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Let's start fresh in 2022! - The beauty of being new

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Hi everyone, Happy New Year!

Another year has just ended. But the good news is when there is an end, there is also a new beginning! There is something reallllllyy exciting about being NEW! So today I wanted to talk about the beauty of being new!

Youtube Video - Why Not Having Made It Yet Is Actually Exciting!

In 2021 July, I made this video:

So here it is, the excitement of "being new" is something I have been thinking about sometimes.

When it comes to growing on social media especially, growing followers is what everybody wants, including me. But I’d like to take a step back and think about it from a bigger perspective.

I think there is a certain science applied to the level of energy required in going through a cycle of life.

What Does This All Mean?

Let’s think about this in businesses, creating a business from zero to one requires a different mentality than maintaining an already big business at a hundred.

For example, there is much more energy around having to start a small company with five people with little money versus maintaining an organization full of resources not to lose money. Different phases of a business require different energy dynamics. A startup company would be required to get more sales, and more business development, while there might be less demand for creating a high-quality product or service itself. However, once the company starts getting more customers then the gear of the energy needs to shift from aggressive business development to creating a high-quality product or service to satisfy the customers. In a way, companies go from an exponential growth mindset to a “Kaizen” mindset. - meaning, going from getting as many customers as they can get to perfecting the business solution to satisfy the existing customers.

People Are Always Looking For Something New

As I mentioned in the video, this can apply to the fame expectancy for celebrities. When it comes to the entertainment industry, audiences are always looking for the next “WOW.”

Creating a new WOW is a lot harder when you are already a known person than just being discovered. You may disagree but bear with me here. Think about it! From the audience's perspective, allowing someone new into their lives by discovering a new person is the biggest impact it could get. Let’s put this in another way. Meeting someone new has such a big impact on our lives - that is because we have the following expectation that by meeting this person, we'd be able to see different perspectives through either the direct interactions with the person or even just hearing the news about this person.

In other words, discovering someone new and getting to know this person is a valuable experience for us because this ultimately means we are welcoming new experiences and perspectives into our lives.

Allowing someone new into our lives directly or indirectly means we are letting this person get a piece of our attention. More correctly, we are allowing the information this new person would bring into our lives to have a piece of our attention.

And the funny thing is, we are always looking for that "NEW exciting information".

This psychology makes us being excited about discovering new people. So what does this mean in terms of a celebrity's fame expectancy? As I said earlier, this means people are always searching for "the next exciting thing." All celebrities who already “made it to the top” somehow become old news. And again, this means that the energy shifts from climbing up the road of becoming famous to maintaining attention. These two phases require different mentality and skillsets.

Cycle Of Life For The Earth

Funny enough, I can see this principle applying to everything that age.

Even to the earth. In the beginning, when we have nothing, the canvas is white. We have no experience, knowledge, or system, or expectations! Sure it can be overwhelming but there is such intense excitement in painting the white canvas because literally, all the following destinies rely on what is drawn in this canvas. What’s even awesome is that we are still very young on this earth. Our canvas is not fully painted. We are fortunate enough to have a good amount of experience, knowledge, and order in place thanks to our ancestors but humanity is still very young considering how long all the other species existed on this earth before us.

As we say, “history repeats” when there is a beginning, there has been an end. We don’t know when the end will come but at this point, all I can think about is how exciting it is to be able to participate in creating our destiny at such an early stage of life for the humanity!

And let’s just say even if that ending was to come, there is a beauty in letting resistance go. There is tremendous relief and peace in the silence after an end. At the same time, there'd be new freedom and hopefulness created for starting something new without any expectation again.


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