Sample Q&A

What is momentum in life?

Recognizing, or even raising momentum is a powerful tool for making the first step of mental transformation. In order for us to create a change in life, first, we must recognize our frustration in life. People raise momentum and decisiveness in life when this frustration exceeds fear. Creating a momentum takes the right balance in having the quality of pain which triggers one’s exceeded frustration, higher standard, willingness, courage, and risk-taking behavior, and dream that triggers one’s inspiration to believe in possibility, and ability to dream. The book ‘The Game Of Self Domination’ break down the process of achieving a dream into three phases. In the first phase, we will break down what it means to raise momentum in life by exploring both the theoretical approach and practical exercises including 70 life up quotes and finding your ‘identity circle’.

What is 'identity circle' according to an Ancient Philosopher.

Identity circle is the framework developed with #LifeUpMethod taking inspiration from the famous Ancient Greek Philosopher. This is the framework anybody can use to truly understand and meet with their expectation of who they are to themselves.

How do confident people behave ?

Confidence is what people are hired for in a leader’s role. Someone’s confidence level directly relates to the ability of one letting go of their own flaws as an “imperfect leader”. Confidence can be demonstrated from inside or out because we have mind and body connections. In the book, The Game of Self Domination even demonstrates the way our mind and body produce confidence mechanically.

What are the fundamental mental habits difference between people who gain tremendous motivation at the beginning and lose all motivation completely vs. people who sustain the motivation for the long term success?

The difference in a short answer is one living in a story of resilience by consciously having productive self-talk regardless of adversities and another living in a story of scarcity that depends on resources to succeed. It is not easy but anyone can change their narrative in their story to gain resilience in life by constant mental training. This book provides this training.

Where can I find more infomation about the author and the book?

You can download the author media kit and, author photo and, sample Q & A sheet with more questions here: