to the world by singing even without knowing oh my god that is so cute so see um i'm gonna summarize today's conversation but basically what i've learned today i think is that the ultimate direction of where we are heading as a humanity the progress we're trying to make i guess ultimate destination

is a place of abundance and it's a place of i guess people having capability to give to each other yeah whatever it is like and like in the form of it could be in the form of like i can't even know in the form of what like in the form of emotion excitement because there's no need yeah i mean like you said i mean i think you can give anything and you can start giving right now you know like that's the point you can start giving right now you can give anything you want and whatever you have in abundance you know and and one of the cool thing that eves is talking about as well i had you know uh just let let's say something about eves here uh you know he has uh an online course that he's doing and you should follow him he's a pretty cool guy um eve's like yves saint laurent uh and the the the thing is that he's talking about is like you can write things down that you're really good at and things that you have uh 10 years or more in experience of and just you know having 10 years experience of something that's to me having an abundance of something and you always have 10 years of experience of something in this world you will always find something that you have 10 years of experience in unless you're 9 because then you don't but

yeah yeah exactly so so i i think you can find that and then start giving it like garyvee talked about you know like that would be really no i mean that's very practical but i wanted to kind of like end it with like a mind-blowing status which is like go for it creativity right now which i already kind of mentioned but i i don't know if i drew that like a mind broken picture but to me it was kind of my mind-blowing i never thought about it like that i mean even just the picture of like the imagination of like getting rid of the currency the getting rid of the meaning of currency it's all gonna go like it's just it's all gonna go it's not gonna matter i i feel like that i just like don't even know how that's gonna look like i don't know it might even be the currency might even be dopamine in the future who knows you know dopamine right because yeah might even be dopamine yeah who knows you're desperate for the emotion because yeah exactly but like just look at the world like i mean a thousand years ago people didn't have currency they had like stuff like a sheep uh a house you know labor force uh whatever that was their currency and now that's like changing so people have like then you know money started and then after that you know like the next currency might be digital and then after that the next you know in the future might be dopamine yeah who knows

big step from digital currency to dopamine amazing thank you so much

yeah so thomas thank you so much for being on the show today we had a really interesting conversation i'm gonna put this up on my youtube as well so people can see it there

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