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What I think about seeing value in yourself

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Q: What do you think about "The major value in life is not what you get. The major value in life is what you become." - Jim Rohn

A:As I mentioned in the book, The game of self domination, "the ultimate happiness" is "the virtue activity of the soul."What does this mean? One can say, you are in the quest of truly finding yourself in the journey called life. In other words, you are going back to where you came from and who you truly mean to "be". Along this journey, your virtues are solely tested, but you can be happy by becoming truly who you are which comes from nature and sometimes nurture manipulated nature.

Q: What ways in your experience has seeing your self value been a positive step forward in recovery?

A: My value means knowing that I am important and I am here to matter. Do I really believe that? I am not sure but I do feel that I am loved by others. I have people who love me and most importantly I am there for myself to love myself regardless of any disappointments or hardships I might face. I will never give up on myself.

No one cares what I will achieve but I do! And that comes from the place of not proving myself to anyone else but to myself and the desire to live my life on my own terms. So I'd say it's not so positive nor negative but I have no other option. I don't have an alternative. If I want to succeed, the only way I can even have a chance is by trying.

Q: And in what ways has value been used in a negative way in value?

A: And that has been said, when you say value affects me in a negative way, one possible situation comes up in my head is when I face haters, when they come to me to bring me down. And again, I go to the place of I have no alternative - because whatever they say may be true to them and they can think whatever the way they want but in the same way I can think whatever I want to think. I can't let those negative people define who I am if I want to win. It’s that there is no choice for me here. I can face rejections and cry but I am just going to lose in that case.

Q: Natsune I would like to ask if you could share with us some stories of value, and how it has played a part on how you see your value.

A: Again, I can only think of having to deal with haters situation. And I don’t reflect on myself when they make comments. I reflect on them. My attitude is "what about you?"

Now with the market, I have to have humility. So for me if the feedback is consistent across different demographics then I will try to maybe consider changing but even then these feedbacks need to be related to convenience of the customers for me to consider, not the core belief.

Q: Natsune, if you could share something that has helped with someone listening today that is struggling with value, what would you say?

A: My approach is, " Do not be blind." As much as you think you don't deserve anything, everyone else doesn't deserve anything just as much as you don't. I can tell you, you are an important, valuable, person and give you a participation medal but what does this do in the long term? I think people will go back where they begin which is to be sad, weak and cynical because they did not earn anything. Instead I think it's good that you are not blind. No one deserves anything, which means that if you want to deserve something you have to work. period.


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