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What is the ultimate possibility of humanity and what is our dream?

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Hi guys!

I talked about this a lot but i notice that I have yet actually written a blog post about this topic so here we go!

  • Everything we use today in this earth including desks, couch, computers, phones, tablets, apps, softwares, AI (100% technology) stores are made by people ( moreover, people that are no significantly smarter than you biologically because we are still all the same specie)

  • Where did these inventions come from? First they came from ideas, and people’s ability to dream.

  • By inventions, I mean our future - because through inventions & innovations we are able to see and create imaginations ( something we have yet to see ) come alive and become reality. So the future is up to our imaginations.

  • If the future is imagination, that is something we haven’t experienced, history is something we already have experienced, that is data and our today’s knowledge.

  • So where can a great imagination, not just an imagination but the great one come from? Mostly nature of our (human’s) creativity and also some natured nature (our creative ideas that are tested through the historical data and sciences)

  • We tend to seek out our answers for creating a future assuming that the resources are what matters ( and I am not saying that the resources don’t matter). But if the key to creating a great future is maximizing our imagination and creativity then the future already exists inside of us. It's a matter of unlocking the potential we already attain within of us.

  • The ultimate possibility of humanity hence is the direct equivalent to the degree that we can unlock our creative capability in humanity.

  • We can go about it from micro to macro approach. Now this becomes the topic of self-awareness.

  • We all have our strengths and weaknesses as well as what we enjoy to do and what we don’t enjoy to do.

  • At micro, maximizing the potential of a person means maximizing one’s achievement in filling their work of soul that leads to fulfilling happiness.

  • For someone to fulfill their soul's work, they have to be first aware what it is in relation to their happiness

  • One obstacle people face to take up this challenge is the lack of commitment and discipline. These values only arise from one's ambition for having deep self love, in another words, unconditional love toward themselves.

So, In LifeUpEducationTV, our goal is to talk about various things including how to create the ultimate self love, how to overcome self doubts, how to gain self esteem and confidence, how to build mental fitness so forth, in the hope to appeal and encourage people who are in the quest of living their best life possible to maximize their productivity in some way.

  • What happens when each one of us is able to maximize our output in our own ways by filling our OWN specific life purposes?

  • Then at macro, together we can maximize our society's output as a whole as well. I call it the progress of humanity and that is our dream as a humanity.

So there you have it ! :) Don't forget to check out my Youtube Channel!


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