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Transformation Mentoring Calls

It doesn't have to be alone at the top

When you are a leader in life, you don't want to settle and you want to keep growing. Your journey for growth, (whether in career, business, the pursuit of a dream, personal growth) however, can get really tough and lonely. No one else can understand the challenges of how to successfully navigate them – unless you’ve sat in the seat. This is why we have this mentoring program.  This customized experience combines mentoring, coaching, and advising to provide you with the perspective and insight you need to be successful

Stressed Man


  • People who need a resilient coach that make them accountable for their progress

  • People who want to keep expanding their minds by continuously learning new things 

  • Startup owners & company owners who need a mindset coach to navigate through failures, rejections, and leadership challenges 

  • Startup or established company owners who want to join progressive thinking discussions to stay innovated 


  • The book The Game Of Self Domination

  • 6 months program – with an option to continue 

  • 45-minute per session (one session is $50) 

  • You can sign up for:

1 call ( Only available for the first-timers)

3 calls (1 call / 2 months)

6 calls (1 call / month) 

12 calls (1 calls / 2 weeks)

24 calls  (1 call / week)

  • In-person deep dive mentoring to talk about your real-time challenges and tweaking your perspectives to overcome mental blocks  

  • Accountability & resilience coaching that monitors changes in psychology and progress in the result per week 


  • Powerful ‘outside insight’ for your growth joueney that stimulate your deep sense of self awereness and enriches your resillience 

  • Coaching session combined with your execution to challenge and expand your current recognised knowledge and identity (to understand deeper sense of YOU, and YOUR success & happiness)

  • You will get someone who will bring accountability and resillience into your life


15 MIN

Your goal

15 MIN

Where you are

15 MIN

Mental block

15 MIN


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