The Game Of Self Domination 


The 15 Most Practical Steps To Self-Mastery And Achieving Anything You Want

Are you tired of just getting by the day, hoping for the weekend to come? Do you feel tired of just trying to stay positive knowing that deep inside you, you are not happy at all? Do you wonder why some people manage to build long term success while you can’t make your motivation last long enough to succeed? Then, this book is for you.

3-week practical mental transformation program

The latest ideas from brain science, psychology, humanity, economics, business, and leadership in the context of self-actualization

The effective hands-on 'LifeUp method' to achieve anything you want without a waste

The ultimate mind map to create long term resilience to be successful 




You will find

  • ​An incredible 3-week transformation plan to help you create a long-term success

  • 70 Life-Boosting Quotes to put you in the state of momentum and decision to create life breakthroughs

  • The Success Formula for designing a satisfying life, matching with your ‘Identity Circle’ according to the Ancient Greek Philosopher, Aristotle 

  • The hands-on effective and efficient “LifeUp-Method” of setting (and achieving) all of your goals without wasting time and energy, using the principles by famous Economists, a Global Management Consulting Firm and a Japanese Automotive Manufacturer

  • How you can harness the same strategy used by The 34th US President to increase your productivity 

  • The fundamental mindset differences between people who achieve long term success vs. people who gain tremendous motivation at the beginning and end up burning out

​And so much more!


What is the Book "The Game Of Self Domination?"  

The Game of Self-Domination is a profound and powerful guidebook about self-discovery and achieving lifelong success. Drawing on a combination of brain science, psychology, economics, business, and leadership studies, this book will arm you with the tools you need to attain fulfillment and mental transformation for achieving long-term success in life. 

The Game of Self-Domination looks at the meaning of true success and happiness from various angles (not in overly-used ways) to discover depth in our perceptions about life and challenge the subconscious mental blocks that stop us to take action from the core. Sign up below and get a Free first 10-page sample.

The Game Of Self Domination 


The 15 Most Practical Steps To Self-Mastery And Achieving Anything You Want


Forget the traditional definition of success in life where you build a family, buy a house, and get a respected high paying job that does not inspire you but leaves you with tremendous stress and emptiness inside just to keep up with the status quo. Whether you want to start your own business, live in a 30-million-dollar mansion, or take a 2-month self-discovery vacation every year, this incredible book will help you discover the path to the exciting life you don’t need to escape from while defining success and satisfaction by true mean in a not-overused way in the modern society.

We will create the life you don’t need to escape from; the life you can not wait to wake up to

We will constantly show you example life stories, philosophical questions, and brain science to challenge and expand your current boxed thinking

We will put you through multiple self-discovering in-depth questions and conversation to understand “your circle of identity”

We will properly create practical plans for successful life design and instruction on accepting and overcome fear

By the end of the book, you will feel massive energy to live a passionate life with inspiration, willingness, leadership, and strong resilience

We will reveal and conclude with what having a successful life really means by reviewing all the inspirational stories, and dynamic questions asked throughout the book



The Game Of Self Domination Keynote Speech PowerPoint

Here are the highlighted talk points of this key note presentation

  • ​What is transformation and who needs it?

  • Changes happen without us trying, but growth doesn't.

  • What can we define as happiness?

  • How does transformation happen?

  • What are real-life hardships?

  • Why there is no purpose in life and how we should interpret it to find meaning in it

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Natsune Oki 

Natsune is a self-mastery enthusiast and renowned deep thinker. She is the author of The Game of Self-Domination and the host of LifeUpEducationTV. Having built her life up from nothing multiple times—including being almost a kicked out high school student in Japan — NaNa has not only gone on to finish her University education in Business and Economics in the United States as a foreigner, but she’s worked with hundreds of innovators, entrepreneurs, and next-generation thinkers in Seattle. Despite her young age, she’s helped dozens of CEOs and young start-up founders skyrocket their successes – all while building her own online businesses on the side. Passionate about creating lifelong success and inspiring others to reach their full potential, her goal is to help people reach their dreams and master their resilience in life.


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Natsune's energy and enthusiasm are incredibly contagious. She's a great listener and I can tell she truly cares about people's happiness and success. If you're lost, demotivated or simply need an extra eye, she is the one to turn to. She helped me get clarity on some of the toughest decisions of my life, and I couldn't be happier.

M&A Consultant / 34 Years Old