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5 Women Empowering Contents

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

This month is Women's History Month!

So in today’s blog, I want to feature some of the awesome items that I ever come across that celebrate women :)

#1. 3 Brutal Truths About Success You Must Hear Today - Lisa Nichols

I just came across this audio by accident the other day and her speech hit me.

If you are feeling low on motivation or fighting with self-doubt, I highly recommend listening to it.

#2. “Young Lady” by Kato Miriyah

I have already introduced this song before in my blog post.

The lyrics include lines like:

No matter what anyone says

I will not give in to anyone's words

Because I was born as me

And I decided to live my life as me

It's just that

I love myself

I care deeply about me

(This is how I do my life)

Living strong and beautiful

I'm proud of myself

I am a proud young lady

The path I chose, seeked out, and decided myself

This whereabouts do not belong to anyone

I finally got this is my life

There have been so many things up until now

Now I adore my life so much

It's just the way it is

#3. “No Lady No life” Ketsumeishi

I want to rank this song in! This song sings and celebrates women from mens’ perspectives.

The lyrics include lines like:

I really think we are lucky to have you ladies

It’s not a lie, look at our eyes

Afterall men’s life change dramatically without women

We repeat it and feel it

No lady, no life

The world aren’t anything without ladies

You ladies are always in our head, inseparable

It’s been always this way

How do we express our gratitude to women?

Combining sturdiness and beauty

You ladies are always watching us with gently warm eyes

I can’t live without your smile

Just because you are near us, we feel cozy,

You ladies are strong but also lonely and fragile

#4. Lizzie Veasquez

She is such a boss lady and I can tell she is such a positive and strong soul by the way she carries herself. She teaches us we are not what we have once been labeled. We all have baggage in our lives. She is an incredible living example of not letting negative labels define her.

In her ted talk, she shared a story.

When she was in high school someone uploaded her video and called her “ the world's ugliest woman” 8 seconds long video went off to earn 4 million-plus views. And there were countless brutal comments commenting on her appearance. She saw someone comment “Lizzie, please do the world a favor and put a gun to your head and shoot yourself” She saw the comment and cried for days.

In times like that, we all have two options. One is to give the power to the negative thought and let it control us, and the other is to choose not to let the negativity control us. She chose the latter. She found a way to turn her sadness into her drive and motivation to inspire other people. Because of her experience, her message is so strong. She teaches us to love ourselves just the way we are. She is a strong woman! Go Lizzie <3

#5. Women of Impact series from Lisa Bilyeu

I love her channel. She brings in a lot of interesting insights that are especially interesting for strong independent women. Topics vary from career, relationship, personal development, and more.

One day I really hope I can grow my channel like hers.

I also wrote another blog post to talk about “What it means to be a strong woman” Check it out!


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