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Join the LifeUp tribe

Hey guys! Did you know that we have "LifeUp Tribe" community where like minded people can network and hold each other accountable for our own successes?

By Joining the community, you will get:

  1. Opportunities to ask Natsune and her guests your questions

  2. Get the latest update on what Natsune is working on and LifeUpEducationTV

  3. Group chat to talk and share your progress and challenges you are facing this week & community support for you to go through it.

  4. Networking opportunities with other like minded people who are also in the journey of pursuing their best possible lives

This community is for you if you are

  1. Starting something from scratch, facing startup challenges and need guidance in business, entrepreneurship or general mindset

  2. Entrepreneurs, consultants, creators who want to connect with others who are overcoming the same problems

  3. Anyone who needs a community support to keep you accountable for your success


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