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Toxic Positivity ?

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Hey Guys! I was browsing Quora to look for questions to answer and I came across to this question!

Here is my answer!

I think being positive is not toxic at all.

There is nothing wrong in talking about it to develop our understanding and better knowledge about how to live happier but in the end of the day, being positive is the only way to go if the alternative is only to be negative.

The only vulnerability being positive possibly have is someone become cynical about being positive.. and more over come up with a term like toxic positivity because there could be a gap between reality and expectation. If your “positivity” doesn’t match your actual recognition of how you are seeing the reality, being positive in this situation can make you feel like it’s fake and you want to stop at being positive, this makes you cynical. That’s possible.

But again, if there is no perception of “possibility” people wouldn’t try to change a situation that they want to change, in other words, if all you have is cynicism, you would never try to be better. So there is no alternative than being positive which often positivity is the perception that allows you believe in the possibility.

The best way I talk about it is “practical positivity” Here is the video I talked about this.


Related Topic on Ask Natsune Show:

Someone Tweeted: Telling someone they're #depressed because they lack "gratitude" or "faith" is 1) not true, 2) not helpful, and 3) really mean!

This is more of a lack of a self-awareness problem than anything else.

Maybe this is not helpful for some but this is helpful for others. You have to find what it is that works for you. It is very likely there is someone out there who's going through worse than you are. And personally, I can find it as a reason to be grateful and hopeful to get back on track - just by the fact that I can walk, I can breathe, I have my arms, legs, and I am healthy is something I can't take it for granted and it's amazing I am not locked into some cage and forced to not do something I want to do, but maybe for some others this doesn't speak to them.

So my next place I go to then is not to investigate if something is true or not, rather what do we need to help you? What works for YOU? And most of the time, people don't even know what works for them. And it's back to square one.

You have to start somewhere. It's a continuous process and mental fitness. There is no size fit all solution. The only way you can get out of whatever mental space you are in is to create the willingness to do so regardless, and for you to get there, if you don't want to hear words of gratitude and faith that's ok, but instead of complaining and bitching about it, you have to find what it is that works with you.

Everybody goes through their shit and you are not the only one who is going through shit. We are all trying to navigate the hard and unknown life but there are still happy people out there. So if someone else out there looks like you - which I guarantee you, you will find someone, even someone who went through worse than you can be happy then you can be too.

Enough about whining and crying, at the end of the day, no one cares, so you should go to the place of producing, not protecting. If you want to be helped, bring in some value, and that applies to self-reflection as well. If you want to help yourself, bring in the willingness. that help will not just fly on you, you have to go out and get it.


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