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  • Live access to highly Interactive interviews with entrepreneurs, mindset coach, health experts, authors, artists, who can give you practical insights

  • Exclusive access to 30 minutes interactive live show with the host Natsune. ( You will not find this content anywhere else on the internet) 

  • In-depth show note with practical  learning points from the interviews 

  • Join the premium online group 

  • Real online and offline events to meet other members to make friends or exchange ideas





Interactive Guest Interview

Each month, we will focus on different topics

<January> Interviewing A Home Invasion Survivor On How To Deal With Trauma

<Feburary> Interviewing A Comedian On How To Use Humor To Navigate Through Failures

<March> Interviewing A Digital Marketing Expert On "How To Grow B2C brand from 0 to A 1 Million" 

<April> Interviewing Digital Artist About NFTs

<May> Entrepreneur mindset for fauilures and resilience

You will have the first look access and chance to interact with show guests  & collect insights to expand your mind.

The record of the video as well as well developed practical summary of the interview will be posted in the group chat

Exclusive Natsune Interactive Solo Show

​Members of the breakfast club will be invited to join 30 mins live show with the host Natsune. During the 30 mins, you will get various kinds of content. She can talk about anything from live life, relationship, mindset Q&A. You might get a  cocktail hour with Natsune, a dinner with Natsune Or even a singing session from Natsune. 

Breakfast Club Community

You will be invited to join our exclusive breakfast club (online community) that is only available for members. In this group, you will receive members-only posts which include in-depth summary notes from the interactive guest interviews. You can also contribute to making the show by joining polls and answering questions from the producer in the group chat.  ​Channels we have inside include: 

Guest Interviews

🚀 Business 

🎨 Culture & Arts 

🦁 Author & Mindset Coaches 

Solo Natsune Show

🍹 Bartender Natsune 

🍗 Live Dinner with me 

🎤 Sing with me 

Show us your side hustle!

👔 Marketing Trend 

🔗 Linked In Connect 

🗣️ Startup Lounge


Breakfast Club Members Only Group

Online & Offline events

We will organize a breakfast members-only online and offline event once in 3 months over coffee, dinner, lunch, cocktail hour, retreat, outdoor events.. so you can meet other like-minded friends. Because we all know that life is all about good memories with good people we enjoy the company with! 

Fancy Night Event

The Hub For Side Hustles, Projects

How are businesses made!? Often entrepreneurs start sketching their ideas from networking with other entreprnuers. How do the Soho house, We-Work, Founder InStitutions, Startup grind and pretty much any other associations business model exist!? - Because you MEET people! This breakfast club is about that! You can get together with other dreamers and find common interest and possibly find founding members for your new business idea! This is the group where people develop REAL and MEANINGFUL relationships - the best environment for business networking opportunities.

Casual Meeting

Unlock Members Only Contents

How To Join The Club ♣️

$35 First Month / $15 Per month

  • Once you sign up, you will be contacted at your email address with payment info.

  • Once payment is confirmed you will receive an invitation to the community within 24 hours.

  • You will be charged the first day of every month.

  • You can drop out of the membership anytime. Please let us know at least 1 week prior to the next payment cycle, if you delay this deadline, there might be a chance that you will be charged for another month.

  • If your payment is delayed by 5 days, you will lose access to the community. At this point, you can choose to drop out or clear the payment and come back.

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