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Natsune Oki on "what it means to be a strong woman" #empowerwomen

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Hi guys! I am publishing a series of #womenempowerment related posts on my Instagram. Here are some of them.

Strong women don’t have to wear attitude. Strong women don’t have to think they are better than anyone else, however, it is absolutely ok to know your boundaries and stand up for yourself #womenempowerment

Ofc we have tremendous respect for men ( and women ), but men are not the only people that make us interesting.

We don’t do everything just to please men.

We like to look and feel beautiful and sexy not because we want to please men, but because we love to feel that we are beautiful and sexy 🌹

It’s an empowering experience for us, the women ✨🌹💕

We love it and appreciate it so much when men give us compliments, and it gives us butterflies, of course, 🎉😊 but we want to dress and look amazing for ourselves 😍 ❤️

The points of this story are 2 things.

1. When men sleep with a lot of women, he is called a champ. When women do the same, she is called hoe.

Being sexual is empowering for men and taboo for women?

What she does with her body is completely up to her.

Everybody is different. She should know what she feels comfortable with herself, not according to the #society.

Don’t do it if you regret it, do it if you want to and can commit to it in all good and bad comes with, just like everything else in life - and It’s completely her business and no one else’s.

2. The industry wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t a demand. People are judging the industry when they are the very reason why the industry exists, to begin with. We do this to many things. It might be uncomfortable to accept some things about #humanity and take #accountability for who we are. But creating a place to point finger at and be angry and judgmental about it is certainly not a long-term solution. Because hate only creates more hate and it only grows negative energy. What we need is #respect, #empathy, and #emotionalintelligence to understand that #demand and #supply is what makes a #business and also that to not take anything so personally.


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