Sample Q&A

What countries do you supply to?

  • We supply to the anywhere in the world where there is the need, at the moment we have contracts in Africa, South America, and Asia.

How much does it cost to host a bin at my business?

  • Zero dollars and zero cents. All the costs are on us.

How can your business benefit from this?

  • Brings customers to your business.
  • Makes customers feel good doing business with you, you are taking part in an important cause, it shows you care.
  • You get exposure from our website and social media pages.
  • You feel good, your customer feels good, we feel good, everyone feels good. Win win for everyone!

Can you remove the bin or container if I dont want it anymore?

  • Absolutely, Just give us a call, and we will remove the bin or container for you at zero cost to you.

How does this benefit the world?

  • We create SO many jobs: Both in the US and in developing countries. For example, jobs for the workers placing and emptying the bins, for the workers in the sorting facility & packing department, jobs for the workers on the ship transporting the matrials to different countries, jobs for the workers at the remanufactring facilities, the truck drivers, the customs workers, all the way to the person running the textile shredding machine in India. And all the jobs in between.
This allows people to put food on the table for their families and raise children. It's the worst feeling to go to bed hungry knowing that you're a hard working person but there are no jobs for you.
  • We keep textile from entering the oceans and landfills: The EPA estimated that only 15% of the textile gets recycled inthe US. That’s 15 percent of 16.8 million tons per year, where does the rest go? In landfills, oceans and streets. Our goal is to eliminate waste from ending up in places where it shouldn't as much as possible.
  • Cost effective products: By using recycled materials, we help bring cost effective products to the market, so we can all save more money.
  • This is our win win win win system for everyone.

What happens to your donations?

Now you might ask what do we do with all these donations that are collected?

  • Part of it gets shredded and processed into raw material and is used to manufacture new product like new clothing, filters, insolution and even phone covers!
  • We export some of the reusable materials to developing countries where its resold by small "mom and pop" family own businesses
  • Some of it goes to the mechanic shops and the cleaning industry as cleaning cloth.
  • We reinvest profits back into our system to expand and do more good. Recycle, Reuse, REPEAT!

How often do you check and empthy the bins/containers?

  • This depends on the size and location of bins/containers placed, but we check and empthy 3 times a week at minimum, and 5 days or more a week if needed.
  • We have a whole cleaning team dedicated to keeping a clean enviornment.