Natsune is the host of LifeUpEducationTV, a public speaker, the author of the book called "The Game Of Self Domination," and the managing director of an international project management service called ForeignConnect.

After graduating from high school, Natsune went to the U.S. and studied business & economics. She’s worked in and with multiple small to middle-sized tech companies while she was still a student where she realized her passion for entrepreneurship & her life mission to contribute to the progress of humanity. She then worked as a digital marketer at a business consulting company all while founding her own clothing business and building her own business agency

She now runs all of the operations of ForeignConnect and creates all contents for LifeUpEducationTV to make people feel happy, smile, worthy, confident, and inspired. 

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1. How to create mental transformation in 3 phases 
2. What is the ultimate happiness of life according to the ancient Greek Philosopher 
3. What is the "Circle Of Identity?"
4. What is the "MECE principle?" 
5. What is "LifeUpMethod?"

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Why Mental Transformation Contribute To Our Happiness And How To Earn Self-love

In this Keynote speech, you will see:

  • ​What is transformation and who needs it?

  • Changes happen without us trying, but growth doesn't.

  • What can we define as happiness?

  • How does transformation happen?

  • What are real-life hardships?

  • Why there is no purpose in life and how we should interpret it to find meaning in it

What Is “Ikigai” And 'Happiness' In The Eastern & Western Philosophy

In this Keynote speech, you will see:

  • What having self-awareness mean is

  • How people formulate the perception of happiness

  • What is Ikigai ( The Japanese philosophical concept for the reason of being) 

  • What "identity circle is from the book 'The Game Of Self Domination'

  • What did the ancient Greek Philosopher Aristotle mean by "The ultimate happiness is the virtue activities of the soul"

  • What does it mean to commit to a happy life according to the two schools of thoughts

What Is The Ultimate Possibility Of Humanity And What Is Our Dream?

In this Keynote speech, you will see:

  • How everything is man-made

  • Where does our future come from?

  • What is the ultimate possibility of humanity?

  • How can we maximize human potential at the micro-level and macro-level?

  • What is our dream as humanity?

How To Use Business Thinking In Managing Life

In this Keynote speech, you will see:

  • What can we use from managing a business that is so useful in our lives?

  • We have theory and practicality. What does this mean in terms of using business thinking in managing life?

  • The logical process in understanding failures and rejections 

  • The practical process always has to follow the "Then What?" question 

  • How to gain high emotional intelligence in emotional experiences