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if you're watching this video which means that you're on my website so welcome.

Hi my name is Natsune Oki.

I'm the author of the game of self domination.

In today's video i wanted to break down what i talk about in my book so that you can understand what to expect from my book.

First thing first, what i want to address is the six goals that i have with you uh with this book. 1. The first goal that i have is to create a life you don't need to escape from, the life you cannot wait to wake up to

2. The second goal is to constantly show you example life stories, philosophical questions and brain science to challenge and expand your current box thinking.

3. We will put you through multiple self-discovering in-depth questions and conversation to understand your circle of identity.

4. We will properly create practical plans for successful life design and instruction on accepting and overcoming fear.

5. By the end of the book you will feel massive energy to live a passionate life with inspiration, willingness, leadership, and strong resilience.

6. And finally we will reveal and redefine what the successful life really means by reviewing all the inspirational stories and dynamic questions asked throughout the book.

So these are the six goals that i put down with my book with you in the journey we will go throughout this book.

Now let's move on to the chapters. I wanted to break down this book by chapters.

In the first introductory chapters, i will talk about why are you afraid of change, why you're scared of facing changes. And the answer really is the feeling of loss.

You don't want to experience the feeling of loss. And this fear of loss makes you come up with bunch of excuses why it is okay for you to stay where you are today.

So this book will show you exactly how you can overcome that fear. And that being said i want to address who this book is for and who this book is not for.

Starting with who this book is not for. This book is not for you if you're someone who likes to be told staying realistic is good. Or this book is not for you if you are someone who wants to be told let's just figure out once and all and let's live a story of happily ever after.

But this book is for you if you want to make a commitment lifelong commitment of growth.

The first chapter i talk about momentum building. We will understand what's causing you the dissatisfaction in life right now. And i will show you different psychological and physiological exercises that you can employ to basically build up your belief system if you will to stay positive and to stay confident.

In the chapter 2 to 6, i talk about the importance of self-awareness. Do you really know what you want because a lot of people don't, so this book will give you the framework that you can use to find out who you really are and what you really want in your life, using the life up concept called "identity circle" and the Japanese philosophical definition for 'reason of being' called ikigai.

Money gets in our ways however, so we will look at what money means to us relating to our self-awareness.

In chapter seven i talk about owner's mindset how to create risk tolerance in pursuing your dream. We will talk about how to create high tolerance for fear and risks by introducing risk management strategies and understanding true wealth of life.

In chapter 8, i talk about brain conditioning. I will show you why perception is EVERYTHING and the perception is reality!!! by sharing some stories and studies. And then we will talk about how you can create the perception for success.

In chapter 9 to 12, i talk about business strategies into life strategies.

We will look at five business and management concepts drawn by actual economist, business leaders and international corporations to talk about how we can use their strategies in managing our daily life and achieve the maximum results effectively and efficiently.

***What i want to show you here is not the ultimate answer for all the problems you have, but i want you to extract the thinking behind this method so you can apply the same, more organized, efficient, & effective approach of thinking in other areas of your life.

In chapters 13 to 16, i talk about perseverance.

Success is moving from one passion to another without loss of enthusiasm regardless of having to face countless of failures and disappointments. So in this book, we will talk about how to keep pursuing your dream when things get really hard. In doing so, we will show you how to manage your emotions when you meet the negative rejections and failures using humility and logical thinking.

Finally chapter 17, i talk about the topic of happiness. -My favorite topic.

We will conclude this book by addressing the ultimate meaning of life. Yes, we might not contain great meaning by our existence, but if you ask me then why should we even exist ?

- The reason you exist is to feel happiness, joy, fulfillment, gratitude, greatness, and appreciation. And that is absolutely rich enough reason for you to exist. So this summarized my book 'the game of self domination.'

CHAPTER ONE (Phase 1) Momentum Building

CHAPTER TWO (Phase 1) The Importance of Self-Awareness and Envisioning Your Vision CHAPTER THREE (Phase 1) What is Identity Circle and Meeting Identity Circle

CHAPTER FOUR (Phase 1) Courage Building

CHAPTER FIVE (Phase 1) Overcoming Your Fear With Concrete Plans

CHAPTER SIX (Phase 1) What Do We Really Want from Money?

CHAPTER SEVEN (Phase 1) Owner’s Mindset: How To Create Risk Tolerance In Pursuing Your Dream

CHAPTER EIGHT (Phase 1) Brain Conditioning

CHAPTER NINE (Phase 1) Economics And Business Strategies into Life Strategies

CHAPTER TEN (Phase 1) Effective And Efficient Goal Mapping

CHAPTER ELEVEN (Phase 1) Effective And Efficient Execution & Priority

CHAPTER TWELVE (Phase 1) Efficiency In Managing the Tasks

CHAPTER THIRTEEN (Phase 2) Continuous Improvement & Measuring Improvement CHAPTER FOURTEEN (Phase 2) Resilience Through Creative Thinking and Highly Cognitive Perception

CHAPTER FIFTEEN (Phase 2) Resilience Through Mastering Self-Talk and Self-Perception CHAPTER SIXTEEN (Phase 2) Resilience From Fear Of Others Through Acceptance and Influence

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN (Phase 3) Achievement – What Is Success?

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