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What Is Life Up Education TV

Natsune Otsuki

Jan. 21, 2020

Welcome to LifeUpEducation TV. 

The purpose of this TV Show :

LifeUpEducation TV is a place to learn how to live a passionate life. Everybody talks about finding a dream and pursuing a dream. And yet many people end up pursuing someone else's dream by not making their own decisions in life. This is because finding a dream and keep pursuing a dream is hard work.

As we go further the funnel of success many people give up.  Hence the formula goes something like; 70% out of 100% might find a dream. 50% actually bring themselves to take the risks needed and pursue their dreams at some point in life. 30 % quit after several trails. 15 % quite after 100 trials. 5 % keep going until they achieve their goals... 

LifeUpEducation TV is a place to learn what makes this 5% to keep going while 95% decide to quit on their dreams.

Pursuing a dream takes a lot of mental work. In this TV show, we will show you why it is so important to live life passionately and what makes us so strong when facing challenges 

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