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Talking about the recent Bill Gate's Divorce, ending of the Ellen's show and james charles

Updated: May 21, 2021

Today We will talk about #acountability" by addressing three recent celebrity news from the recent Bill Gates Divorce, ending of the Ellen's show and Youtube demonetization of James charles' videos.

So what happened to Bill Gates?

"News that Bill and Melinda Gates are divorcing after 27 years may have shocked the world, but probably came as less of a surprise to fellow members of The Forbes 400. They know all too well that money—even yachtloads of it—can’t buy happiness. “You’re still dealing with the same human emotions, the same human problems,” says Michael Mosberg, a partner at Aronson Mayefsky & Sloan, a New York-based family law firm used by the ultra-rich. “Having wealth does not insulate you from that.” In fact, America’s richest billionaires get divorced at similar rates to the average citizen, Forbes found after examining the relationships of the 50 richest people in the United States. These billionaires (each worth at least $13.2 billion) have said “I do” a collective 72 times—35 of which ended in divorce, putting their rate at 49%—in-line with the 40% to 50% rate among the general population. So how do the moneyed elite handle matrimony? Some collect spouses like Basquiats and vintage Ferraris, while others have never bothered tying the knot at all." - Forbes

What about Ellen?

"Ellen DeGeneres announced she would end her popular daytime talk show after this season. The program has been a cash cow for the comedian: She makes more than $50 million each year from the show, Forbes estimates. But following controversy over the past year, primarily after a Buzzfeed News report of the toxic work environment on the show, former employees alleged racism and intimidation, which clashed with DeGeneres’ squeaky clean image as the queen of kindness. A drop in ratings ensued: The first six months of the current season saw ratings fall more than 40%, or from an average of 2.6 million viewers last season to 1.5 million this season." - Forbes

Finally, James Charles' the popular youtube star's videos were temporarily demagnetized by youtube.

"James Charles, a high-profile beauty YouTuber with 25.5 million subscribers, is facing backlash for allegedly sending sexually explicit messages to minors. On Tuesday, a YouTube spokesperson said that the platform had temporarily suspended monetization on his channel.

Morphe, a makeup company that Mr. Charles has worked with since 2016, said on Twitter last week that its relationship with Mr. Charles was ending." ( From NYT)

Now, I am not interested in talking about how shameful it is that these things happen to them. I can not be any more 'not interested' on these topics themselves. Moreover I gain empathy for the fact that one negative press feels like speaking way louder than 100 positive presses.

The lesson from this is that, it’s life. No matter where you are in your career and success, there could be always a problem. There’s no “you become a millionaire and everything is good forever.”

You will always have a challenge to overcome regardless of the size of you bank account, or level of fame, or whatever you call as success.

No one knows the answer to all the problems we have to face in life. But you have 2 options - either to join the misery loves company and dwell how unfair life is, cry and grief about the change, or learn to accept the challenge (even if this becomes a slow process) and find a hope even in a tough situation and fight back for happiness.

Everyone has their own problems regardless of where they are at In life.

Let’s be kind to each other and be supportive of each other.

Let’s not bring down people when we see happy people - let’s be happy for them.

Let’s not make fun of people when we see someone fail.

Let’s not stay angry or discourage at people who are trying to do better.


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