Why is cynicism so much louder than dreams!? with Alex and Thomas

hey guys welcome back to life up education tv today once again we're here with alex and thomas so today's topic i wanted to talk about um why is cynicism louder than dreams or hopes and dreams or even positivity or inspiration okay let's talk about that um the reason i wanted to choose this topic is because like three of us are very like open-minded people open-minded and three of us are very like ambitious and we chose a route where we don't give a [ __ ] about cynicism we don't give a [ __ ] about data we don't give a [ __ ] about like right like we choose to see the positivity in life and we're practical in that way like we like to produce something um so that being said uh let's talk about that this is gonna be discussion forum so can i ask you for your opinion first why do you think cynicism talks so much rather so let's let's give you one context one scenario okay this is something that i saw yesterday on tick tock where you know well i am yeah the artist he was telling the story about one time his mom told him like well like you need to get a job and lil said i already have a job like i actually already have a career it's not paying me yet but this is my career and i was so emotional when i saw it like i me when i watch it the only thing i i see is encouragement the only see only thing i think of is just like how amazing that is right like encouragement and inspiration that's what i choose to see that's what i'm looking for in my brain and then on the other hand there was this like you know 40 something years old guy um very cynical about life he's probably heart a lot where he talks about uh you know this is the beginning of homelessness this thinking is the beginning of homelessness and then there's another teenage boy jump into this conversation and be like i'm not experienced enough so i don't know what is right or wrong in this situation and i just couldn't help reaching out to this teenage boy and tell him that there is no fact and i told him there is no fact here fact is what makes you right like so that being said what i wanted to say is you can be homeless sure but are you gonna stop there are you are you gonna become homeless and you're done or are you willing to be homeless but you're not gonna let yourself lose at that point like you're still your game is not your game is not over yet there right like that's the amount of courage that's the amount of commitment and decisiveness it takes for someone to really want to pursue their dream right so that's just kind of how i perceive it and given that story my message is like it's not about positive thinking like my approach is very practical it's still logical like if you can't make money yeah you'll be homeless but in the in at the same token like like your your decisiveness your commitment to your dream like has to be at that level like you needed to accept that practicality cynicism whatever but you can't let that cynicism to control your life your owner like you can control how you use that narration you can control how you use that emotion like these these emotions are not your owners right like that that's just kind of how i look at it let's hear what you think of it of that situation um

there's lots of impact

uh yeah well i don't know like this is something that's kind of close to me because i used to be homeless and uh

that you know like this part because for me

i had a little bit different thing though i was a bit more money now since i was homeless you know like i money later was just like who would ever want to do that you know what i mean because you're homeless right you gotta you gotta eat now so i never had this um idea of money later or you know like follow a dream that pays you like a lot later uh it was very short terms etc but now later when i got older you know you start thinking about investments you know you start thinking about like how can i invest my time and become somebody that pays me for you know or like in a dream or something like that and i would say that one thing i i think i told you as well and that's a i i stopped my acting career to

basically get paid now you know and have some safety in my finances to then later be able to do acting in without any stress right

and i can really relate to will i am in this where i wish i was brave enough as will i am i wish that i did that i wish that i didn't pursue something that i actually didn't want to do just to create like a very safe income and i was quite unhappy like trying to pursue that and then finally now when things are a lot that safe income that i was pursuing so much became a passive income now i can pursue my dreams again but it felt like there was a bit of time wasted i would have you know rather have done what nuts is talking about where i kind of like pursue my dream rather than being cynical of myself yeah that was it all right and i'm gonna move on to alex real quick but i wanted to make a quick comments here like like cynicism is not necessarily a bad feeling right like a cynicism is not necessarily the demon or like something bad i think like you know we are stupid as a human like human beings are stupid so we like to not think we like to ultimate things and we like to like you know that's that's why bias happens that's why like you know psychology happens like that's why um like something like we're not driven by we're driven by irrational decisions many times right so you know hear the same thing again here like cynicism is not necessarily the demon and i think actually completely demonizing cynicism might make people soft when whenever they meet adversity and that was my whole point where when i said to that teenage boy that i mean of course it might happen but like are you gonna still pursue it like you know like instead of looking at that as like a miserable thing that you can never overcome but better approach is like why don't you become stronger so that you can address those challenges like why don't you become more capable instead of like avoiding from those things you know what i mean like you get to the core of the problem that way so to me the way i guess one of the way i came um as a conclusion lately is that instead of like avoiding these negativity or like rejecting them i actually recognized that there's some practicality in it it's like a prac you know like it could be like a criticism

but basically what i mean to say is like there there's some practicality in it but the problem is what are you gonna do are you gonna like given that fact are you just not gonna pursue whatever right so that was like why i said another time i posted this on other instagram posts i said in your individual life don't use your data to prevent but use it to protect and that was what i meant like you know what i mean so let's let's ask alex about this like what do you think about why is cynicism so much louder than inspiration like positivity

i would say uh first and foremost there's different kinds of cynicism and i think if without uh cynicism at all we wouldn't have things like stand-up comedy because a lot of stand-up comedy is rooted in very cynical ideas or ways of thinking or observations so cynicism can be productive um it just depends on if the cynicism is self-defeating or if it is put to use in in a positive manner um and also um culturally uh western culture um i can't you can speak more on japanese culture than i can but in america um we like we like us some bad news we like scandals we like to see celebrities doing embarrassing things um that's why you don't hear about all of the philanthropy that some of these wealthy celebrities are doing you only hear about the bad stuff um you know bill gates is a good example he's you know been in the media a lot lately because people think he's um you know he's he's plotting a conspiracy to infect everybody with uh like chips through covet vaccines um but they nev that's you know you hear that but nobody talks about the millions of children's lives he's saved through bringing vaccines to third world countries where they can't afford vaccines so he's literally saved millions of lives but you never know in the news um former president jimmy carter um you know from what i i wasn't alive when he was president but from what i've heard he was you know average he was so-so but um since his presidency since he finished in office until now because he's still alive him and his wife have been building houses for people you never hear about that you know um but you hear about you know melania trump was seen wearing socks that don't match your shoes you know what i mean we just we like we like problems for people we don't we don't care about how good somebody is in our media i think that's partially why um and it's just you know i think unhappy people are often louder than happy people because have people more content they don't this is a generalization but i think most happy people have a level of contentment that they don't have to shout to the world because being happy implies you know that you're you're just settled and satisfied but when you're dissatisfied discontent cynical and unhappy um you know you you you are more subjective to external factors and a lot of people use that on social media to to say cynical things or or to attention seek and i think you know people seeking attention online often receive it and i think that's a that's a big factor is i think it's just volume a lot of times no something makes sense like when you are satisfied within yourself like you don't necessarily feel like you need people's attention and you you're like lacking something like because you're like already complete within yourself and you don't necessarily have to make any noise to it if anything like for example me like something that i did uh a transformation i that i did was like after i became like so grateful or like you know after i noticed like how grateful i am and you know how amazing my life is like you know in short i noticed that like if anything if i want to make noise i only want to make a noise that's more positive like positivity impacting to people rather than um yeah like cynicism but at the same time uh coming back to my previous point i would also say that it's not one side or the other like when you're not balanced actually it makes you more vulnerable like you kind of have to understand when to use what in order for you to navigate through different events in life so you don't have to be on one side of the extreme or the other side because there's different times and needs that require you to have different qualities otherwise you become too soft so that's it that's the summary and thank you very much for watching and i'll see you guys next time

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