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ASK Natsune Show Live

Hey all!

I have launched Ask Natsune Show a while ago.. which I actually should have wrote a blog post about it to announce lol

ASK Natsune show is a show the host, Natsune answers your questions about various topics including philosophy in life and entrepreneurship, peak performance, confidence building, how to have self love, how to have self esteem etc...

So yes! You can ask me any question you got related to just general philosophy in life, entrepreneurship mindset, how to gain confidence and etc!

Simply just join my facebook group from here and ask me a question! I will pick your question and feature it in my #AsknatsneShow episode!

Today, I also wanted to tell you that sometime near future I will start hosting Live Q&A and I will be answering your question. I will do this on TikTok and Club house! You can get involved by first making sure following me and you can join the conversation when I go live!


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